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Mehndi designs for kids | Kids Henna Designs Collection

Mehndi Design

Mehndi designs for kids | Kids Henna Designs Collection

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Henna is a beautiful addition to every festival and celebration. We all love to apply henna to our hands to beautify them. Our kids are also fascinated by these beautiful henna designs. They also want to get covered with henna. We can extend this age long tradition to our kids as well by introducing them to small and easy henna designs. We have come up with some easy to make hanne designs for your kids. Let us have a look at them.

Beautiful & easy to make Mehndi designs for kids

Heart shaped back hand Mehndi designs for kids

This is a beautiful mehndi design for kids. Kids love to get mehndi designs on their hands and such easy designs are the best for their little hands. This beautiful design starts with a bel from the fore finger. Make curls on both sides of the bel. Make a heart at the lower corner of the hand and embellish it all around with flower patterns. Add a large flower atop the heart design. You can also add designs and patterns on the sides of the heart pattern.

Beautiful back hand Mehndi design for kids

This back hand mehndi design looks pretty on little girls’ hands. To start with, make the line design across the back hand. Now embellish the pattern on both sides. Add flowers and leaves designs on both sides of the long bel design. You can add dotted patterns in the empty space. Fill up the inner area with curled dots. For the fingers, add beautiful curves lined with dotted patterns. Stretch the curl on the ring finger and add small sized flowers to it. Extend the ring finger curl below the middle bel as well.

Floral patterns Mehndi designs for kids

This is a beautiful mehndi design for kids. Start by making the middle flower on the kid’s back hand. Start with  a small circle and then make a concentric circle, add loop design on the larger circle. Add larger petals atop the loops, repeat this one more time to get a large full blown flower. MAke a simple curled dotted bel on the ring finger and one for the fore finger of the kid. Make a large leaf pattern below the flower extending onto the arm of the kid. Decorate the leaf pattern on the arm with dots, curls and lines.

Kitty Mehndi designs for kids

This is a beautiful kitty design for your kid’s back hand. All the kids love cartoons and what is better than having an actual cartoon character made in henna at the back of your hand. To make this beautiful kitty, first of all get a print out of the kitty template from the net for reference. Start by making the eyes of the kitty. This will help in deciding the size and form of the kitty. Now go on to make the outer structure that is the body of the kitty. In the fill in with lines and patterns moving inwards to show the fur of the kitty. Also make the mouth and the whiskers of the kitty.

Beautiful Floral Mehndi pattern

This is a beautiful intricate design for kids mehndi. The design starts by making a flower pattern on the left base corner of the hand. Start by making a centre for the flower and then add little loops to it. Add large sized petals to the central bulb of the flower. Now make more such flower in compliment to the previously drawn flower. Extend the leaves and stem of the flower to the fore finger of the back hand and make a half flower at the base of the nail base. Now add curls and curvy lines at the base of every finger nail to complete the mehndi pattern.

Butterfly Mehndi design for kids

This is a beautiful butterfly pattern for a child’s hand. This pattern can also be made on the arms of the kid. To make this pattern, start by choosing the right butterfly template. Then make the outer boundary for the butterfly pattern. Fill the outer frmaework of the butterfly design with beautiful lines and spirals pattern.

Beautiful back hand Mehndi pattern for kids

This is a beautiful and minimalist extended bel design for a kid’s hands. To make this beautiful pattern, start by making and extending a long curvy line from the middle finger to the arm of the kid. Now add loops and curls to the beautiful bel design. Also add one sided petaled flowers. To make these flowers, start with a central bulb and then add long petals to the central bulb of the flower hence made. Decorate the surrounding curls and leaves with dots.

Minimalist Mehndi design for kids

This is a simple chakra design on the back of the hand. To make this beautiful design start with a spiral pattern with enough spacing. Now make equally spaced loops in the spaces between adjacent spiral coils. Add a concentric circle around it and make small sized loops on it. Draw petals on the loops in four directions. Decorate the petals with lines and curves. Now add a design to the middle finger of the child. This is easy to do. Start with a line pattern, add small loops to outer sides of the lines. Add a polygon at the base and curved dots on both sides. Extend the pattern upwards with dots pattern.

Beautiful Flower design for kids

This design is well suited for a little grown up girls. To make this beautiful design, you need to start by making a flower on the base of the back hand. Star by making a small sized circle. Now add small sized petals on it. Add more petals on it. Make chine rose petals on the last circle of petals. Repeat this once again to get a full blown flower. Now add leaf patterns all around the flower you have made. Also add details to the flower petals. Extend a big leaf pattern to the fore finger of the hand. Also add small curl patterns on the fingers and decorate them with dots and small flower designs.

Easy to make back hand Mehndi design

This is a beautiful back hand mehndi design for kids. To make this beautiful mehndi design start by making a flower on the right corner of the back hand. Make the flower large enough to cover the right edge completely. Now make a pattern extending in a rectangular fashion from the flower to the left edge. Fill this portion with small spirals. Now extend bird lines from the flower to the fingers of the hand. To make these bird lines first of all, make lines of henna and then make tiny birds on them. This pattern looks pretty on little hands.

We hope you liked these easy to make henna designs for kids. We also hope that all the little girls will be happy with these designs on their hands. You can check out other articles. We would love to hear from you. You can share your experience and opinion in the comments section given below. We would come up with more such useful articles soon.

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