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Colorful Lion Artwork Craft Tutorial For Kids

Colorful Lion Artwork Craft Tutorial For Kids


Colorful Lion Artwork Craft Tutorial For Kids

This craft tutorial for kids will show you how to make a fun and colorful lion artwork. Using simple materials like construction paper and markers, your kids can make their own lion masterpieces! Perfect for rainy days or just to get creative!

Creating colorful lion artwork is an exciting craft activity for kids! It sparks creativity and imagination! Join us in this tutorial for a step-by-step process! We will make a vibrant lion art piece by transforming ordinary paper into a majestic masterpiece! Each step brings the lion to life. Our instructions empower kids to express themselves artistically! Let’s embark on this creative adventure together! Gather materials and let’s get started! Watch your child’s imagination roar with delight!

by vihaan israni

Easy Colorful Lion Artwork Craft For beginner

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Materials Required

  • Yellow And White Colored Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Colorful Sketch pens
  • Black Marker
  • Whitener


Step 1: Pasting An Oval Shaped Yellow Cut-Out

Pasting An Oval Shaped Yellow Cut-Out- Tutorial for Creating Colorful Lion Artwork with Kids

Let’s Begin this craft, take white paper and cut out a circle to serve as the background for artwork, using scissors. Now, cut a small oval shape from the yellow paper to make the face of a lion and paste it in the middle of the white paper using glue.

Step 2: Making Body Of Lion

Making Body Of Lion-Explaining How to Construct a Colorful Lion Art Piece for Children

From the yellow paper, cut out a semicircle shape. Using glue, paste it in the lower corner of the white circle. Align it with the lion’s face.

Step 3: Making Tail

Making Tail- Teaching Youngsters to Make a Colorful Lion Art Activity

Cut a long curved strip from yellow paper to create the lion’s tail. Paste it from the body on the right side.

Step 4: Sketching Lion’s Hair

Sketching Lion's Hair- Guide to Help Kids Develop a Colorful Lion Artwork

Take an orange sketch pen and start sketching short lines all around the lion’s face to make its hair.

Step 5: Making Colorful Hair

Making Colorful Hair- Crafting an Eye-catching Lion Art Project with Kids

Take a variety of sketch pens and markers in different colors and sketch their hair, as shown.

Step 6: Completing Hair

Completing Hair- Constructing a Colorful Lion Artwork with the Assistance of Kids

Continue filling the entire oval face, and make colorful hair around it.

Step 7: Making Lion’s Eyes

Making Lion's Eyes- Instructions on How to Help Kids Create a Colorful Lion Artwork

Using a black marker, make its eyes and fill out from whitener and then draw pupils in the center of each white circle.

Step 8: Making Nose, Mouth, And Whiskers

Making Nose, Mouth, And Whiskers- Tutorial on How to Make a Colorful Lion Art Piece with Kids

With the black marker, make the lion’s nose, mouth, and dotted whiskers as shown.

Your Lion Is Ready To Roar!

Your Lion Is Ready To Roar!- Constructing a Colorful Lion Artwork with the Assistance of Kids

For the last step, take the red sketch pen and draw tufted fur at the end of the lion’s tail. Make small, jagged strokes to give the impression of a fluffy and textured tail.

Congratulations! Your colorful lion artwork is complete. Admire your creation and display. Check out our website for more exciting craft ideas. We will guide you on how to keep your creative journey interesting! Happy crafting!

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