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Green Wheat And Paper Lion Craft For Kids

Fun Ear of Wheat Lion Craft and Activities For Kids

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Green Wheat And Paper Lion Craft For Kids

Activities for Kids

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you to make a cute and adorable lion craft instead of the ferocious one using paper and green wheat! 

Hello there, craft lover! Today, we have brought you an amazing craft that will change the perspective to see the lions from ferocious and dangerous animals to cute and adorable ones! This step-by-step tutorial will serve you as a guide on each and every step of this paper and green wheat craft making! This craft is full of motor skills, creativity, and imagination! This result will definitely be a piece to showcase and flaunt in front of your friends and family! Have a fun crafting journey by making it with us!

DIY Green Wheat And Paper Lion Craft For Kids

Fun Ear of Wheat Lion Craft and Activities For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Colored Paper Sheets (Yellow, White, And Black)
  • Scissors
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Green Wheat Strands
  • Black Marker
  • Red Sketch Pen
  • Popsicle Stick


Step 1: Applying Double-Sided Tape On Circle

Applying Double-Sided Tape On Circle- Producing a Paper Lion Using Green Wheat for Children

To begin this craft, take yellow-colored paper and cut it out into a big circle using scissors. Apply double-sided tape layers over the circle as shown in the image.

Step 2: Sticking A Green Wheat Strand

Sticking A Green Wheat Strand- Crafting a Lion of Wheat and Paper for Kids

Remove the peel of double-sided tape and stick a strand of green wheat over the tape along the boundary of the circle.

Step 3: Sticking More Green Wheat Strands

Sticking More Green Wheat Strands- Making a Lion Sculpture of Green Wheat and Paper for Little Ones

One by one stick more green wheat strands along the boundary of the circle to complete it.

Step 4: Pasting A Popsicle Stick

Pasting A Popsicle Stick- Creating a Green Wheat and Paper Lion for Kids

Using the double-sided tape, paste a popsicle stick over the wheat strands in the center.

Step 5: Pasting Another Yellow Circle

Pasting Another Yellow Circle- Constructing a Paper Lion Out of Green Wheat for Children

Following the same cut out another yellow circle and using double-sided tape stick it over the popsicle stick and wheat strands to overlap it with the below circle. This will be the face of the lion and the wheat strands will be the hair mane of it.

Step 6: Adding Eyes To The Lion’s Face

Adding Eyes To The Lion's Face- Crafting a Paper Lion with Green Wheat for the Young

Take the black craft paper and cut it down into two small circles using scissors. After that, take the white craft paper and cut it down into two relatively smaller circles than the black circles. Stick the white ones over the black, these will now be used as eyes. Stick the eyes over the lion’s face side by side using double-sided tape.

Step 7: Drawing Nose, Smile, And Whiskers

Drawing Nose, Smile, And Whiskers- Building a Paper Lion with Green Wheat for the Youngsters

Using a black marker draw its drop-shaped nose, curvy mouth smile with dots over it, and some horizontal and slanting strokes as the whiskers on both sides as shown in the image.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Lion Craft!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Lion Craft- Forming a Paper Lion with Green Wheat for the Kiddos

After that, take a red marker or sketch pen and give a little tint of blush as shown in the image.

Voila! Your cute lion craft is ready in no time!

You can now play with your lion craft or use it as a holding mask as well! It can be used for learning purposes, decoration purposes, or leisure time activities! Kids will be keen to learn about lions while making this craft, so, it makes this craft a fun learning one too! You can even decorate your in your own way to make it more unique! It’s a fun activity for kids at the time of the holidays! Children between the ages of 7 to 11 can create this and enjoy this fun learning activity.

We are hoping you loved this article and the craft idea! If so, give it a like and share it with your buddies to create it all together! Also, give your feedback in the comments section below!

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