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Colorful Paper Quarters Making Step by Step Instructions For Kids

Colorful Paper Quarters Making Step by Step Instructions For Kids

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Colorful Paper Quarters Making Step by Step Instructions For Kids

Learn to make paper quarters with this step-by-step tutorial by us! They are perfect as a classroom activity to teach the properties of quarters! 

Hey! Welcome to this easy tutorial for making paper quarters! This craft will be a perfect fit for the kiddos to learn about quarters and their properties! This craft-making can be the perfect fit for the maths classroom activity! Kids can make their own quarters and can paste them into their workbooks, through this, they would be keen to learn about the quarters and the boring maths classroom will change into a creative and fun one! Kids will also be engaged in a fun learning exercise while making it a hands-on sensory classroom activity! Crafts are a perfect way to teach kids even in homeschooling! Grab the basic material and let’s begin!

Simple Paper Quarters For Kids

Colorful Paper Quarters Making Step by Step Instructions For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Colorful Sheets
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cup
  • Pencil
  • Double-sided Tape


Step 1: Taking Colorful Sheets

Taking colourful sheets- Complete tutorial to make colourful paper quarters for Kids

To begin this craft, take small colorful sheets.

Step 2: Outlining A Paper Cup

Outlining a paper- following procedure for beginner to create a colourful paper quarter craft

Place a paper cup inverted over the middle of a sheet and using a pencil, outline the circle over the sheet.

Step 3: Taking Scissors

Taking scissor and cutting the outline over sheet- Step-by-step guide to create a beautiful colourful paper craft for Kids

Take a pair of scissors to cut out the circle outline over the sheets.

Step 4: Cutting Out The Circles

Cutting circles- Beginner tutorial of artwork to create a Colorful Paper Quarters craft

Using the scissors, cut out the circles with the reference to the outline made.

Step 5: Folding A Circle In Half

folding a circle-complete procedure on to make a Colorful Paper Quarters for Kids

Take a circle and hold it in half and make a crease, making sure the boundary of the circle aligns with each other properly.

Step 6: Creasing And Applying Double-sided Tape

Creasing and applying double sided tape- Beginner tutorial on making a Colorful Paper Quarters

Again fold the circle in half, and make sure the boundary of the semicircle aligns over each other properly. Make a crease and unfold the semicircle again.

Step 7: Pasting The Creased Side

Pasting the creased side-complete procedure on how to make Colorful Paper Quarters craft for beginner

Fold the semicircle along the crease to make the sides properly stick to the tape.

Hurray !!Your Quarter Is Ready!

Voila! You have successfully created a quarter in no time!

You can now repeat all the steps over all the circles to create a bunch of paper quarters in various colors to make your workbook look full of colors and creative! Your teachers will definitely appreciate your efforts and hard work in making these! This will definitely be a proud moment for kiddos of younger age to make something on their own! Let the kid unleash their creativity in every minute step too with our easy crafts and tutorials!

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