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How To Make Snails Scenery Sketch Pen Painting Tutorial For Kids

How To Make Snails Scenery Sketchpen Painting Idea For Kids


How To Make Snails Scenery Sketch Pen Painting Tutorial For Kids

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to make a snails scenery sketch pen painting idea for kids. Learn how to use sketchpens to create a beautiful painting with a snails and nature theme that kids will love!

We welcome you to this snail painting step-by-step tutorial! This tutorial includes a fun and interesting way to make snails in a garden using sketch pens! In this tutorial, you will learn to paint with sketch pens! Isn’t it interesting?! This painting will boost your kid’s creativity and will open up a new scope of art and craft! They may be willing to innovate something new painting techniques on their own! They can also make this painting instead of spending time on their devices and screens! This will be a positive fun learning experience for them!

Easy To Make Snails Scenery Painting For Kids

How To Make Snails Scenery Sketchpen Painting Idea For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Colored Sketch Pens
  • Rounded Paintbrush
  • Water
  • Black Pen


Step 1: Making A Pink Spiral

Making A Pink Spiral-Painting Idea For Kids

Let’s begin with this artwork by taking a white circular paper sheet and a pink sketch pen. Make a spiral over the paper as shown in the image.

Step 2: Painting The Spiral With Water

Painting The Spiral With Water-To Make Snails

Dip a rounded paintbrush into the water and paint over the spiral to spread the sketch color, this will be the shell of your snail.

Step 3: Drawing Snail Body

Drawing Snail Body-To Make Snails Scenery

Using a brown sketch pen, draw a curved snail body and color it whole under the shell.

Step 4: Painting The Body With Water

Painting The Body With Water-To Make Snails Scenery Sketchpen

Spread the sketch color of the body using the same water and paintbrush.

Step 5: Drawing The Snail With Pen

Drawing The Snail With Pen-idea For Kids

Draw the snail by enclosing the spread sketch color with a black pen and also detail the shell by drawing the spiral inside it.

Step 6: Making Eyes, Smile, And Detailing

Making Eyes, Smile, And Detailing-Sketchpen Painting

Make 2 eyes above the snail attached with 2 curved lines and also make a smile over the body of the snail below the eyes. Also, detail the body of the snail by making random dots near the boundary.

Step 7: Making Another Snail And Swampy Ground

Making Another Snail And Swampy Ground-Scenery Sketchpen Painting

Make another snail by following the same previous steps mentioned. Now, draw loops under the snails using a green sketch pen.

Step 8: Making Leaves On The Background

Making Leaves On The Background-Sketchpen

Using the green sketch pen draw leaves on the left top corner of your artwork

Step 9: Painting The Leaves And Ground With Water

Painting The Leaves And Ground With Water-For Kids

Dip the paintbrush into water and paint over the leaves and the swampy ground to spread the sketch color.

Step 10: Making Grass

Making Grass-To Make Snails

Draw over the swampy ground some grass using the green sketch pen.

Step 11: Making More Grass And Swampy Grounds

Making More Grass And Swampy Grounds-make Snails Scenery

Make more swamy grounds and grass over them using the same steps as before all around the white sheet.

Step 12: Making Tiny Flowers

Making Tiny Flowers- Make Snails Scenery Sketchpen

Make tiny flowers over the grass by dotting them with a red sketch pen.

Now, The Final Look Of Your Snail Artwork!

Now, The Final Look Of Your Snail Artwork!-Painting Idea For Kids

Wohooo! You have successfully created this unique piece of artwork! Snail painting!

Show it off to your friends and family and also flaunt your artwork skills by teaching them to make it too! Everybody will love the idea to paint using just sketch pens! You can also customize your artwork by treating more snails in it of different-different colored and textured shells! Your imagination is the limit!

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