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Circular Drawings for Kids with Colors


Circular Drawings for Kids with Colors

Art and craft could be the best source of entertainment to you and your kids. It will keep them involved and busy plus enhance their creative skills too. Also, it is going to be beneficial in the long run too. A healthy mind will lead to a healthy lifestyle. And such developing brains can be molded in all shapes, the way we want – smart, intelligent and creative.

Here’s a guide to a fun loving art and craft session for your kids. Let’s have a look.

Entertain Your Kids By These Circular Colorful Drawings

Circular Drawings for Kids with Colors

Hand Painting And Hen

Hand Painting And Hen

Hand paintings can be fun and a unique way of entertainment for your kids. Here’s a chicken or cock drawn through hand painting. All you need is an outline of your hand and then color it accordingly giving it a structure of a chicken. Your toddler will definitely love this new way of drawing and coloring.

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The Happy Hand

 Entertain Your Kids By These Colorful Drawings The Happy Hand

Happiness – the key to all success. Ain’t this picture brings a smile on your face?? Think about seeing something like this made by your toddler after a hectic gloomy day. All that weariness and frustration of the work day will vanish in a second and all you’d feel is happiness. Teach your kid about such hand paintings. All it needs is an outline of the palm and some creativity in it.

For The Green

For The Green

It’s an era to go green and protect the environment. Give your champ this basic teaching on environment and save trees. Let them know the importance of trees and their uses, the harms and side effects it will cause after their depletion. Let’s draw this beautiful painting in a unique way as a token to trees. it’s time to switch to paints from colors. Here’s a sponge painting, quite easy and amazing. The only thing to draw prior to painting is the tree trunk and some grass. The remaining tree or the canopy is made using sponge. Have a happy hour while painting in this new way with your kiddo.

That’s A Peacock

 Entertain Your Kids By These Colorful Drawings That's A Peacock

Hand or palm paintings are not just unique but they bring in a lot of fun and enjoyment. Have a look on this peacock. Beautiful, It is. The only thing one needs is an outline of the hand and some creativity along with it. Beautiful to look at and easy to work on. Something new for your toddler to enjoy and learn at the same time.

Time To Play

Time To Play

Let’s build a scenery with your young one. Let’s go through their imagination for once. Show them this scenery and note their response to it. Let’s get to know their imagination too. Draw this imaginary home with them, may be a palace to their kingdom! It’s so easy yet so amazing. Hand painting could bring in great unique ideas too. Let’s spend some entertaining time on this piece of art.

The Fishery Fish

 Entertain Your Kids By These Colorful Drawings The Fishery Fish

Free hand drawing is an artist’s talent. Make your toddler learn this art. Let’s start with drawing this fish. It could be seen that it is drawn in free hand without using any support for lines. A first step towards drawing like an artist.

Oh! It’s A Dinosaur

Oh! It's A Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are freaking scary and terrible. Even after getting extinct along ago, their fear still haunts us. But this little dino looks cute. This picture tells that dinosaurs can look cute too. The terribly large organisms when drawn by your toddler looks like a cute animal to pet at home. Look at that smile on its face – will definitely bring one on your face too.

Happy With Colors

 Entertain Your Kids By These Colorful Drawings Happy With Colors

Since its time to use paints and brushes, here’s another idea for you to draw with your toddler. The brown branches could be drawn using sketch pens whereas the flowers are made using cotton swabs or buds, while the bees alongside can be painted using thumb impression. A single piece consisting of so many different styles to complete a picture. It will be great fun once you start drawing this with your toddler.

To conclude, drawing is something that never gets old and one never gets tired of painting. Hope you enjoyed this article. Do check our other articles on the website.

All sorts of suggestions and recommendations are whole-heartedly welcomed.

Thank You!

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