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DIY Step by Step Finger Puppet Snowman Craft for Kids

DIY Step by Step Finger Puppet Craft for Kids

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DIY Step by Step Finger Puppet Snowman Craft for Kids

Create a fun and festive winter craft with your kids this holiday season! Learn how to make a finger puppet snowman with this easy step-by-step guide. Perfect for kids of all ages!

Welcome to our DIY Step-by-Step Finger Puppet Craft for Kids! This is an exciting and fun project that your children will love. Finger puppets can be great tools for teaching kids about different characters, animals, and stories while also providing entertainment and creative outlet. DIY projects are a great way for kids to express their creativity and have fun. Finger puppets are a great way for kids to explore their imagination and create their own characters In this article, we will provide you with easy instructions for creating your own puppets. With just a few supplies, you will have cute and creative finger puppets that your kids can enjoy. So let’s get started!

Easy Finger Puppet Craft Tutorial With Step By Step Instructions

 DIY Step by Step Finger Puppet Craft for Kids

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Materials Required

  • Construction Papers
  • White Paper
  • Black and Orange Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step -1  Tracing Hand On Paper

Tracing Hand On Paper - Simple Hand Puppet Crafting Guide With Step By Step Instructions

As a first step, trace your hand on white paper using a pencil.

Step -2   Cutting Handprint Out Of Paper

Cutting Handprint Out Of Paper - How To Make A Finger Puppet: A Detailed Guide

Cut the handprint out of the white paper using scissors.

Step -3  Drawing Faces On Fingers

Drawing Faces On Fingers - Making A Finger Puppet In Simple Steps

Using a pencil or a black marker, draw faces on each finger and thumb.

Step -4  Drawing Nose

Drawing Nose - Create A Finger Puppet Easily By Following These Directions

Make nose of each puppet using an orange marker.

Step -5  Cutting Rectangles

Cutting Rectangles - Step By Step Guide To Constructing A Finger Puppet

Cut small rectangles out of different colored papers and make small cuts on one of its breadth.

Step -6  Pasting Rectangles On Fingers

Pasting Rectangles On Fingers - Create A Puppet Using Your Fingers: An Easy Tutorial

Paste the colored paper rectangles on each finger under the face.

Step -7  Making Buttons

Making Buttons - Crafting A Finger Puppet: A Step By Step Guide

Using a black marker, make three dots as buttons of the puppet.

Step -8  Making Black Hats

Making Black Hats - Make A Finger Puppet Quickly By Following These Instructions

Lastly, cut 5 hat shapes out of black paper and paste them on the top of the each finger using glue.

Final Image – Finger Paper Puppet Craft Is Ready To Play!

Finger Paper Puppet Craft Is Ready To Play! - How To Make A Puppet Using Your Fingers: A Tutorial

And, your finger puppet is ready to be used. You can use them to create stories, play pretend games, or just have fun with your friends. This fun finger paper puppet craft is easy enough for even the youngest of kids to try! It’s also a great way for them to practice their creativity and fine motor skills. Let your creativity and imagination run wild with this finger paper puppet craft! Have fun and enjoy!

Some More Finger Puppet Craft Tutorial

Easy paper bird finger puppet for young ones

Easy paper bird finger puppet for young ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This easy paper bird finger puppet is perfect for young ones. It’s simple to make and provides a fun activity for kids of all ages. It’s a great way to keep them entertained while teaching them a bit of craftsmanship.

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FAQ’s DIY Step by Step Finger Puppet Craft for Kids

1. What materials do I need to make a paper finger puppet?

Answer: You will need paper, scissors, glue, markers or crayons, and other craft materials.

2. How do I cut the paper into a puppet shape?

Answer: Trace a hand shape onto the paper and then cut it out. You can make the puppet as simple or as complex as you like.

3. What type of glue should I use?

Answer: Use a craft glue like Elmer’s.

4. How do I make the puppet’s eyes?

Answer: Draw eyes with markers or crayons.

5. What other materials can I use to decorate the puppet?

Answer: You can use feathers, pom poms, fabric, sequins, glitter, and any other craft materials you have available.

6. How do I make the puppet’s mouth?

Answer: Use a marker or crayon to draw the mouth on the puppet’s face.

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