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Easy Apple Tree Painting Tutorial For Kids

How to Paint an Apple Tree Easy Tutorial


Easy Apple Tree Painting Tutorial For Kids

This easy tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful painting of an apple tree. Learn how to create amazing artwork with simple supplies and step-by-step instructions. Perfect for beginning painters, this tutorial will have you creating works of art in no time.

‘A’ For Apple is the first ladder of the alphabet and learning. So, why not make ‘A’ for Apple Tree the first ladder of drawing skills for young and budding artists? Try this Painting Apple Tree Tutorial!

Welcome to this article on Apple Tree Painting Tutorial! This article will guide you on how to draw an apple tree step-by-step. The steps are easy-to-follow and require basic drawing knowledge. By making this art, express your creativity and capture the beauty of nature in your stunning drawing. So, let’s make this apple tree painting without wasting much time!

Make an Apple Tree Painting Simple Tutorial For Beginners

How to Paint an Apple Tree Easy Tutorial

Materials Required

  • A4 Size Sheet
  • Black Marker
  • Colors


Step 1: Drawing A Tree Stem

Drawing A Tree Stem - Learn the steps to draw tree quickly

Let’s begin with this drawing by taking an A4 size white sheet and drawing a tree stem with its branches using a black marker over it as shown in the image.

Step 2: Drawing Apples

Drawing Apples - Instructions on how to draw apple on tree drawing simply

Draw apples on the end of the branches of the tree.

Step 3: Drawing Leaves And Grass

Drawing Leaves And Grass - An easy guide to draw a tree with apples

Draw some leaves over the branches of the tree. Draw a curved line looking from behind the tree to both end sides of the paper and draw random grass on the inner side of the line to make it look like land.

Adding Colors To The Drawing – Apple Tree Painting Is Ready!

Coloring The Tree And Land - A straightforward tutorial for painting an apple tree

Color the drawing with any colors you prefer as shown in the image. That’s great! You have created a beautiful piece of art in no time using a few simple steps!

This tutorial has provided you with a way to make an apple tree in just a few steps. This activity will help kids to gain knowledge about shapes, colors, and nature. It will also teach the basic concepts of drawing to budding artists. Give it a try and see what wonderful artwork you can create!

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