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Go Deep, And Draw These Magical Creatures


Go Deep, And Draw These Magical Creatures

Activities for Kids

Come to Nature, to the jungle land, here we have sketches of animals, insects, and magical creatures that have ever existed in nature’s bed. Drawing these sketches will make kids know about the various creatures around them. They will get close to nature, they will attain knowledge about their habitat. So, don’t wait, keep moving.

Go Deep, And Draw These Magical Creatures

An Angel Bee

An Angel Bee

Let your child indulge in the beauty of the honey bee that this image represents through a sketch. This sketch describes a magical honey bee, a bee that looks like an angel, carrying a magical stick, with her wings open. A bee performs many tasks per day, there are two types of bees, the worker bee, and the queen bee. The worker bees are the ones who carry out the daily work of producing honey. If there are no bees then, it will be difficult for any species to survive on earth. By practicing this sketch kids will get to know about the contribution of the honey bee to society. A bee looks best in yellow and brown color.

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Curious Cat

 Let's Go Deep, And Draw These Magical Creatures Curious Cat

Has your kid ever tried to draw real-life pictures of animals? Well, this image shows a cat in her fun moments when she’s spotted excited, curious, and playful. This image brings a feeling of joy and compassion, the pretty bright eyes are calling for love, affection, and care. This image speaks of an important virtue of art that is realization. This sketch will make kids curious about making cats, as this sketch describes the rare friendly behavior of cats. This sketch will look super awesome on the kid’s art collection, and tell them to shade this cat too.

Mother Bird and Baby Bird

Mother bird and Baby bird

Let the kids observe this sketch, they will know about the struggles of birds out there, how the beautiful birds are drawn, how the mother bird takes care of them, and how they grow and are able to fly. This is the way to make kids know about how nature works. By practicing this sketch kids will understand the importance to plant trees, as they will learn that birds live on trees only, if there are no trees, then where will the birds live. There is a mother bird in the sketch feeding her chicks. It is worms or small insects that the mother bird collects. Make the kids practice and learn about the sketch.

Hard-working Ant

 Let's Go Deep, And Draw These Magical Creatures Hard-working Ant

An is one of the hardest working creatures on earth. There are around twelve thousand species of ants both crawling and flying combined. Ants are considered to be the strongest creatures on earth, they can lift objects weighing fifty times their weight. These small creatures are fascinating to observe. Kids can learn the importance of consistent hard work. This sketch is as simple to draw as it looks, and the moral is also simple like an ant.

A Large Bird

A Large Bird

Their many birds that look like this. A flamingo is a large bird with astonishing features and kids should know about them. It has pink feathers and a long neck. Flamingoes like to feed on mud insects, through their long necks, they remove mud and eat insects along with mud. Their special beak filters the insects from the mud. This sketch requires a little bit of detailing like the colors at the tail and head. Kids will be able to draw it.

Beautiful Butterfly

 Let's Go Deep, And Draw These Magical Creatures Beautiful Butterfly

This sketch of the beautiful butterfly is very engrossing, kids will find it interesting to draw. The very useful thing for an artist while drawing a butterfly is that any design can be put on its wings. This butterfly has an engrossing design, if kids will try to make it, they will find that they can draw these types of sketches that will boost their confidence in their skills. A butterfly is born from larvae, that is formed from a caterpillar, that is born from the egg laid by the butterfly, and the cycle goes on. Obeying the principles of art, this sketch should be colored.

Ferocious Dragon

Ferocious Dragon

A worthy sketch for the worthy kids out there. This image represents a mighty dragon. Dragons are mentioned in mythological stories and tales, which describe them to fly at enormous speeds, throwing flames, and they have big claws, sharp teeth, and a scaly strong body. This sketch is easy, not as tough as it looks. By trying, kids will gain the required momentum, indulging in the mightiness of the dragon. This sketch will improve their analytical skills, making them more aware of what they can accomplish, thus boosting their confidence. After making this sketch, if they could color it as well then it would be beneficial.

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Fork Tailed Bird

 Let's Go Deep, And Draw These Magical Creatures Fork Tailed Bird

This simple sketch is about two fork-tailed birds. These birds have an amazing feature that their tails resemble that of a fork. These birds are too fast, and the kite-shaped tail and wings make it easier for them to take sharp turns to catch insects. As these birds are fond of insects, therefore, they have a set of long tails and wings to fulfill their purpose. Kids will learn to make unique birds through this sketch. Try making these birds with your child, and color them too.

Cute Pikachu

Cute Pikachu

If your kid is familiar with Pokemon, then this sketch is meant for them. Make this cute little Pikachu, and indulge in the spark of lightning. Pikachu is a fictitious animal in the series Pokemon Go! It has abilities like producing electricity and moving at a fast speed. Besides, the most adorable feature is the cuteness of this character, it has pointed ears, cute cheeks with a red circle, and a zig-zag tail. Besides, it is the main character of the animated series. This sketch has no colors, ask your kid to color it in its respective colors.

Hen and Eggs

 Let's Go Deep, And Draw These Magical Creatures Hen and Eggs

This hen has laid so many eggs around her. Making this drawing is very easy for kids. Hens are bred as food. Their eggs are consumed by people all around the world. This makes them a reliable source of food for human beings. Farmers breed hens, for their business, they are a source of income for farmers. Hens are the only birds, after penguins, who cannot fly. By practicing this sketch kids will improve their drawing skills, and will also add another good art to their collection.

Stretching Cat

Stretching Cat

Have you ever seen a cat or a dog stretch? I am sure you have, and observing these animals’ stretches is the best feeling. This sketch is of a cat stretching after waking up from her sleep. This is a simple body diagram, dealing with simple details like cat eyes, whiskers, the shape of ears, and tail. There is no mention of claws, nails, and hairs. So, this simple sketch would be very easy to draw. it is engaging as it is showing a cat in her regular position. Coloring is an important aspect of art, coloring a sketch after making will make the task complete.

“HI”, From A Teddy

 Let's Go Deep, And Draw These Magical Creatures "HI", From A Teddy

A “HI” from a cute bunny to an ultra-glamorous person. This cute sketch would be very suitable to draw, it is waving at us like a cutie, and looking like a fluffy bunny, so real. Kiddies will get excited and will instantly start to draw this beautiful sketch. Its claws are so fluffy, with a pinkish hue, there is a pink hue on its cheek as well. The wavy outline could be tiring for kids, but with practice, they will get used to it. This sketch has no restrictions, kids can use their imagination to add any new features, and can color it in any color of their choice.

So, too many sketches we explored, drawing, coloring, and sketching animals, finds an excuse to study them, and know more about them. Sketching is not only an activity, it is an institution, that gives more than expected. So, feel free to come here to widen your mind, and know about the secrets of nature.

Thank You! Listen to the Nature’s Call.

Activities for Kids
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