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Simple Colorful Drawings for Kids


Simple Colorful Drawings for Kids

We brought easy and simple drawing ideas for your kids. Kids can create these drawings in their free time at home or in the classroom. Enjoy drawings of Toothpaste-Toothbrush, Ice-cream, Moon & Clouds.

Simple Colorful Drawings For Kids

Toothpaste-Toothbrush Drawing

Simple Colorful Drawings For Kids Toothpaste-Toothbrush Drawing

Kids love drawing and coloring activities. It helps them to develop creative qualities. What is the first thing that you teach your child to do in the morning? Brushing their teeth properly, right? So, we have an amazing idea from their morning activity and brought this interesting fun drawing of toothpaste and brush which is very easy for children and they will enjoy it to their fullest.

Moon And Clouds

Moon And Cloudscloclo

We have read bedtime stories to our kids and that is what was done by our moms too when we were kids. Most of these stories were related to the moon and stars and fairies. So taking a hint from these bedtime stories, you can let your kid get creative with this moon and cloud drawing. It is easy, fun, and creative.

Beautiful Little Girl

Simple Colorful Drawings For Kids Beautiful Little Girl

This little beautiful girl drawing is an easy drawing idea for preschoolers. Children tend to love making little human drawings and it is more fun to teach when little stories are added to these drawing sessions.

This cute beautiful little girl looks no less than a Barbie doll in this frock and pink long beautiful hair. A little bunny is also with her and she is holding the carrot for the bunny. Let your kid add colorful touch up to beautify the drawing.

Cherry Ice-Cream

Cherry Ice-Cream

The tasty berry ice-cream drawing looks so yummy, isn’t it? Our mouth is filled with water just by looking at this picture. Kids love softy and cone ice cream and berry is an amazing favor to try. It not only looks beautiful but also tastes amazing. This amazing berry ice-cream drawing can be made by your kid at home or school and he can be treated with ice cream later as a reward.

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