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Easy Hot Air Balloon Crafts for Kids

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Easy Hot Air Balloon Crafts for Kids

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If you’re searching for easy hot air balloon crafts for kids, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of easy hot air balloon crafts for kids like hot air balloon paper craft ideas, 3d hot air balloon craft ideas for kindergarten, and how to make hot air balloons for decorations.

Easy Hot Air Balloon Crafts for Kids

Easy Hot Air Balloon Crafts for Kids

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Hot Air Balloon Paper Craft Ideas

Image Source/ Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

If you are obsessed with hot air balloons, then this craft is a must to try! This hot air balloon craft will let to dive into your imagination of flying across the clouds in a hot air balloon! All you need to gather is some colorful sheets, glue, and scissors, that’s all and you will be able to create this astonishing craft in no time! The 3D texture of the balloon makes this craft extremely amazing! You can use it to decorate your room or can even use it as your school craft project and stun everyone with your amazing creation!

3D Hot Air Balloon Craft Ideas For Kindergarten

Image Source/ Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Make a beautiful hot air balloon hanging to brighten up any corner of your house! This crafty hanging is budget-friendly and even a recycled craft as it uses the waste toilet paper roll! Through this craft, you can even teach your kiddos about the importance of recycling and it will be a hands-on sensory and crafty activity for the little ones! The results of this craft hanging will definitely leave you in awe! The colorful balloon gives the whole craft a lively look, you can even customize the colors to match them with the color of the room where it will be hung!

How To Make Hot Air Balloon For Decorations

Image Source/ Tutorial: Ohmy-Creative

Welcome the spring with this hot air balloon spring craft! This craft will be an amazing wall decor for your home! This craft will serve great at your house door as the little pocket below the balloon can be used as a stand for the mail and letters! Show off your creation to everyone who comes to your doorstep! This craft is easy to make with the help of this article guide and you can make it in minutes! The zig-zag 3D pattern will definitely catch up your eyes and also will give the vibe of warm days with hot air balloons all around in the sky!

Hot Air Balloon Boxes For Valentine’s Day

Image Source/ Tutorial: Pinterest

Take a look at this unique hot-air balloon craft! This looks extraordinary, and who doesn’t love it?! Well, it may seem difficult to make but is actually pretty easy! All you will need is a small bucket, paper straws, a paper lantern, and some decorative materials that’s all! Now, to start this craft, you have to stick four paper straws at a certain distance from each other from inside the bucket using glue then again glue the paper lantern above and between the straws. At last, you have to decorate the hot-air balloon! Tada! This craft will be made in minutes!

Cute Hot Air Balloon Crafts For Valentine’s Day

Image Source/ Tutorial: Pinterest

Put this hot air balloon craft at the top of your to-do list because it is absolutely gorgeous! This Valentine’s hot air balloon will fly up the of love between you and your loved one! This craft will definitely bring a smile to your loved one’s faces as it is handmade with love! You can create this craft gift in no time with just some basic craft materials that you can already find at your home! That makes this budget-friendly too! You can put in the little precious gifts for your valentine and then gift it to your special one!

Simple Hot Air Balloon Paper Craft

Image Source/ Tutorial: Fluore Scentbeige Blog

Hey, hey craft lovers! If you are looking for a fun paper craft decor making then these cute little hot air balloons are a marvellous fit! Take up a crafty challenge to make them! Surely with some easy supplies, dedication, and a little patience, you will succeed in making this creation on your own! The paper weaving 3D pattern makes them eye-catchy and they will definitely look stunning anywhere classroom, home, library, or your room! The materials are also pretty simple just the basic ones, papers, glue, and scissors, that’s all! Create this craft in minutes with this tutorial guide article.

Easy Hot Air Balloon Ideas For Home Decor

Image Source/ Tutorial: Pinterest

Whoa! Whoaa! Are you stunned too?! This amazing paper mache hot air balloon craft will be a hit addition to your craft collection! This craft will turn out to be an astonishing home decor as well! Home decor can be quite expensive but not if you create them on your own using budget-friendly supplies that you may already have at home! This craft can be a perfect time pass activity in the boring afternoon hours as well as crafting is a fun learning way to drive the motor skills of the younger kiddos while engaging their interests too!

DIY 3D Hot Air Balloon Activity For  Preschoolers

Image Source/ Tutorial: Dood Leand Stitch.

Pretty hot-air balloons in the spring sky! What a pleasant view! Don’t just imagine it, create it! This hot air balloon paper craft will remind you of the same when you will look at it! You can create this craft to decorate in your room and dive into the peaceful imagination! You can also create a giant version of this craft, how pretty and pleasant it would look on your room’s wall!?? All you need to follow the basic and easy steps in this article and you will create this craft in minutes like a pro!

Simple Room Decor Ideas With Hot Air Balloon

Image Source/ Tutorial: Ecstasy Coffee

Looking for an easy and budget-friendly craft decor for your kid’s room? You can create this hot-air balloon craft with your kids to spend quality time together and which serves the same! This craft-making will be a hands-on sensory activity for your little one to drive those motor skills! This pretty craft is a wall hanging made of paper mache and paint colors! Through this tutorial, you can make this hot-air balloon in no time! You can also customize this craftwork as you like, your imagination is the limit!

Easy Hot Air Balloon Craft For Toddlers

Image Source/ Tutorial: Pinterest

Awie! Look at this cutest hot-air balloon wall hanging! This will be the perfect decor for your kid’s room! Your little one will definitely be excited to make it and hang it up in the room! This craft looks very fascinating and the white color of it gives soothing vibes! You can create this hot-air balloon to give rise to your child’s creativity and imagination too! Just with some simple supplies you and your little one together can make this craft in no time while spending a great quality time together!

Colorful Hot Air Balloon With Tissue Paper

Image Source/ Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Make your room a little more playful and creative with this hot-air balloon hanging craft! This craft is easy to make with just tissue paper, glue, scissors, paint, a paper cup, straws, a balloon, hot glue, and a paintbrush, I’m sure all or most of the supplies you already have with you at your home! This craft is budget-friendly and will look like purchased from the market! Stun everyone with your creativity and innovation skills by showing it off to everyone also, flaunt your skills by teaching others to make it too!

Hot Air Balloon Lamp Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: Cositas Deroci

Kiddos love to have some bright, shiny, and pretty decor in thier room, but they can be expensive sometimes! Do not worry, crafting always gives a solution! This pretty hot-air balloon light lamp will definitely bring a smile to your little one’s faces! This light lampshade will look stunning at night and your kid would not be able to take his/her eyes off it! This craft can also give rise to your kid’s imagination and creativity while making it! This craft can easily be made with the tutorial guide article provided here!

Creative Hot Air Balloon Box

Image Source/ Tutorial: Pinterest

If you love hot-air balloons, then this craft is a must for you to make! This craft is actually pretty easy to make and will definitely satisfy your expectations! You can make this craft with your family to spend quality time together! This craft is easy to make so a beginner can also make it without any difficulty! You can also customize the appearance of this craft by making some changes to it and creating it as unique as you are! The materials used in this craft-making are already available at your home so this makes this craft budget-friendly too!

We hope you like our list of easy hot air balloon crafts for kids and will surely try to make them. If you liked our easy hot air balloon crafts for kids, read more crafts ideas at our website. Please let us know in the comment section which easy hot air balloon crafts for kids you like the most.

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