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Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids


Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

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Christmas stockings are empty socks that are hung near the fireplace mantel or in any location of the house with the hope that St. Nicholas will put gifts in those socks. When the Christmas stockings are hung in the homes, children realize that the most anticipated holiday is approaching. Christmas decorations are associated with nostalgia and good old memories. Why not add a personal touch to these decorations?

Instead of buying Christmas stockings, make these fun and simple Christmas stocking crafts with your kids. This is a great indoor activity for your kids. As these crafts are for kids and require knitting and sewing, a little supervision is required. They’ll surely enjoy making these stockings. We’ve shortlisted some beautiful stocking crafts for you. So grab your favorite fabrics and necessary supplies, turn on your holiday playlist, and get started.

Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

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Stockings Made Out Of The Sweater

Stockings Made Out Of The Sweater

Image Source/ Tutorial: Imperfecthomemaking

If you have an old sweater in your house, Don’t throw it away. Use that sweater to make these super cute stockings by imperfect homemaking. This is a great way to use sweaters that have sentimental value but can’t be worn anymore.

No Knit Stockings Craft

No Knit Stockings Craft Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: Red Ted Art

A no-knit stocking is a perfect craft for your kids. You don’t need to knit; all you have to do is stitch. This no-knit stocking craft by the Red Ted Art is super simple to make and looks fabulous. All you need is an old jumper. Run your needle and thread the jumper. Your adorable stockings are ready.

Stockings Made Out Of Fabric

Stockings Made Out Of Fabric

Image Source/ Tutorial: Creeklinehouse

Don’t worry if you don’t have an old sweater or jumper with you. The Creek line house has got you covered. This simple fabric stocking craft is super simple and quick to make. With the help of their detailed tutorial, you can make your own beautiful stockings.

Vibrant Stockings Craft

Vibrant Stockings Craft Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: Simplynotable

If you are someone who loves bold and vibrant colors, then try the idea of this vibrant stocking by Simplynotable. It’s the perfect deal. Let your kid decide on the color combination. These vibrant stockings will definitely steal the show this Christmas.

Make Ruffled Stockings

Make Ruffled Stockings

Image Source/ Tutorial: Createkidscouture

Create a beautiful ruffled stocking craft like this one by  Create kids couture. If you are not good at drawing, then you can download their stocking template and follow the complete tutorial. What a fun stocking!

Stockings Made Out Of T-shirts 

Stockings Made Out Of T-shirt Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: Prettyprudent

Upcycle your old t-shirt to make these gorgeous stockings by pretty prudent. It is indeed a great way to make use of your old shirts. If you are using t-shirts, there are many designs that you can create.

Simple And Sweet Stockings

Simple And Sweet Stockings

Image Source/ Tutorial: Thriftyandchic

If you don’t like bold colors and are more of a basic person, then Thrifty and Chic have what you need. A simple and sweet-looking stocking for your home. For the cuff, let your kid choose a fabric that they like. Let them use their imagination.

Knitted Stockings Craft

Knitted Stockings Craft Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: Redheart

There are so many fabulous things you can crochet. Sweaters, gloves, and even socks If you like knitting, then this knitted stocking by yarn inspiration is for you. It is an excellent method for teaching your child to knit. Make as many stockings as you want with the help of their easy crochet Christmas stocking pattern and proudly display them.

Monogrammed Stockings

Monogrammed Stockings

Image Source/ Tutorial: Lia Griffith

Want to add a personal touch to your stockings? Of course, monogram it. The monogrammed Christmas stockings by Liagriffith are a great way to make a simple stocking special. Download their printable PDF and follow the step-by-step tutorial. Your kids will enjoy making these socks as they can monogram their names on the stockings. Grab the fabric and monogram, your customized stockings are ready!

Denim Stockings

Denim Stockings Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: His-and-Hers-Blog

Wait, don’t throw away that extra denim fabric, save it for this elegant denim stocking by his and hers blog. All the supplies that you need are already available to you. It’s not a very pricey and fun activity for the holiday afternoon with your kids.

Fur Stockings And Flannel Stockings

Fur Stockings And Flannel Stockings

Image Source/ Tutorial: Thegirlinspired

Give your mantel a very cozy and comfy look with these flannel and fur stockings by Thegirlinspired. All you need is some faux fur and flannel fabric, a sewing machine, and a few sewing skills. Easy peasy.

Pretty Stockings Craft

Pretty Stockings Craft Christmas Stocking Ideas For Kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: In My Own Style

These comfortable and pretty stocking ideas In my own style are very attractive and pretty. If you don’t have any designs in your mind, no worries you can download their printable pattern. Store these stockings and use them for many winters to come! 

We hope that you found the pattern which you liked. If we helped you create a decorative space with our crafts then our job is done. Do let us know in the comment section which craft you enjoyed the most. Do give us your feedback in the comment section. For more entertaining and simple craft ideas read other articles by k4 crafts. We’ll soon be back with some fun activities. Till then keep smiling and creating with k4 crafts.

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