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Sweet Lollipops Artwork Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

Sweet Lollipops Artwork Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

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Sweet Lollipops Artwork Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you to make sweet lollipops of various flavors that you won’t be able to resist! Using your art supplies make them! 

If you are a sweet tooth then this artwork is a must for you! These non-resistible lollipops will be in your mind all the time! Create them with our step-by-step easy tutorial which will serve as a guide for you in each and every step of this art-making! This artwork is a perfect way to engage the kids in a fun learning art activity as they will be attracted towards these sweet lollipops and the various colors of them which serve as the different flavors of these lollipops! Your little ones will love to make this artwork and will definitely show it off to everyone!

DIY Sweet Lollipops Artwork For Kids

Sweet Lollipops Artwork Step by Step Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Rounded Paintbrush
  • Paint Colors
  • Circle Stamp
  • Colorful Sketch Markers


Step 1: Stamping A Yellow Circle

Stamping A Yellow Circle- A Guide to Crafting Sweet Lollipops Artwork For Kids

To begin this artwork, take a white circular paper sheet for the base and a circle stamp. Dip the circle stamp into yellow paint and dab it over the center of the base.

Step 2: Stamping More Colorful Circles

Stamping More Colorful Circles-How to Make Sweet Lollipop Art Easily with Children

One by one dip and dab the circle stamp into colorful paints randomly over the base.

Step 3: Completing Stamping The Circles

Completing Stamping The Circles-DIY Sweet Lollipop Artwork For Kids

Stamp the circles randomly over the base 8 times of vibrant colors. They will be the candy of the lollipops

Step 4: Making Sticks Of The Lollipops

Making Sticks Of The Lollipops- Step-by-Step Instructions For Sweet Lollipop Art Projects

Dip a thin rounded paintbrush into brown paint and make straight lines coming from the circles randomly to make the sticks of your lollipops.

Step 5: Completing Making The Sticks

Completing Making The Sticks-Sweet Lollipops Artwork For Kids

Make the sticks and randomly cover the major gaps between the lollipops.

Step 6: Making Ribbons Over The Sticks

Making Ribbons Over The Sticks-An Easy Tutorial For Sweet Lollipop Artwork With Kids

Using a brown sketch marker, make 2 loops over the top of each side of the sticks to make the ribbons over them.

Step 7: Making The Candy Spirals

Making The Candy Spirals-Making Sweet Lollipop Artwork With Kids

Now, take respective color sketch markers for the respective color candy and make spirals over the candies. Like, yellow stack marker spirals over yellow candy.

Step 8: Making Colorful Spirals

Making Colorful Spirals-Crafting Sweet Lollipop Art For Children

Using the colorful sketch markers make small-small markers all over the base randomly.

Step 9: Completing Making Spirals

Completing Making Spirals- A Comprehensive Guide to Sweet Lollipop Artwork For Kids

Using pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue sketch markers make colorful spirals all over the base to cover up the empty spaces.

Hurray ! Your Spiral Candy Lollipops Is Ready!

 Step-by-step Guide of Sweet Lollipops Artwork For Kids

Congratulations! You have finally made your yummy lollipop artwork just in time!

Enjoy the yummy flavors of your candy lollipops! You can now decorate this artwork in your kid’s bedroom to make them feel motivated by their creation! You can also encourage your kid to add his/her touch of creativity to it, to make this art more unique! Like, he/she can create and innovate more flavors or multi flavors too! Your imagination is the limit!

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