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Aquatic Animal Drawings for Kids


Aquatic Animal Drawings for Kids

Hello beautiful! Here we are going to explore the mysterious aquatic life, a life that is talked about but rarely considered vital. We will meet various fishes from the ocean, seahorses flaunting their flashy features, jellyfishes with long tentacles, and turtles with strong shells. We will learn to draw them one by one, and we will explore their habitats, and the threats caused to them because of human activities. So, let’s explore them one by one.

Let’s Explore The Mysterious Life Of Aquatic Animals

Bubbly Fish

Bubbly Fish

Look at this fish, its fins and tail represent the freedom to swim in the largest of the largest ocean. It’s one of its kind, it has stripes on its body, sharp angular fins, a wavy tail, and bright eyes. All the designs on her body are extraordinary, and kids will gain interest to draw them because of that. What do you think, what type of species is this? Well, could not tell the exact species, but we could name it an isolated striped fish. After making this, please make sure that kids color it too, as coloring is a good part of art.

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Nest of Love

Let's Explore The Mysterious Life Of Aquatic Animals Nest of Love

The lovely nest where birds are able to cuddle each other. This sketch is simple and exact to the point that wants to show love, care, gratitude, and culture among the birds. These creatures are spotted every day, but rarely given a thought about their life, struggles, and hardships that they face to survive. If every human unites for the well-being of every living being on earth, then there will be no talks of going to heaven, as we would have created heaven for ourselves. This image has got positive vibes, and kids would be fascinated to draw and color this sketch.

Tiger Fish

Tiger Fish

Can name it? I think that “Tiger Fish” is a good name to give to this kind of fish. As there are quite good stripes on her body, and being in a shape of an arrow, she can swim fast. She can be fast and quick while swimming therefore any predator cannot attack her. Her tail is also aligned with her body making her the best swimmer in the entire school. By practicing this sketch kids will learn about a new fish, if they haven’t seen this fish, but have seen a typical one will make their task easier as they will imagine and draw by themselves. This is an interesting sketch and reminds one of the varieties of life.

Shoal of Fish

Shoal of Fish

A group of joyful of all varieties is visible in the above sketch. A group of shrimps, fishes of different species, and other aquatic animals when swimming in a loose group then it is known as a shoal of fishes. This sketch is a descriptive representation of fishes of different varieties swimming together. The creator penned down the art in such a way that it represents unity among all the fishes. If kids draw this sketch they will understand the happiness that exists in togetherness, the power, unity, compassion, and love you feel when you’re with your loved ones. Try to make them color this sketch too.

Fishy Love

Let's Explore The Mysterious Life Of Aquatic Animals Fishy Love

Let’s experience the love that exists among fishes. A love story that is never heard of. The sketch of these two fishes kissing each other is amazing. The sketch is simple and there are only two fishes drawn. Both are of the same species having stripes on their bodies. They look like the one we made prior to this sketch, so I think if kiddos have practiced that sketch, it will get easier for them to draw this one. Making a sketch that shows everything so clearly makes the thought clear to the wonders of the world.

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Angel of Fishes

Angel of Fishes

This sketch is on a small fish that has very beautiful features to astonish children. Fishes of these types are very rare to see in the open pond or lake. These fishes are generally found in exotic fish stores, because of their beauty and flashy features. As there are no colors given in the sketch, it’s very difficult to imagine her full beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to tell kids to color it after drawing to restore its fascinating appearance. I am sure that after providing with colors this fish will look very amazing which will leave everyone in shock.

A Lady Bug

Let's Explore The Mysterious Life Of Aquatic Animals A Lady Bug

Do you wonder why a ladybug is called a ladybug? Well, there are stories and tales, one of them says that in European countries farmers were annoyed by pests, then they would pray to Virgin Marry to save their crops, then ladybugs came and ate all the pests, from then ladybugs were known as “Lady Bettles” after Virgin Marry. Ladybugs eat a lot of pests in a single day, therefore these are loved by farmers. By practicing this sketch kids will learn to draw these insects and will learn their importance too.

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish

Is your little one obsessed with jellyfish? Jellyfishes are the most fascinating creatures of the marine world, both kids and adults find them fascinating. Spotting a jellyfish on a bright sunny beach makes one feel like achieving a milestone. Making this jellyfish would be a simple task, as simple as its tentacles are. This jellyfish over here has unique patterns on her body, this is a comical sketch, as jellyfish has neither a brain nor a face. As kids are more attracted to positive things, therefore, a kid will take interest in drawing this wonderful aquatic creature.

Sea Shells

Let's Explore The Mysterious Life Of Aquatic Animals Sea Shells

Wandering on the beach and collecting seashells makes the day even more wonderful. There are three seashells in this sketch and all the shells are of different designs. Seashells serve as a home to crabs, hiding places for fishes, and work as an element in birds’ nests. What does a mere seashell contribute to the ecosystem? Well, seashells are of a lot of importance to the ecosystem. These are left behind by oysters, scallops, and other creatures like these. Some people collect rare seashells as a habit. Kids have a lot of flexibility with this drawing, as the shells can be provided with any color and design.

A Seahorse

A Seahorse

What could be more fascinating than a seahorse? Yes, a seahorse is a very mysterious type of fish. Small in size, fins like a fish, and a body similar to a horse. The small fins on the side help them in swimming, the fins flutter 35 times per second, making them easier in propelling. Due to their small size, they are ignored by predators, including crabs who eat them, but Seahorses are bony and therefore not recommended for dinner. There is a lot of excitement in kids when they look at a seahorse. So, making this sketch would be a fun experience.

As Steady as A Tortoise

Let's Explore The Mysterious Life Of Aquatic Animals As Steady as A Tortoise

Yeah, the most friendly aquatic little hardy fellow. Yeah, a tortoise can live for long, for more than 150 years. Their outer shell is completely hard, and they cannot remove their shell, rather it is a part of their skeleton. Yeah, a tortoise can feel the sensations on their shells, when they are touched, they even feel itchiness on their shells. Kiddies adore tortoises, and they would draw this simple sketch. So, make them draw this sketch and have fun.

All the aquatic creatures were a lot of fun to draw. To have fun while drawing we just have to take interest in these images. If we try to know about the unknown facts, the process becomes exciting and engaging. Keep visiting us!

Thank You!

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