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Watermelon Eating Ants Art and Craft Tutorial For Kids

Eating Watermelon Ants Creative Art & Craft Idea For Kids

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Watermelon Eating Ants Art and Craft Tutorial For Kids

Find something creative and fun for your kids to do! Try making Eating Watermelon Ants with easy-to-find supplies. This is a great way to have fun on a hot summer day or when it’s raining inside.

Making crafts using colored paper is always a nice idea for kids and beginners, because it is very easy and fun to make, without getting boring kids, adults, and anyone can create paper crafts. In this tutorial, we are going to create an ants-eating watermelon craft using colored craft papers. With the use of some simple materials and simple steps, even kids can make this craft with zero effort and in less time.

Making Wonderful Craft On Eating Watermelon Ants

Eating Watermelon Ants Creative Art & Craft Idea For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Color paper (red& black)
  • White sheet
  • Scissors
  • Doll eyes
  • Sketch pens (dark green, light green& black)
  • Glue


Step 1: Cutting Red Color Paper Using Scissors

Cutting red color paper using scissors- Crafting with Watermelon Ants – A Fun Activity for Little Ones

We going to create a watermelon with red color paper, let’s begin with cut a circle from red color paper and cut it half, then tear small pieces from it for make a bite.

Step 2: Creating Watermelon Slices

Creating watermelon slices- Making Art with Watermelon Ants – A Child-Friendly Idea

Now we going to make a slice of a watermelon. Cut a cone from red paper and tear its top as shown in the image. Then paste both pieces of our red color paper on the white sheet using glue. Paste a big piece of red paper in the middle and a small piece under that big piece on a white sheet.

Step 3: Tearing Small Pieces From Red Color Paper

Tearing small pieces from red color paper- An Artistic Inspiration – Watermelon Ants for Kids

Now, tear some more pieces from the red paper and paste two small pieces on top of the white sheet. Then one small piece at the bottom.

Step 4: Drawing The Outer Layer Of Watermelon

Drawing outer layer of watermelon- An Artistic Adventure – Watermelon Ants and Children

Do you know the name of the watermelon’s outer layer? It’s called a rind. In this step, we going to draw the rind. Grab your dark green pen, under our full piece of watermelon draw the outline with some gap using green, as shown in the image.

Step 5: Drawing Outer Layer And Seeds

Drawing outer layer and seeds- An Artistic Exploration – Watermelon Ants and Kids

In this step, draw the green outline for those red pieces under a big watermelon with some gap. In between that gap, draw a line using light green to fill the gap, and with the use of a black pen put some dots on each piece of red paper.

Step 6: Cutting Small Circles From Black Paper

Cutting small circles from black paper- An Artistic Experience – Watermelon Ants and Youngsters

It’s time for ants, cut 12 small circles from black paper. Then paste three into three pieces one by one at the top of a big slice of watermelon, paste your black circles where we tear bites.

Step 7: Pasting More Ants

Pasting more ants- Creative Crafting with Watermelon Ants – A Kids’ Activity

Then, also paste three into three pieces of black circles under our big watermelon as shown in the image.

Step 8: Pasting Doll Eyes For Ants

Pasting doll eyes for ants- Trying Creative Art with Watermelon Ants – A Kid-Friendly Idea

Take two pieces of doll eyes, and paste one eye for both ants on the top of our watermelon.

Step 9: Drawing Legs and Antenna For Ants

Drawing legs and antenna for ants- Artistic Fun with Watermelon Ants – A Children’s Activity

Take four pieces of doll eyes and paste two eyes for both ants, which are under the watermelon. With the use of a black pen draw three legs on the left and another three on the right for the ants under the watermelon. Draw two curvy lines above the ant’s head, and put a dot at the edge of both antennas.

So Yeah, We reached The End Of Our Craft

So yeah, we reached the ending of our craft- Fun Crafting with Watermelon Ants – A Kids’ Activity

Here, draw legs and antennae for ants, at the top of a watermelon as shown in the image.

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Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This creative watermelon craft for kids is a fun and unique way to get your kids to enjoy the summer season. With just a few simple supplies, they can make a cool and colorful watermelon craft that they will be proud to display!

We hope you and your kids will like this craft. Here, we just give simple step-by-step instructions, which is easy for even kids. This craft is great for all-age kids. If you are looking for even more craft ideas, visit our website. Don’t forget to leave some comments in the comment box.

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