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Adorable Puppy Artwork Tutorial For Kids

Adorable Puppy Artwork Craft Tutorial For Kids


Adorable Puppy Artwork Tutorial For Kids

Activities for Kids

Create something special and cute with your children through this straightforward puppy craft guide! You’ll only need a few materials and you can finish the craft quickly. It’s great for a fun weekend activity or school project!

Capture the adorable essence of puppies with our delightful chalk artwork craft! Unleash your creativity as you blend chalk colors to create a heartwarming drawing of this cute puppy.  With some easily available materials such as cardboard, colorful chalk, and some black sheet of paper, you’ll be able to create this adorable piece of artwork. Get ready to bring some joy to your home with our Puppy Artwork Craft!

DIY Adorable Puppy Artwork Craft Tutorial

Adorable Puppy Artwork Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Black and Brown craft paper
  • Glue
  • Chalk colors – White, red, blue, yellow, pink
  • Scissors


Step 1: Getting Started

Getting Started-Adorable Puppy Craft Tutorial

Cut your brown craft paper into a circle. After this, use white chalk to make three circles for face and ears of the puppy.

Step 2: Creating The Puppy Face

Creating The Puppy Face-Simple To Make Puppy Drawing

Fill in the face and ears of the puppy with white chalk. And as shown in the image,  make a dog collar, with the help of red and yellow chalk.

Step 3: Puppy In The Teacup

Puppy In The Teacup-Cute Puppy Design Step by Step Tutorial

Make a teacup using blue chalk such that it gives an impression of our puppy being in the teacup.

Step 4: Draw Puppy Hands

Draw Puppy Hands-Craft Ideas Using Paper and Chalk

With the help of white chalk, draw the hands of your adorable puppy.

Step 5: Create Adorable Eyes

Create Adorable Eyes-Colorful Puppy Drawing for KIds

For the eyes, cut two small circles from your black sheet of paper. On each circle, make two smaller circles using white chalk, opposite of each other. Now, paste these black circles on your puppy’s face.

Step 6: Puppy Needs A Mouth

Puppy Needs A Mouth-Puppy Artwork for Kids

Cut your black sheet of paper carefully in the shape of puppy’s mouth. Later, color the tongue using pink chalk.

Step 7: Decorate The Teacup

Decorate The Teacup-Simple To Make Puppy Drawing Ideas

Using yellow chalk, draw paws on your teacup.

Step 8: Decorate The Background

Decorate The Background-DIY Puppy Drawing Ideas For Beginners

Use red chalk, to draw paws in your brown background.

Now, Adorable Puppy Artwork Crafts Is Ready

Now, Adorable Puppy Artwork Crafts Is Ready-Paper Craft Tutorial And Drawing for Kindergarten

Now that your craft is ready, you can put it on the fridge! This was such an adorable artwork and might I add, very easy too. This DIY craft is perfect for all ages, it encourages artistic expression and fosters a love for animals. Let your imagination run wild and watch as your chalk masterpieces come to life, adding a touch of puppy love to any space.

Hope you like this Adorable Puppy Artwork Craft step-by-step tutorial. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. And be sure to visit other articles for more ideas!

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