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Beautiful Lantern Night Scenery Painting Tutorial

Beautiful Lantern Night Scenery Painting Idea

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Beautiful Lantern Night Scenery Painting Tutorial

This painting is great for any house. It has a dark sky with a lovely lantern as the main thing. The tutorial for the painting has simple instructions and ideas to make your own unique art. Make your home have a calm and tranquil atmosphere with this beautiful lantern night painting.

Welcome to a magical journey of painting a beautiful night scenery filled with bright lanterns illuminating the night sky with their glow and aura! Both adults and kids can make this painting. You just have to follow the simple steps provide in this tutorial and you will have an amazing painting in hand in no time! Enhance and upskill your creative potential by making this incredible painting on your own or with your kids at home. Grab your colors and paint this absolutely delightful art piece! Let’s begin!

Beautiful Lantern Night Scenery Painting

Beautiful Lantern Night Scenery Painting Idea

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Materials Required

  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Watercolors
  • Craft sheet(White)
  • Golden glitter pen


Step 1: Getting The Colors

Getting The Colors- Lovely painted scene of illuminated lamps in the evening.

Let’s begin the craft by taking a cardboard piece. Cut it into a circle as shown. This will become the base of our painting. Take out some quantity of dark green, navy blue, and red colors on the cardboard piece.

Step 2: Making The Colorful Layers

Making The Colorful Layers Enchanting concept of a lamp lit night view.

Now, evenly spread the dark green color at the top, navy blue in the middle, and red at the bottom to create three layers. Blend each layer into each other appropriately.

Step 3: Adding Effects With Light Blue Color

doing Effects With Light Blue Color- Splendid idea of a painting featuring a lantern lit scenery.

Please take a small amount of light blue color and apply it to the upper half of the cardboard circle as shown in the image.

Step 4: Pasting The Moon

Pasting The Moon- Marvelous notion of a night view with lamps.

Take a white sheet of paper, and cut it into a circular moon as shown. Paste it in the top left corner.

Step 5: Making The Lantern

Making The Lantern- Magnificent artwork concept of a lantern nightscape.

Take some light blue color and apply a brush stroke on the moon as shown to emphasize the look of the moon and make it look more natural. To make the lanterns, cut a pentagon shape on the white paper as shown. Place it on the painting and fill the cut area with orange color to make the lanterns.

Step 6: Making More Lanterns

Making More Lanterns- Artistic representation of a lamp night landscape.

Using the above technique, you can make more lanterns as shown in the image.

Step 7: Completing The Lanterns

Completing The Lanterns- Brilliant plan of a lantern illuminated vista.

Repeat the above step, and fill the beautiful night sky with bright orange lanterns.

Step 8: Drawing The Outline Of Lanterns

Drawing The Outline Of Lanterns- Radiant concept of a night painting with lanterns.

Take a gold glitter pen and outline the boundary of the lanterns and make a small design at the bottom to brighten the drawings.

Step 9: Outlining More Lanterns

Outlining More Lanterns- Captivating thought of a night painting with lanterns.

Using the gold glitter pen, outline more lanterns.

The Beautiful Lantern Night Scenery Painting Is Ready!

The Beautiful Lantern Night Scenery Painting Is Ready- Spectacular notion of a night scene with lanterns.

Fill the bottoms of all the lanterns with golden pen and also outline the margins. This will create a shimmering effect on the whole painting. And that’s it, you have successfully completed the whole night scenery!

This night scenery painting idea is something unique and magical. Kids will love to paint this. Lanterns on Diwali or on Sankranti fill the whole sky with their magical aura and glow. They float high in the sky glowing in the darkness of the night sky, making us feel overjoyed with love and hope. They add to the charm of the festivals and are truly mesmerizing to watch as they glide to the sky from our terraces. Keep following our website for more amazing ideas.

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