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DIY Egg Shell Lamp Making Tutorial for Kids

DIY Egg Shell Lamp Making Tutorial for Kids

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DIY Egg Shell Lamp Making Tutorial for Kids

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This guide will teach you how to make a cool, straightforward, and original egg shell lamp. Perfect for all age groups, this activity is an excellent way to be creative and pick up something new. Keep reading to discover how to create your own egg shell lamp!

Nowadays, we have different kinds of lamps and lighting which we put in our rooms to give it an aesthetic and pleasing effect. These lights can really be used for many things. So, today we are going to make a lamp that is cute and will give your room an aesthetic sense at the same time. And for all this, you only need an egg. Let’s get started!

Just bring the following materials to the table and follow these teeny tiny steps to make your cute and adorable aesthetic lamp.

Simple Egg Shell Lamp

DIY Egg Shell Lamp Making Tutorial for Kids

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Materials Required

  • An Egg
  • Bowl
  • Marker/sketch pen (Black and Red)
  • Flashlight
  • Scissors


Step 1: Taking an Egg and Poke a Hole with Scissors

Taking an Egg and Poke a Hole with Scissors- Guide for Crafting an Eggshell Lamp with Children

First step is to take an egg and poke a small hole in the egg with the help of scissors. Preferably take a brown egg.

Step 2: Making the Hole Big

Making the Hole Big- Step-by-step Guide on How to Make a Lamp from Eggshells

With the help of scissors make a small hole in the egg a little bigger as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Pouring the Yolk Out of the Egg and Into a Bowl

Pouring the Yolk Out of the Egg and Into a Bowl- How to Create a Lamp with Eggshells for Kids

Now, the yolk which is present in the egg, pour it into a bowl and remove all the yolk. Remember the egg should be fully empty, so remove every last tip of yolk from the egg. In the end, only egg shell should be left and nothing else.

Step 4: Making Features of an Egg

Making Features of an Egg- Instructions for Building an Eggshell Lamp with Kids

Now, with the help of a black marker/sketch pen make cute features  (eyes and smile) of an egg as shown. Then, take a red marker/sketch pen to make a blush of an egg. Always remember, in craft, if you make any features, blush is always a must because it gives that cute and adorable effect to the craft. It will be irresistible for anyone to look away from your craft.

Step 5: Switching on the flashlight of the mobile phone

Switching on the flashlight of the mobile phone- Instructions on How to Make a Lamp out of Eggshells with Kids

Take your mobile phone and switch on the flashlight mode. Take your cute egg and place it on top of wherever your flashlight is on in your mobile phone. You can even use torch for this if you want.

Your Craft Is ready!!

Your Craft Is ready- Tutorial on Crafting a Lamp with Kids Using Eggshells

Tada! Your cute and adorable eggshell lamp is ready. This literally looks so cute and it is actually giving the aesthetic sense that we all crave. After making this craft, just turn off your room lights and the only light that should be on is your flashlight, so that your cute lamp keeps spreading its light to your world.

You can even try this with different lights if you want and place the egg on top of that light and experience your room with different vibes every day. This craft is really useful for decor and stuff and this light literally has no harm and it literally inexpensive. It’s a win-win situation. This is your sign to change your room into something you have always wanted. So, what are you waiting for, make this craft now, so that you can turn your room into an aesthetic one with just a simple and cute DIY craft.

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