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Cartoon Character Drawing Ideas For Kids


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Cartoon Character Drawing Ideas For Kids

This set of tutorials brings to the drawings of your favourite cartoons and several other famous characters as well. With some crayons or sketch pens and sheets of paper, you can create all these amazing drawings. It will be very easy for to guys to make these drawings as you already know the characters that you are drawing. These basic tutorials will teach you to colour neatly and within the drawn lines avoiding spillage. With that, let’s get started with the cartoon drawings.

This single tutorial will teach you to draw several cartoon characters and colour them too. All the drawings are extremely simple yet neat and attractive so you can use them as to paste on the walls of your room, classroom or home. It is very appropriate for kids aged 5-7 years due to the basic nature of the drawings. The characters include Doremon, Pikachu, Santa Claus, snowman, etc. Click on the bottom left side of the picture below and you will be directed to a YouTube video art tutorial. The characters included in the video are mentioned individually in the picture below. Scroll down to learn more about them.

If you’re searching for cartoon character drawing ideas for kids to do at home, you’re in the right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of cartoon character drawing ideas like an animal cartoon drawing, beer cartoon drawing, Doremon cartoon drawing, spiderman cartoon drawing, rainbow umbrella cartoon drawing, etc.

Cartoon Character Drawing Ideas For Kids



Pokemon Cartoon Drawing


These amazing drawings are taken from very popular cartoon shows and movies called, ‘Pokemon’, and,’ Kung fu Panda’. Characters taken from Pokemon are Bulbasaur and Pikachu. You can use yellow, black and red sketches to paint the Pikachu after drawing it with a pencil and for Bulbasaur, use green and yellow sketches. For the panda and the fox from Kung fu panda, use black and orange sketches. The basic drawings of all the characters are very easy to make as they are mainly made of circular shapes. After completing the colouring, outline the drawings with a black sketch pen. Use the image below for reference.

Teddy Bear Cartoon Drawing


This drawing includes an adorable figure from your childhood that you still might play with: A teddy bear and not just any teddy but a teddy bear holding a big heart in its hands. The drawing of the teddy includes making shapes like a circle semi-circle and a heart. You need to use orange colour for the teddy and red for the heart leaving some spaces on ears, paws and mouth uncoloured to highlight them more. Have a good look at the picture below to understand the drawing.

Doremon Cartoon Drawing

cartoon-character-drawing-pages-for-kids Doremon Cartoon Drawing

This art holds the drawing of your favourite cartoon character. It’s a unique cat which is blue in colour and in actuality is a robot storing interesting life-saving gadgets in a pouch attached to its belly. You guessed it right, it’s Doremon. The drawing uses basic sketching skills to create the image of the cartoon. It has a big head and stands on its two feet with a bell tied to its neck and a pouch attached in the middle of its belly. You need blue and red colour to paint the drawing and a black sketch pen to outline it and add further details.

Spiderman Cartoon Drawing


This is the drawing of your favourite superhero who was bitten by a spider after which he gained the power to shoot webs from his wrists allowing him to hang and fly long distances in a short time. You know who it is: Spiderman. This little spider man has huge eyes with a web pattern throughout its suit. You need red, blue and black sketches to make this drawing. He also has a small spider drawn on his chest. It’s very easy to make and uses lines and circles to create the base of the drawing. See the drawing in the picture below to understand more about it.

Queen Cartoon Drawing


This amazing drawing depicts a small but powerful queen adorned in beautiful and royal clothing. The robe is golden in colour the cape worn over it is red in colour with a block pattern drawn on it. The queen has a wonderful crown on its head and a prop in its left hand. You just need red, golden and a black sketch pen to make this drawing. Pay attention to the happy expression on the face of the queen and the positioning of her arms as well. Check the picture below to understand the drawing.

Rainbow Umbrella Cartoon Drawing


This drawing includes making a cartoon depicting an umbrella and a little girl standing beneath it. You can also see some raindrops in the background. The umbrella has all the rainbow colours painted on it. You just need red, blue, green, orange, yellow, violet and pink sketch pens to colour the umbrella and the girl and a black sketch pen to outline it. You need to make wheel-like compartments on the umbrella and colour them accordingly. Look at the picture below to learn more about the drawing.

Santa Claus Cartoon Drawing

Santa Crafts For Kids

This drawing includes one of your favourite characters related to Christmas. He brings gifts for children and flies on a reindeer sledge through the sky. He has a thick and long white beard and wears a red cap on his head.  It’s none other than Santa Claus. You just need a red sketch pen to colour its hat, an orange sketch pen to colour its face and leave the rest of the drawing white. Use the black sketch pen to outline the drawing. Observe the picture below to get a greater understanding of the drawing.

Snowman Cartoon Drawing


This drawing includes making a cartoon character associated with the winter season and snow. You build this figure out of snow and twigs. You roll the snow to create huge balls and then stack them on each other to create a human-like figure. It has a cap on its head just like the Santa and a red muffler around its neck. The cap and the are the only coloured things in the drawing. You just need a red sketch pen for colouring and a black sketch pen for drawing and outlining. Follow the picture below to comprehend the drawing.

Star Fish Santa Cartoon Drawing


This drawing also includes making a Santa Claus but with a twist and some improvisation.  Instead of drawing a human figure, you will be required to draw a starfish. The only object that makes the starfish is the Santa cap on its head. You just need a red sketch pen to colour the cap, yellow to colour the starfish and a black sketch pen to outline the entire drawing. The starfish has five triangular legs with one of them bearing the red cap. The fish has a happy expression on its face as well. Look at the image below to learn more about the drawing.

All the cartoon drawings in the set are complete and we are left with amazing cartoon drawings. You learned good drawing and colouring skills and the cartoons compiled of real cartoons to some characters from legends and kids’ stories. These drawings also taught me to make simple yet clean art. Keep practising the techniques that you learned through these drawings. Try to invent your own ideas to make your art more original and real. Follow all the upcoming tutorials. Good luck and goodbye.

We hope you like our list of cartoon character drawing ideas for kids and will surely try to make them. If you liked our cartoon character drawing ideas, read more crafts ideas at our website. Please let us know in the comment section which cartoon character drawing ideas you like the most.

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