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Hamster Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Hamster Crafts & Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

Find out some amazing hamster craft ideas for kids. These are the tutorials that you are looking for. A fun way of learning about hamsters.

Learn about various ideas to craft hamsters. These adorable and cute-looking animals can be made by you! These animals are usually playful and friendly. The following activities will teach you to make this cute animal in your class. You will also learn certain things about hamsters. Kids of all age groups will enjoy these activities. Also, the activities are easy to understand and the materials required are easily available. Enjoy!

If you’re searching for creative Hamster Crafts and Activities for Kids, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of Hamster Crafts and Activities like H for hamster, Hamster papercraft, homemade Hamster project, Hamster house, newspaper Hamster craft, paper plate hamster and fun Hamster coloring activities.

Hamster Crafts & Activities for Kids

Hamster Crafts & Activities for Kids

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How To Build a Hamster For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft Play Learn

Build a hamster for kids. This animal has only 20 known species. Follow the cut and glue method. For this, you need to take out the given printable, this would further be cut by using a pair of scissors. The cutting part would be done by a teacher as kids shouldn’t be given scissors. Students will be given glue to assemble all the segments to make a final figure of a hamster. The teacher will first guide them to paste all the elements together and then students will follow. This activity is suitable for 5-7 years of age. Have fun!

Letter H For Hamster Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Must-Have Mom

Represent the hamster through the letter ‘H’ to kids. You need a pink magenta, baby pink, white and orange sheet, a scissor, googly eyes, a black marker, and glue. The head and the back are made by using the orange sheet. The rest of its body is made up of a white sheet. Its inner ears are made out of pink sheets. Its paws, ‘h’ shape, and nose are made by cutting the magenta-pink sheet. At last, googly eyes are pasted and its face and body are highlighted using the black marker. Kids of 3-5 age would learn the alphabet.

Hamster Paper Craft Ideas For Preschoolers

Image Source/Tutorial: Dltk-Kids

A hamster paper craft idea sounds fun. For this, you need a printout of a hamster, glue, a pair of scissors, and a plain white sheet. The template of a hamster of your choice is printed out and cut by using a pair of scissors. The printing and cutting would be done by the teacher. After this, the hamster is pasted on the plain white sheet. This simple cut-and-paste project is completed, such projects are ideal for preschoolers who are just learning about an animal, a hamster. Preschoolers would get an idea of how a hamster looks. Learn!

Hamster Paper Craft Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Pop Goes The Page

Craft a hamster out of paper. Hamsters have poor eyesight. For this, you need a chip or an oatmeal container, brown and white paper, 4 tagboards for arms and feet, googly eyes, decorative items, a pair of scissors, an orange marker, and glue. The cylindrical container is wrapped using brown paper. Its ears are made up of the same brown paper. A white sheet is used to make the inner body of the hamster. Finally, googly eyes are pasted and its lips are drawn using the orange marker. Kids of 9-12 years of age would love doing this project.

Homemade Hamster Projects For Preschoolers

Image Source/Tutorial: Pet Blog Lady

This is a book called “Homemade for Hamsters” written by Carlin Oliver. This book contains various hamster-making projects for preschoolers. It doesn’t only have projects for hamsters but guinea pigs, rabbits, and rats too. This contains ideas for making different kinds of houses for hamsters, digging games for hamsters, climbing games for hamsters, running games for hamsters, resting toys for hamsters, chewing games for hamsters, and so on. This book is ideal for those who have hamsters, genuine pigs, rats, or rabbits as their pets. This also contains information on the eating habits of hamsters which keeps hamster parents satisfied.

Easy DIY Hamster House Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: Cushelle

Easy DIY project of constructing a hamster house for 6-9 years old kids. You need 15-20 toilet paper rolls, glue, toilet paper, and a plain white sheet. One-by-one toilet paper are assembled to construct a house. The reason for using the toilet paper scrolls for making a hamster is that this house could be used for their crawling exercise. After making the base, the roof is attached which is made by using a plain white sheet. Attach a chimney as well on the roof using a toilet paper roll. Stuff some tissue into the chimney to make it look like smoke.

Crafts Ideas From Newspaper For Hamsters

Image Source/Tutorial: The Crafty Crow

Craft hamster-themed party hats using newspapers. Hamsters are banned in Hawaii for agricultural reasons. This project sounds fascinating. Here, you need newspapers, decorative items, glue, a stapler, and several printed pictures of hamsters. Some folding techniques are used to shape the newspaper like a party hat. After the folding, it is secured using the stapler. Stapling should be done by the teachers only. Students should use staples as they might end up stapling their fingers. Paste the printed picture of the hamster on the hat and paste decorations around it. This project is suitable for 6-9 years old kids.

Paper Plate Hamster Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Dltk-Kids

Make a hamster out of disposable paper plates. For this, you need a disposable paper plate, a light brown plate, a paintbrush, plain white, brown, and black sheets, a black marker, and a pair of scissors. Apart from this, take a packet of pencil colors. The eyes, eyebrows, and hair of the hamster are made out of white, black, and brown sheets respectively. Its nose and mouth are made using white sheets and pencil colors. Its ears are also made by using a white sheet and colored pencil. This activity is suitable for kids 5-7 years of age.

Fun Activities For Your Hamster

Image Source/Tutorial: SLICK SLIME SAM Live

Construct fun activities for hamsters. This project is helpful for those who have hamsters as their pets. This is not only for hamsters but also for guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits. This project would help hamsters to do exercises such as climbing, crawling, walking, and so on. For this, you need cardboard, a hot glue gun, ice cream sticks, wooden skewers, straws, a pair of scissors, a plastic sheet, and some decorative items. All these items will be used to make hurdles in the game. Hamsters being proactive animals would love climbing, crawling, and crossing obstacles. Such an exciting project!

Printable Paper Guinea Pigs Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

Let us make a guinea pig using printables. This is another printer-based activity. For this, you need a printable of a guinea pig, glue, and a pair of scissors. All the elements from the printable are cut using scissors. Scissors must be used by teachers or an adult only. After this, all the elements are assembled together by using glue. Care is taken to give an appropriate shape by folding the printable properly. This activity is suitable for kids 5-9 years of age. By completing this activity, kids would improve their motor skills. Indeed an enjoyable activity for kids.

Hamster Coloring Activity For Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

The hamster coloring activity is loved by kids. For this, you just need to collect a printout of a hamster of your choice, the hamster should not be colored. Also, a packet of color pencils, oil pastels, or wax crayons can be used to fill the color in the picture. If not colors then kids can be given an option to fill it by using rice and pulses. This hamster coloring activity is suitable for toddlers. Coloring activities for toddlers improve motor skills, also by selecting the color they want to use improves their decision-making skills. Adults may also do it.

I hope you like our list of  Hamster Crafts & Activities for Kids and will surely try to make them. If you like our ideas and want to read more crafts ideas, Keep visiting our website for the latest DIY ideas and other creative stuff for kids, parents, and teachers. Please let us know in the comment section which Hamster Craft & Activity you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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