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DIY Shoe lacing Craft Step by Step tutorial for kids

DIY shoe lacing Craft Step by Step tutorial for kids

Cardboard Craft

DIY Shoe lacing Craft Step by Step tutorial for kids

This step-by-step tutorial will help your kids turn their simple shoes into fashionable creations with fun DIY shoe lacing techniques. Learn how to lace shoes in creative designs that will make your child the envy of their friends.

A cheerful welcome to you! This uniquely excellent craft is a perfect way to utilize time in a crafty way! With this easy tutorial and clear instructions, you can create your DIY shoe craft in no time! Shoes are liked by everyone so with this craft you can customize your shoe or even more of them, as per your preference! Not only this is an easy craft but also doesn’t require spending a single penny to create it! Grab up your crafty supplies and let’s roll in!

Easy To Make Shoe Lacing Craft Using Cardboard

DIY shoe lacing Craft Step by Step tutorial for kids

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Materials Required

  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Black Marker
  • Craft Cutter
  • Scale
  • Ribbon
  • Blue and Red Sketch Pen


Step 1: Making A Shoe

Making A Shoe - A guide to constructing footwear through a do-it-yourself method, specifically for children.

Let’s begin with this craft by taking a piece of cardboard, and securing it with tape so that it won’t move. Now draw a shoe over it using a black marker.

Step 2: Making Details Of The Shoe

Making Details Of The Shoe - Learn how to tie shoes with this step-by-step visual instruction.

Using the marker, draw a dotted outline inside the shoe and draw parallel lines in the top-mid and bottom-mid parts of the shoe using a scale.

Step 3: Cutting The Shoe From The Middle Lace Part

Cutting The Shoe From The Middle Lace Part - An instructional guide for kids to make their own shoes.

Draw midsection and lace holes using the marker. Cut the straight lines using a craft cutter.

Step 4: Making Holes

Making Holes - DIY lacing techniques for young ones.

Make the lace holes using any sharp object inside the drawn holes.

Your Shoe Lacing Craft Is Ready!

Your Shoe Lacing Craft Is Ready! - Do it yourself shoe tying methods for kids.

Color your shoe using a red and blue sketch pen. And for the last touch, tie shoelaces utilizing a ribbon. Congratulation! Your DIY shoe-lacing craft is ready in minutes!

You can design your shoe in any way you like, and can add more colors and details to it, your imagination is the limit! Create this shoe craft to let out your crafty imagination to make your shoe collection! Yes, you heard it right! You can create a whole bunch of shoes as you are the future designer!

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