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Easy Animal Drawings for Toddlers


Easy Animal Drawings for Toddlers

Activities for Kids

We brought easy and simple drawing ideas for your kids. Kids can create these drawings in their free time at home or in the classroom. Enjoy drawings of Panda, Ant and Cat.

Easy Animal Drawings For Toddlers

Mommy-Baby Panda Duo

Easy Animal Drawings For Toddlers Mommy-Baby Panda Duo

Pandas are very cute animals and are known for their innocent nature. They are always sleeping and eating and seen doing the same. A panda is a wild animal but an herbivore. It lives in jungles. A panda is of white color with black spots over its body and black circles around the eye area. Pandas resemble the shape and size of a bear.

Your kid will love this drawing of mother-baby pandas. It is very simple to draw and looks very appealing to the eyes. Your toddler will have fun making it.

Cute Ant Drawing

Cute Ant Drawing

Household ants are very commonly spotted on our house floors. They can be seen picking up our leftover food pieces or eating the sweet candies from the bottom shelves of the kitchen. Ants are very fond of sweet food and are attracted to them.

This little cute ant is a drawing of those little house ants and you can help your little toddler to learn about ants with the fun drawing activity at home. This easy ant drawing is simple and very less time-consuming. Just draw circles and eyes. you are done.

Adorable Caterpillar

Easy Animal Drawings For Toddlers Adorable Caterpillar

This easy peasy caterpillar drawing for kids is very simple and takes less effort to get completed. All you need to do is draw consecutive five circles in a row, add little legs at the bottom and draw facial features to get this cute drawing of caterpillar ready in no time.

Caterpillar is the lower stage of a butterfly. They are green in color and live on mulberry leaves or another green part of leaves. As they grow up, they transform into beautiful butterflies.

Easy Smiling Cat

Easy Smiling Cat

Cats- the amazing pets of a household. Cats are widely petted across the globe. they are lazy creatures at times and very energetic and playful other times. They are fun-loving animals and are good friends of humans and little toddlers.

This easy and extremely simple cat drawing for your toddler is less time-consuming and great fun drawing activity for the drawing class. It can be drawn at home or at school.

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