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Super Simple Pine Cone Crafts For Kids


Super Simple Pine Cone Crafts For Kids

“Art and crafts using pinecones?” “They are only available at those places where pine trees grow, right?” “Pinecones will definitely create a lot of mess!” “Kids might get hurt while using them.” So many questions must be running through your mind while reading the title.

Well, let us clear your doubts. Pinecones are very easily available in stationary stores or you can purchase them online. Moreover, they are very pocket-friendly. They are not at all spiky and Kids can use them to create crafts. And, if you are worried about the mess, then you’ve reached the perfect place.

Here are some super cool and easy pinecone decor and craft ideas with their tutorials given below which are totally mess-proof!!

Captivating Art And Craft Ideas Using Pinecone

Easy Pineapple Pine Cone Craft For Kids

Easy Pineapple Pine Cone Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This fun and easy craft for kids is perfect for the holidays! Using simple materials such as pine cones, paint and glitter, kids can make a unique and beautiful pineapple pine cone craft. It’s a great way to get creative and make something special for the season.

DIY Pine Cone Mouse Craft

DIY Pine Cone Mouse Craft 

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This DIY Pine Cone Mouse Craft is a fun and creative way to make a cute little mouse out of pine cones. With just a few simple supplies, you can make an adorable mouse that will look great in any room!

Cool Pinecone Turkey

Image Source/Tutorial: Live Craft Eat

Turkeys are one of those birds with an unusual yet the most beautiful body structure and their body is actually their best feature. They have so many unique features and you can also let your kids know about Turkey’s amazing facts while guiding them to make this cool turkey bird using pinecones.

Vivid Pinecones Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: Mom Explores the Smokies

We all know that pinecones are used as Christmas tree ornaments. But isn’t it a little boring to use it for decoration simply how it is! Splash some colors on the pinecone and see how vivid and beautiful they turn out!!

Cute Pinecone Deer

Image Source/Tutorial: Feels Like Home

Deers look so adorable, especially their innocent eyes and horns. So, have you ever wondered if you can create a miniature version of deer by using pinecones!? No, right? Well, it is really very easy to make this reindeer craft using pinecones and it looks really very adorable and cute.

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Image Source/Tutorial: Natural Beach Living

If you love nature and its creatures, then you must definitely try out this awesome craft. This pinecone bird feeder will adore your house with the sweet chirping of birds being grateful to you for feeding them. This craft will also encourage your kids to try out more such crafts which can help birds and animals.

Lazy Pinecone Koala

Image Source/Tutorial: Parents

If you are looking for something charming and lovable to decorate your desks or tables, then you can look out for these super easy as well as enchanting pinecone koala crafts.

Cunning Pinecone Wolves

Image Source/Tutorial: liagriffith

If your kid loves making animals craft and wishes to try out creating any wild animal, then you should show them these cunning pinecone wolves. You can also suggest they create more wild animals using pinecones and build a whole forest.

Miniature Pineapple Out Of Pinecone

Image Source/Tutorial: Pine Cone Pineapple

Nobody would have ever thought that a pinecone actually looks like a pineapple, it’s just that their colors are different. All you need to create this craft are yellow paint and green-colored paper and your mini pineapple is ready to make your fruit basket even more attractive. Just make sure that your kids don’t eat them out of curiosity because they look so real!

Vibrant Flowers Using Pinecone

Image Source/Tutorial: Pine Cone Flowers

Real flowers get dried fast and need a lot of care. But if you have pinecones, then what are you worried about!? You can give a try to these pinecone flowers and we can assure you that these flowers will add so much grace to your flower vase.

Hideous Pinecone Owl

Image Source/Tutorial: Pine Cone Owl

Owls are rarely seen as they can’t see during the daytime so they are rarely visible to us too. So, if your kid insists on seeing an owl, make them this small pinecone owl. It will never disappoint them rather will excite them even more if they will create it on their own.

Tranquil Pinecone Gnomes

Image Source/Tutorial: Pine Cone Gnomes

Gnomes are symbols of Serenity. They bring calmness and peace to the home. Moreover, they are perfect home decors. These pinecones gnomes are so easy to make and will also help to relax your and your kid’s mind.

Cute Pom-pom Pinecones

Image Source/Tutorial: Pom Pom Pine Cones

Pom-poms are used to create various art and crafts because they are very soft and fluffy to play with. So, even if you still think that pinecones might harm kids then you can decorate the pinecones with pom-pom and make them colorful as well as soft to touch.

