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Paper Flower Craft Using Seeds – Step by Step Instructions

Paper Flower Craft Using Seeds - Step by Step Instructions

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Paper Flower Craft Using Seeds – Step by Step Instructions

Ready to learn an eco-friendly craft? This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make paper flowers from seeds. Get creative and add your own unique twist to create a unique and beautiful piece of art.

Welcome to this step-by-step guide to creating beautiful paper flowers using seeds! With these easy-to-follow instructions, you can make delightful decorations for your home. All you need are some basic craft materials and a few simple tools. With a little bit of creativity, you can make stunning paper flowers from a variety of seeds. So, let’s get started!

Paper Flower DIY & Craft Using Seeds For Kids

Paper Flower Craft Using Seeds - Step by Step Instructions

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Material Used:

  • White Sheet
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Crafting Sheets
  • Grains

Instructions: –

Step 1: Applying Hot Glue Gun On The White Sheet

Simple To Make Flower Craft For Kids Using Paper

Let’s start making our beautiful Sunflower seeds flower bunch by first making a vertical line on the white sheet for the stem of the flowers with the help of a hot glue gun so that we can stick the sunflower seeds over it.

Step 2: Sticking The Sunflower Seeds To Make The Stem Over The Glue

DIY Paper Flower Craft For Kids Using Seeds

Now take some sunflower seeds at least 9 seeds for the middle longer stem and start sticking it over the glue by keeping the inside white part of the seeds facing up. Now after completing the middle stem, again apply some glue with a hot gun on the right side and start sticking the seeds.

Make sure you apply the seeds when the glue is still hot as if it gets dry the application of seeds will become hard.

Step 3: Making The Third Stem Of The Sunflower Seeds Flower Bunch

Creative Ideas To Make Seeds Flower Craft Ideas For Kids

Now after completing the Middle and right corner stem, apply the glue on the left side, which will be a bit curvilinear, now stick the seeds over the glue making sure the inside white part of the seeds faces up.

You will be needing at least 8 seeds for the left and right stems as they will be a bit shorter than the middle stem.

Step 4: Making The Leaves On The Stem With The Sunflower Seeds

Decorative Way To Make Flower Craft Ideas For Kids

Now to make the leaves for our flowers, take some seeds and stick them at the end of each seed we stuck.

For leaves, we will be keeping the outer brown part facing upside which will give an embossed effect.

Step 5: Making The Flowers By Starting With The Central Part

Step By Step To Make Creative Flower Craft For Kids

Here in this step, we will start our initial step to start making our sunflower seeds flowers. Take a yellow crafting sheet and cut 3 medium-sized circles out of it. Now apply the hot glue on the edges of the circles.

Step 6: Making The Petals Around The Circles With Sunflower Seeds

Handmade Activity To Make Flower Craft Idea For Kids

Now take the sunflower seeds and stick them on the glue you applied around the outer edge of the circles by keeping the white inside part of the seed’s upside.

You will be needing 16 seeds for completing the outer edge of each circle.

Step 7: Completing The Flowers With The Seeds And Adding Grains As Pollens

Unique Ideas Of Seeds To Make Flower Craft for Kids

Now, after completing the outer edge, apply some glue again at the base of the seeds and add another row of seeds. Make 2 more rows with 11 seeds in the second row and 7 seeds in the third row. When you will complete the circle you will be left with a small central opening. Over here we will be adding the pollens of the flower.

To add the pollens, take 3 to 4 small grains and stick them in the center of the circle.
Follow the same steps to complete the other two flowers too.

Step 8: Completing The Flowers With Final Touches

Cool Art Of Seeds Making Flower Craft For Kids

After completing the steps your flowers will look somewhat like this, beautiful and adorable. You can add more details or can adjust the number of petals or the number of grains as pollens.

Final Step: DIY Sunflower Seeds Flower Bunch- A Fun and Creative Activity for Kids!

Amazing 3D Flower Craft Idea For Kids

Yoohoo! Your Beautiful and creative DIY Sunflower Seeds Flower Bunch is ready to be adored at. With just a little bit of time and effort, you can transform a handful of sunflower seeds into a stunning and unique flower bunch that will brighten up any space.  This DIY project is both fun and rewarding. So why not give it a try with your kids and make your kids see just how beautiful nature can be when you put a little love and creativity into it? Not only does this activity allow kids to exercise their creativity and imagination, but it also encourages them to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

With the sunflower seed flower bunch proudly on display, your kids be reminded that even the smallest things in life can bring joy and beauty into our world. So go ahead, let the kids get creative, and make the sunflowers bloom!


What materials do I need to make paper flowers?

You will need paper of your choice, scissors, glue, and a ruler.

How do I make the base of the flower?

Cut out a square or circle shape from the paper and use the ruler to curl the edges towards the center to give the flower its shape.

How do I create the petals of the flower?

Cut out petal shapes from the paper and glue them around the center of the flower.

How do I make the center of the flower?

You can use a circular shape from the paper or use a bead or button to create the center of the flower.

How do I make the stem of the flower?

Cut a thin line from the paper and roll it into a cylinder shape.

This paper flower craft for kids is a great way to get creative with your little ones. With step by step instructions, it’s an easy and fun activity for all ages.

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