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DIY Hand Outline Hen Face Drawing Tutorial for Kids

DIY Hand Outline Hen Face Innovative Idea For Beginners


DIY Hand Outline Hen Face Drawing Tutorial for Kids

This innovative DIY project idea is perfect for beginners who want to start crafting. Learn how to make a hand outline hen face with this easy-to-follow tutorial. All you need are a few basic supplies and a little bit of creativity!

A warm welcome to you! Today, we present you this hen drawing including very easy and basic steps! You can make a hen face drawing by outlining your palm which makes it very easier to make the whole drawing! You will also be provided with the coloring instructions that will make it look like just a real hen! Even your kid can make it very easily and like a pro with this tutorial! You will only need some colors and paper for the base of the drawing, that’s all! Motivate your little one to let out his/her inner artist with this drawing! So, let’s get started!

Easy To Make Hen Art Idea

DIY Hand Outline Hen Face Innovative Idea For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • White circular paper sheet
  • Colored Sketch Markers
  • Pencil


Step 1: Outlining The Palm Using Pencil

Outlining The Palm Using Pencil-Hen Face Innovative Idea For Beginners-

For the first step, take a white circular paper sheet and place your palm over it by stretching it whole. Now, using a pencil roughly outline the palm.

Step 2: Forming The Mouth Of The Hen

Forming The Mouth Of The Hen-Hand Outline Hen Face

Take a black sketch marker and overdraw the pencil outline, also, between the thumb and index finger make a curved beak towards the thumb to make it look like the mouth of a hen.

Step 3: Making The Wattles And Eye

Making The Wattles And Eye-Idea For Beginners

Using the black marker, draw a curved line under the 4 fingers and also stretch the index finger line to the thumb to bifurcate the face with the beak and comb (4 fingers) of the hen. Now, draw an eye in below and between the index and middle fingers and make the 2 wattles below the thumb.

Step 4: Coloring The Comb, Wattles, And Beak

Coloring The Comb, Wattles, And Beak-Outline Hen Face

Using a red sketch marker, color the beak of the hen, and using a pink sketch marker, color the wattles and comb of the hen.

Step 5: Coloring The Face

Coloring The Face-For Beginners

Using a yellow sketch marker, color the whole face of the hen till the end.

Step 6: Making Heckle Of The Hen

Making Heckle Of The Hen-Face Innovative Idea

Using the red marker, make zigzag lines roughly at the end of the face to make them look like the feathery heckle of the hen.

Finally, Your Hen Face Is Ready!

Finally, Your Hen Face Is Ready!-Innovative Idea For Beginners

For the last step, color the heckel from below using the red marker.

Some More Hen Craft Tutorial

Easy Process Hen Craft Using Handprint For Kids

Easy Process Hen Craft Using Handprint For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This craft is perfect for kids of all ages and is so easy to do! Just use a handprint to make the hen shape, then decorate it with colorful feathers and a beak. It’s a fun and creative way to get kids involved in an art project.

Voila! Your hen face drawing is ready in no time! It looks as if the hen is screaming like the one they scream in the morning in real life! Now add your realistic hen to your art collection and show it off to your friends and family@! You can also use this hen art tutorial to teach the kids parts of a hen!

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