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Windmill Drawing And Coloring Tutorial For Kids

Windmill Drawing And Coloring Tutorial For Kids


Windmill Drawing And Coloring Tutorial For Kids

You might have been confused about how to introduce windmills to kids. We have an idea! Drawing is one of the best and simple activities to introduce kids to new concepts and things.

Welcome to the article on Windmill Drawing and Coloring Tutorial! It explains step-by-step instructions and includes visuals to make the process easier for children to follow. We will be using simple shapes and techniques to make the drawing process easy and fun.  This is not only a fun and enjoyable activity but also introduce kids to windmills and answer their questions. Plus, it will bring drawing skills in them. So, grab your paper, pens, and colors and follow the following steps!

Handmade Windmill Drawing & Coloring Idea With Step By Step Tutorial

Windmill Drawing And Coloring Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White Paper
  • Black Pen
  • Colors


Step 1: Drawing Fan

Drawing Fan - Demonstration of How to Draw and Color a Windmill for Children

Firstly, take white paper and draw a four-blade fan on the top middle of the paper using a black pen or marker.

Step 2: Drawing Windmill

Drawing Windmill - Illustrating and Coloring a Windmill: A Guide for Kids

Next, draw a windmill by drawing slant lines. Draw a curve to make the land. Add a door to the windmill.

Step 3: Drawing Grass and Bushes

Drawing Grass and Bushes - A Step-by-Step Guide for Drawing and Coloring a Windmill for Youngsters

Draw grass and bushes using a black pen.

Step 4: Drawing Sun and Clouds

Drawing Sun and Clouds - Teaching Kids to Draw and Color a Windmill

Finally, draw the sun and some clouds in the sky of the drawing.

Coloring The Drawing

Coloring The Drawing - Drawing and Coloring a Windmill: A Tutorial for Little Ones

Lastly, use different and colorful colors to add a final touch to your drawing. You can customize the drawing using different color shades to increase imagination and creativity.

This windmill drawing and coloring tutorial for kids is a great way to get children interested in art and get them started with drawing and coloring. Not only this drawing will increase drawing and coloring skills but also improve the fine motor skills of your child. So, what are you waiting for? Stay Colorful and creative!

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