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Cartoon Animal Drawings for Kids


Cartoon Animal Drawings for Kids

We brought easy and simple drawing ideas for your kids. Kids can create these drawings in their free time at home or in the classroom. Enjoy drawings of Rabbit, Teddy Bear, Winnie The Pooh & Bolt.

Cartoon Animal Drawings For Kids

Cute Rabbit

Cartoon Animal Drawings For Kids Cute Rabbit

This cute little bunny rabbit is super cute and easy to draw and is loved by kids especially girls. They love this little bunny rabbit. Rabbits are great friends of kids and are very playful and energetic. They are very cute-looking animals and they hop around everywhere just like our little toddlers.

This cute bunny rabbit is easy to make and less time-consuming. Draw a round face with long ears, a frock, mini hands & legs. Add a bow near the ear to give a cute look to the drawing.

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie- the pooh is a cartoon character loved by children. We all have loved Winnie since our childhood days. It is the character of a bear that walks and talks like a human. He has friends and the closest friend of pooh is a piglet. This animal’s depiction of having human qualities is an amazing way of telling kids about animals and their thinking, emotions, and friendships.

This easy Winnie-the-pooh drawing can be given to kids to draw in their art classrooms or at home. Fill the color in the drawing with the help of a cartoon.

Teddy BearCartoon Animal Drawings For Kids Teddy Bear

Another cute bear drawing. bears are very cute creatures. They have this big round stomach and innocent face. Children love teddy bears which are a toy version of a bear. So let us teach our kids this easy and very simple drawing of a bear.

It is easy to draw. Just take a plain white drawing sheet and draw circles giving the body shape and a cute innocent face. Your simple and cute bear drawing is ready.


Cute Baby Dog

What is cuter than a simple cute guard puppy. We all love dogs because they are the most loyal creature and would sacrifice themselves to protect their own masters. Not only this but they are great guards also. Dogs have strong smell senses and can detect danger just by smell.

This little dog is also a cute guard dog wearing a bell collar around his neck. Drawing this easy and cute puppy dog will be fun for kids.

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