Colorful Pinecones Using Yarn

Image Source/Tutorial: Yarn-Wrapped Pine Cones

Only two things are required to make this wonderful DIY. If you love decorating Christmas trees using pinecones then don’t you think that it’s too simple to use them as it is! If you have some yarns then show your creativity and decorate these pinecones using them.

Spiky Pinecone Hedgehogs

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun

Hedgehogs are really spiky and it might be dangerous to go near them. But what if we say that you can bring hedgehogs home. It might seem impossible, right? But yes, it is possible to bring them by making them at home only and that too by using pinecones.

Little Pinecone Bunnies

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies and Mud Pies

Bunnies always make kids happy because they are very adorable and playful. Your kids will be much happier if they will be able to make this pinecone bunny. It does not really require much effort and can be made easily.

Pinecone Pom-pom Christmas Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

Pom-poms are always used as Christmas tree ornaments as they look really natural. So, don’t think it would look so vibrant if some pom-poms will be added to them. The pinecones become really colorful and eye-catching as well!

Russet Pinecone Apples

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies and Mudpies

The first thing we all learn while drawing is to draw an Apple. But we never really create apple crafts because it might be a little difficult. So, here is a simple and easy apple craft you can make using pinecones.

Little Elves

Image Source/Tutorial: Pink and Green Mama

It has come to our attention that these elf figurines are a pleasure to make. All you need is pinecones, pipe cleaners, and other simple supplies, no toy-making expertise is required and these cute pinecone elves are ready.

Cuddly Pinecone Bear

Image Source/Tutorial: Lia Griffith

Just like above, you witnessed how you can create some amazing wild animals using pinecones. Here, we present another idea to make a pinecone bear by following quite simple steps. And here, your bear is ready to add more fun to your forest.

Queer Pinecon Bat

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies and Mudpies

Bats are actually seen rarely and are really unique mammals. Bringing them home is not possible but making them at home is possible. You can guide your kids to make this queer pinecone bat and you can even let them know some amazing facts about bats while assisting them to make this craft.

Pinecone Angelic Rainbow Fairies

Image Source/Tutorial: Twig and Toadstool

Kids get really fascinated by Angels and Fairies. They love reading fairytales before going to sleep. So gift your kids these rainbow fairies and the best thing about it is that you can easily make them at your home using pinecones. Your kid will get a sound sleep at night by playing with these fairies.

Lovely Pinecone Bugs

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies and Mudpies

Kids are usually scared of insects and bugs. So let your kids know how important roles these tiny insects play in this ecosystem and the fact that they will not harm unless you go near them or disturb them by guiding them to make these lovely pinecone bugs.

Graceful Reindeer Out Of Pinecone

Image Source/Tutorial: Parents

Are you done with decorating your Christmas tree and still left with a few pinecones? Then use these pinecone reindeers as return gifts! It is purely handmade and looks so elegant.

Pinecone Robin Bird Christmas Tree Decor

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Craft Room

Robin birds represent new hope and beginnings. You can also bring happiness to your home by making these pinecone robin birds. They look pretty cute and will make your Christmas tree lively.

Sly Snake Using Pine Cone

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Is your kid obsessed with wild animals, especially with snakes because of their colorful body with different patterns? So, if your kid is being stubborn and keeps asking to bring a snake home without really knowing the fact that snakes are poisonous, then you should let them try this pinecone snake DIY. Nobody would have ever thought that one could create a snake using pinecones!!

Googly Eyes Pine Cone Spider

Image Source/Tutorial: Fireflies and Mud Pies

Are you organizing a Halloween party and lacking a few home decors that would look spooky! We all know people are so scared of spiders. So, Why don’t you try out this googly eyes pinecone spider? This definitely looks like a real spider and will create a spooky atmosphere as well.

Christmas Reindeer Using Pine Cone

Image Source/Tutorial:  Kids Craft Room

If you are running out of Christmas ornaments and you have no time to go to the stores and purchase them, then you can prefer these handmade Reindeer using pinecones. This looks really graceful and can be made with supplies available at home.

Popsicle And Pine Cone Turkey

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftaholics Anonymous

Turkey’s most unique feature is its fan-shaped tail.  Have you ever wondered if you can create a miniature turkey bird using popsicle sticks and pinecones? Yes, it is possible to make it. You can use them to decorate yourself or your table.

Art and crafts increase the management ability as well as organizational skills in the kids. They learn their responsibilities very well by engaging in the activity of art and crafts making. Schools and parents should encourage their kids to indulge in such activities that improve their knowledge and increase their IQ.

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