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Creative Cactus Drawing From Hand Outline Idea For Kids

Creative Cactus Drawing From Hand Outline Idea For Kids


Creative Cactus Drawing From Hand Outline Idea For Kids

Learn to make a cactus drawing without any adult’s help! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you to make a cute cactus by outlining your hand! 

Hello and welcome to this easy tutorial for making a cute cactus drawing! This tutorial covers step-by-step instructions for making this cactus with a hack that will make the whole drawing even easier! The hack is very simple and is more of a trick to make the base of the plant easily without using any adult’s help! You can make this cactus plant with the help of outlining your hand, which will create the base for the plant! This drawing can be the perfect classroom activity to teach the kids to make cactus and also will develop an interest in them to learn about it! So, what are you waiting for?! Grab your art supplies and let’s begin!

How To Make  Cactus Drawing From Hand Outline

Creative Cactus Drawing From Hand Outline Idea For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Circular White Paper Sheet
  • Black Marker
  • Colored Markers (Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, And Pink)
  • Pencil


Step 1: Outlining The Hand Using A Pencil

Outlining The Hand Using A Pencil- Kids can use their hands to draw a creative cactus

For the first step, take a white circular paper sheet that will serve as a base for your artwork. Place your hand wide open in the center of the base. Now, using a pencil draw over the routine of your hand on the paper base.

Step 2: Drawing Cactus In A Pot

Drawing Cactus In A Pot- An original cactus drawing from a hand outline as an idea for children

Take a black marker and overdraw the pencil outline to form cactus. Also, make a pot beneath it as shown in the image. To make it look cute, make 2 round eyes, shiny eyeballs, eyelashes, and a happy smile using the marker.

Step 3: Making Flowers Over The Cactus

Making Flowers Over The Cactus-Children can use their hands to create a unique cactus artwork

Over the fingers outline drawn, draw half-half flowers at their top using the black marker.

Step 4: Coloring The Cactus

Coloring The Cactus- An imaginative cactus drawing that can be done with a hand outline as an idea for kids

Using a green sketch marker, color the main body of the cactus.

Step 5: Coloring The Pot And Smile

Coloring The Pot And Smile- A creative cactus sketch that can be constructed from a hand outline for youngsters

Using a blue sketch marker, color the pot of the cactus. Make sure to color in the same direction the pot curves are. Also, color the smile of the cactus using the red sketch marker.

Step 6: Coloring The Flowers

Coloring The Flowers-A hand outline makes the perfect guide for kids to draw

Using red, pink, blue, yellow, and orange sketch markers color the flowers over the cactus. Color the center of the flowers using the yellow marker and the petals of the remaining markers.

Step 7: Making Spikes Over The Cactus

Making Spikes Over The Cactus-Making an Outline of a Cactus with your Hands for Children

Using the black marker, draw small v-shaped strokes all over the cactus’s body to create spikes over it.

Finally ! Your Cute Cactus Is Ready!

Finally ! Your Cute Cactus Is Ready!-Cactus Drawing From Hand Outline For Kids

Tada! Look at the astonishing results! Your cactus look absolutely adorable!

We had fun together making this drawing with you! This cactus drawing is best suited to make when the adults do not have time to guide you up! You can create your cactus on your own and stun everyone with the results! Make everyone feel proud of your art skills and innovative technique to make it by outlining your hand! Decorate your amazing creation over your room’s wall to make it visible to everyone who passes by and show off to them!

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