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Swan Footprint Painting Artwork Tutorial For Beginners

Swan Footprint Painting Artwork Tutorial For Beginners


Swan Footprint Painting Artwork Tutorial For Beginners

Unleash the artist in you to create a swan artwork using the footprint as the design with the help of this step-by-step easy tutorial! 

Swan soothes the eyes and soul their beauty and elegance are the point of attracting them! Today, we brought you artwork inspired by these charming birds! Swan painting, but with a twist using the footprint design! Yes, you heard it right you can make a swan painting with a foot design! This step-by-step tutorial will serve you as a guide to make it like a pro! All you need is the basic art supplies and a little bit of creativity through our guidance and you will make this artwork in no time! Grab the materials and bang on!

DIY Swan Footprint Painting Artwork

Swan Footprint Painting Artwork Tutorial For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • Circular Cardboard
  • Paint Colors (White, Orange, And Black)
  • Rounded Paintbrush
  • Circle Stamp


Step 1: Dipping The Stamp Into White Paint

Dipping The Stamp Into White Paint- An Instructional Guide on How to Paint Swan Footprints

To begin this artwork, take a white paint bottle, a circle stamp, and a circular cardboard as the base for the artwork. Dip the stamp into white paint.

Step 2: Making A Footprint Design

Making A Footprint Design-A Guide for Novices on Creating Swan Footprint Paintings

Using the white-painted stamp, make a footprint design in the middle of the base.

Step 3: Completing Making The Footprint Design

Completing Making The Footprint Design-Learning the Basics of Swan Footprint Art

To the fingerprints of your foot, dip your finger into white paint and dab it over the footprint design to make the fingerprints over it. This becomes the body of your swan.

Step 4: Making The Swan’s Neck

Making The Swan's Neck-A Step-by-Step Tutorial on Making Swan Footprint Art

Dip a rounded paintbrush into white paint and on the other side of the fingerprints, make the curvy neck of the swan from the top of the body and make a circle at the end of the neck to make the face.

Step 5: Adding A Beak To The Swan’s Face

Adding A Beak To The Swan's Face-An Art Tutorial on How to Paint Swan Footprints

Dip the paintbrush into orange paint and make a conical beak in front of the face of the swan.

Step 6: Making Legs Of The Swan

Making Legs Of The Swan-A Tutorial Aimed at Beginners on Swan Footprint Paintings

Using the paintbrush, draw, 2 straight lines below the body at a distance from each other and make 3-lined feet at the end of them to complete the legs of your swan.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Swan Footprint Artwork!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Swan Footprint Artwork-A Guide to Painting Swan Footprints for Beginners

For the last step, make a small black dot on the face over the beak to make the eye of your swan.

Voila! Your swan artwork is created in no time!

This artwork is the best way to let the kids unleash their creativity and art skills! Encourage them to further add some changes in this painting according to their imagination and creativity to give them a further push as an artist! This artwork can be used as wall decor for your kid’s room or even his/her school art project as well! Enhance your artwork by adding some textures to the swan to make it look realistic!

Hope you liked this article and the description in it! Do give this artwork a try and create something unique for your collection! Share it with your friends and tell us about your art journey in the comments section!

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