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How to make Plastic Spoon Lampshade Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to make Plastic Spoon Lamp Step-by-Step Tutorial

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How to make Plastic Spoon Lampshade Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Create a unique and stylish lampshade using plastic spoons! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a plastic spoon lampshade with easy-to-follow instructions. Get creative with designs and colors to give your home a one-of-a-kind look!

Brighten up your room with a handmade light lampshade! This lampshade will be the perfect room decor budget-friendly craft for you! Not only this looks stunning but also it is made out of very simple supplies which add up to its advantages! You can hang this lampshade over any light or bulb to change the boring light into a fabulous one! This piece of art will definitely be loved by everyone! You will be able to create this unique lampshade with our step-by-step easy instructions. Go grab the supplies and bang on by creating it!

Easy Plastic Spoon Lampshade Step-by-Step Instruction

How to make Plastic Spoon Lamp Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • Yellow Plastic spoons
  • Balloon
  • Glue Gun
  • Jute Thread
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cutting Out The Bowl Of Spoon

Cutting Out The Bowl Of Spoon- A Guide for Creating a Lampshade out of Plastic Spoons

Let us start with this craft, take up a yellow plastic spoon and cut out its bowl part using scissors so that the color of light from the lampshade reflects yellow!

Step 2: Placing The Spoon Bowl Over A Balloon

Placing The Spoon Bowl Over A Balloon- Step-by-Step Directions for Constructing a Lampshade with Plastic Spoons

Blow a balloon in the required size to form the lampshade, and place the cutout spoon bowl over the balloon in a way that the tip of the bowl is facing toward the knot of the balloon.

Step 3: Pasting Spoon Bowls

Pasting Spoon Bowls- Learn How to Produce a Lampshade from Plastic Spoons

The previously placed bowl will provide the stand for the other spoon bowls. Cut out many spoon bowls and use the glue gun pasting them on slightly over the other line by line in the balloon shape.

Step 4: Completing Pasting Bowls

Completing Pasting Bowls- An Illustrated Tutorial for Crafting a Plastic Spoon Lampshade

Cover the whole balloon with the spoon bowls line by line to make it look like a lotus, and when reached the bottom, leave the balloon uncovered.

Step 5: Busting The Balloon

Busting The Balloon- Instructional Guide for Assembling a Lampshade from Plastic Spoons

With any pointed thing, burst the balloon, this will leave you with only the spoon bowl lamp shade.

Step 6: Placing The Lampshade

Placing The Lampshade- Making a Lampshade with Plastic Spoons - A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Place the lampshade over a light bulb.

Step 7: Hanging The Lampshade

Hanging The Lampshade- How to Form a Lampshade out of Plastic Spoons - A Detailed Tutorial

Securing the lampshade hanging over a bulb with a jute rope over the bulb.

Your Pretty Lampshade Is Ready!

Your Pretty Lampshade Is Ready!- Learn the Process of Creating a Lampshade Using Plastic Spoons

Congratulations! You have successfully made a pretty lampshade on your own! This lampshade with just look perfect in your room or drawing room! You can also use different colored spoons to match the color of the lighting with the color of your room! How creative! You can also make some texture and patterns over the spoon bowls to make them look more unique as you like!

Hope you liked the creative idea! Share it with as many creative people as you can. Do leave a like and comment in the comments section to let us know about your lampshade crafting journey!

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