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Let’s Draw & Experience The Secret Life Of Animals


Let’s Draw & Experience The Secret Life Of Animals

Just cute animals and birds to draw. The images given below depict cute animals in moments that are rarely seen. Your child can draw those sketches to experience the secret life of animals. They will learn to draw foxes, bears, dogs, cats, birds, unicorns, and rabbits. The most exciting moment is the moment when we start working, so get set and go!

Let’s Draw & Experience The Secret Life Of Animals

Let's Draw & Experience The Secret Life Of Animals

Red Fox

Red Fox

This fine piece of art is best suited for growing kids to draw and know about foxes. A fox varies in color, there are white foxes in the polar regions, and red and black foxes found in the continental regions. The red fox in this image is calmly sitting at a place, posing in a way intended to draw the portrait. The long bushy tail is a remarkable feature in foxes, their pinpoint jaw, and ears make them the most stunning, tricky, and clever predator. A fox is a strategic hunter and always hunts in groups, and as the line says, “As cunning as a Fox”, implies their strategical, cunning, and clever way of hunting down their target.

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Unicorn from Tale

Let's Draw And Experience The Secret Life Of Animals Unicorn from Tale

We all recite unicorn stories to the kids so that they can imagine the beauty of the imaginary creature. This sketch allows us to imagine the most beautiful unicorn amongst bright light, with lovely and friendly eyes. This unicorn has multicolored hairs. A unicorn is almost like a horse, but it has a horn in the middle of the forehead and a godly appearance. This sketch is bright and simple for kids to draw and color. If they know about unicorns then they will surely use their imagination and add various other features to this sketch, this will make them better artists and improve their practical skills.

Bunny and Carrot

Bunny and Carrot

A bunnies favorite food is the carrot. This sketch defines everything, the love of a bunny for the carrot. The cuteness is overloaded in this image, the bunny is looking sideways holding a giant red carrot in its hand. This is the simplest sketch that could be drawn by kids of any age, this will boost confidence and they will try tougher sketches, that will directly improve their drawing. A bunny has long ears, as is evident from this image, the long ears make them good listeners. If you have touched a bunny before then you can feel the fluffiness of the animal. Enjoy the cuteness with your child.

Illusionary Birds

Let's Draw And Experience The Secret Life Of Animals Illusionary Birds

This sketch shows a couple of birds that are kissing each other. Have you ever experienced the sight of two birds kissing each other? Well, this image is both an illusion and a symbol. An illusion in the sense that it is a type of confusing, looking like the two birds are appearing from a single point, and a symbol of love, care, peace, harmony, and patience. The is simple, and kids will be able to understand this sketch. There are no colors, ask your kids to provide it with a brilliant shade.

Ultra Sleepy Cat

Ultra Sleepy Cat

Cats are ultra sleepy, believe me! They can sleep for more than 10 hours a day. This sketch shows a fat cat, just awakened from a deep sleep and froze in time. The sleepy expressions can be noted on her face, and a conclusion can be made that how annoyed he is after being awoken from his deep cozy sleep. Make your kids aware to never tease a sleeping cat, cats attack sometimes. This cat has black and white stripes all over the body. Street cats are more sleepy, and they avoid human contact. Make sure your child completes this sketch.

Dance Pikachu Dance

Let's Draw And Experience The Secret Life Of Animals Dance Pikachu Dance

This cute sketch of a Pikachu dancing on its own is the cutest image on the internet. Children will like to make this sketch, whether they know this creature or not. It has its left leg in the air, jumping excitedly he is moving its hands left and right. You can also try this dance technique with your child to make the moments matter. The cuteness of this fictional animal is incredible, it has its tail in a zig-zag shape. Its ears are straight and pointy, with black ends. He also has red circles on his cheek. The creators of Pikachu made this character all yellow, an animal that can produce electricity is what his features are.

My Cheese

My Cheese

This cute little one is happy after getting a piece of cheese. Now it has become his property and he may do whatever he likes. He can eat it, or save it for later. That is what money is like in this world. Rats get food, they get happy and after finishing they need more. They are dependent on other sources to fulfill their appetite, no matter how many searches, they have to do to find the food they will do. Not thinking about their lives, they follow the same path, ending with the same results. We, humans, are just like rats, but civilized. You know the message and you are the one who will lead the child on the right path. With this sketch create a different future, a much better one because it starts with you.

Look At Them

Let's Draw And Experience The Secret Life Of Animals Look At Them

This butterfly is flaunting her features just like a queen who flaunts her jewelry. Butterflies are known for their beauty, their features, and their contribution to this world. The details of this sketch are reasonable and if a kid has prior practice then he will be able to make this sketch with ease. First-time doers can also perform well if they make it with concentration and sheer will. The butterfly is colorless, so it becomes the responsibility of kiddies to fill the beautiful colors this butterfly deserves. Common boys, you can beat girls!

Lonely Sparrow

Lonely Sparrow

A lonely sparrow is sitting on a wire under an open sky. It might not have a companion. A sparrow symbolizes the importance of happiness. This simply cannot mean anything, but poetic and mythical relations can create many relations. Seeing a sparrow infuses joy, friendliness, and compassion in a person’s life. The amazing fact about a sparrow is that it can reach a speed of 46km/hrs. While drawing kids might ask why not birds get electrocuted on sitting on an electric wire? The science behind is that the circuit is not completed, the current travels through their body on the same wire that’s why they do not get electrocuted.

Do Not Disturb

Let's Draw And Experience The Secret Life Of Animals Do Not Disturb

Please do not disturb this sleeping cat, and draw it quietly. Make your kid draw this sleeping beauty, this cat is deeply asleep in her warm cozy place. A warm and comfortable zone is the zone everyone wants to live in, nobody will ever leave their comfort zone unless the task or goal is more awarding than their present state. A challenge forces a person to explore the unexplored, to do what is important right now, and achieve success. No one will ever achieve anything by sleeping like this cat, but by working like an ant. Make your kids realize the importance of work, and how important it is to prioritize work.

Play With Me

Play With Me

The live sketch of this dog can be so rewarding for children to draw and color. It is an outline sketch, the coloring has to be done by them only. This sketch will not only make your kids learn to color, but also will make them adaptive to different life challenges. As this sketch is simple to draw that a kid will happily trace it, but the colors have to be filled by them on their own, which will make the difference, they feel the challenges of coloring this sketch that will increase their confidence and potential to accept further challenges.

Hello There!

Let's Draw And Experience The Secret Life Of Animals Hello There!

Hey! Please wave to this bear. Bears’ are so calm and fluffy animals, they just do their work, eat, and sleep. They too are scared of humans and do no harm unless it comes to their babies, yes, mothers can fight God for their babies. Here is a single bear looking at us with gratitude, and joy. Expecting excitement and joy in return. Kiddies would draw this simple, yet vivid sketch, there are only curves that are to be combined. Make kids familiar with bears, and their habitats, and do’s and don’t upon seeing them. Complete the sketch by giving a beautiful shade to this bear. Happy drawing.

That’s just the end of a moment of a long adventure of life. Take time to visit other activities as well that are here. Keep visiting us.

Thank You!

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