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Unique Pink Lavenders Painting Tricks And Steps Tutorial

Unique Pink Lavenders Painting Tricks And Steps Tutorial


Unique Pink Lavenders Painting Tricks And Steps Tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you to paint unique pink lavenders using simple tricks – learn creativity through unique ways.

Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to paint pink lavenders in a unique way. Learn simple tricks of painting through this step-by-step tutorial. This painting can be done by children as well as adults. In this tutorial, you will learn to paint unique pink lavenders in some easy steps. You’ll need some basic materials like paper, colours and earbuds. All you need is some creativity and basic skills to make these unique pink lavenders. Let’s get started!

Simple Tricks For Painting Unique Pink Lavenders

Unique Pink Lavenders Painting Tricks And Steps Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • Blue chart paper
  • Colours – sky blue, deep blue, green, pink, white
  • Sketch pens
  • Black marker pen
  • Earbuds
  • Paintbrush


Step 1: Painting Blue Strokes As The First Step

Painting Blue Strokes As The First Step-Techniques and instructions for painting with special pink lavenders

Use the sky blue colour to draw thin curved strokes with your paintbrush from the bottom of the paper.

Step 2: Deep Blue Strokes For Detailing

Deep Blue Strokes For Detailing- Ways to create artwork with unique pink lavenders

Use deep blue colour and draw thick wide curved strokes with the paint brush from the bottom of the paper.

Step 3: Completing The Grass With Green

Completing The Grass With Green- Painting using exclusive pink lavenders tips, and steps

Using the same steps mentioned above, complete the grass with green coloured strokes.

Step 4: Completing The Base For Pink Lavenders

Completing the Base for Pink Lavenders- Tutorial for making art with distinctive pink lavenders

Great job! The grass as the base for making our pink lavenders is now ready. Let us move on to the next part.

Step 5: Painting Dots Using Earbuds For Pink Lavenders

Painting Dots Using Earbuds For Pink Lavenders- A guide to painting with unique pink lavenders

Dip one end of the earbud in the pink colour and start painting dots adjacent to each other on the sky blue strokes.

Step 6: Completing The Pink Dots For Pink Lavenders

Completing The Pink Dots For Pink Lavenders- Step-by-step instructions on producing art with unique pink lavenders

Good job! The pink dots look great. Our unique pink lavenders are almost ready. Let’s begin with the final touches on it.

Step 7: Detailing On The Pink Lavenders

Detailing On The Pink Lavenders- Strategies for creating art with special pink lavender

Use the earbud again to give white dots in between the pink dots. The lavender will look shiny!

Step 8: Finger-Painted Butterflies For Unique Background

Finger Methods for painting with one-of-a-kind pink lavendersPainted Butterflies For Unique Background-

Put pink colour on your fingertip and stamp them at the top of the paper, side-by-side to make butterflies.

Step 9: Drawing A Bee For The Pink Lavenders

Drawing A Bee For The Pink Lavenders- Tricks to make art with extraordinary pink lavender

Use sketch pens to draw a bee. Flowers attract bees. Hence the butterfly and the bee make our pink lavenders look realistic.

Step 10: Detailing On The Butterfly

Detailing On The Butterfly- Learn to paint with rare pink lavenders tutorial

Outline the butterfly with the black marker pen to give a prominent final look to the butterfly and the bee.

Step 11: Finishing Touches To The Background

Finishing Touches To The Background-Guide to Unusual Pink Lavender Painting Methods and Techniques

Use the earbud to give scattered dots in the background. The background looks beautiful!

Unique Pink Lavenders Painting Trick Creative Tutorial!

Unique Pink Lavenders Painting Trick Creative Tutorial!-Creative Ways to Paint with Pink Lavenders

The pink lavenders look gorgeous! This easy and simple tutorial teaches children exciting tricks to paint beautiful pink lavenders. This painting will help children to learn to use different things for creating easy artwork. The unique tricks used in this tutorial help everyone to widen and enhance their creative ability. It is an easy step-by-step tutorial that can be followed by everyone. Get started! Paint your unique pink lavenders now!

Hope you like this unique pink lavender painting step-by-step tutorial. We would love to hear your creative thoughts on this in our comment section below. Please visit our website for more exciting articles!

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