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Best Out of Waste Paper Girl Craft Tutorial For Kids

Cute Paper Cup Doll Craft Tutorial For Kids

Recycled Crafts

Best Out of Waste Paper Girl Craft Tutorial For Kids

This guide will teach you how to make an enjoyable paper cup girl craft with your children! Follow the easy steps to create these sweet dolls. Great for a day spent indoors or a fun family activity.

Hey there! seriously, do not miss out on this one. It is a Cute Paper Cup girl toy Craft Tutorial for Kids and more than that, you will learn to make really cool, 3d looking curls. C’mon, let us start with the curling iron already (kids’ version, no heat, no hurt).

Waste Paper Cup Girl Craft Tutorial for Kids

Cute Paper Cup Doll Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • A colored paper cup
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pencil
  • A black sketch pen
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • Glue
  • A red sketch pen
  • A yellow sketch pen
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A pen with a smooth, round body


Step 1: Cutting A Pink Colour Paper Cup

Take A Pink Or Any Color, Paper Cup And Cut It In The Manner Shown

Take a colored paper cup, in the reference picture shown above, pink. Grab your scissors and cut them to the center. Also, get rid of the white circumference at the mouth of the paper cup.

Step 2: Cutting Into Small Strips And One Big Rectangular Body

Cutting Into Small Strips And One Big Rectangular Body-How to Make a Cute Paper Cup Doll for Children

Cut the paper cup to its center. Make sure the circle at the center remains intact and do not cut it entirely, the circle must be attached to the pink paper. This way, your paper cup will be in a 2d form. It must appear as shown in the picture above. There must be a loosely rectangular-shaped body with thin strips around it. Try to keep the strips equal in breadth. You don’t need a scale to measure but a vague idea will work as well.

Step 3: Pasting The Googly Eyes On The Back

Pasting The Googly Eyes On The Back-Steps for Crafting an Adorable Doll Out of a Paper Cup

Flap it, keeping the white side facing you. Using a pair of tweezers, stick the googly eyes in the circle. Remember, the thin strips will make the hair and the loose rectangle, the body. So, recheck before pasting the googly eyes, that your paper cup girl structure is in the right position. Please refer to the image posted above.

Step 4: Beginning The Drawing Part, Using A Pencil

Beginning The Drawing Part, Using A Pencil-Constructing a Sweet Paper Cup Doll for Kids

Find your pencil and start with the drawing part. Design the silhouette of the girl’s dress and her hands and feet. Also draw the eyebrows, nose and the lashes. Next, with the help of a red sketch pen, draw an arc for the smile and two ovals below the eyes as in the image, for the blush.

Step 5: Cutting The Outline Using Scissor

Cutting The Outline Using Scissor-Making a Cute Doll with a Paper Cup

Color the dress and the shoes. Outline it using a black sketch pen. Get hold of a pair of scissors and cut through the outline.

Step 6: Rolling The Strips To Make The Hair

Rolling The Strips To Make The Hair- Learn How to Create a Paper Cup Doll for Kids

Now, coming to the most interesting part, clasp a pen with a round and smooth body. Slowly, place the pen at the edge of one of the strips and roll it inward, towards the face. Do not make haste, you do not want the tear off the strip or have it creased either. Hold the paper tight while curling it, with a firm, yet smooth grip. After reaching the face, hold there for a second and gradually loosen your grip, taking the process backward. Repeat the same with all the strips and position them with your hands so that they look alike.

And… we’re done With A Cute Waste Paper Girl Craft

And... we're done With A Cute Craft Of Doll- Easy Steps to Making a Paper Cup Doll for Little Ones

Loads of cuteness. isn’t she! Who would have thought it was this simple to make these popping, cool curls? Well, now that you know the secret, make lots of dolls, black-haired, purple-haired, whatever you like, tall, short… there is so much more to do on this. Get started! Hand such adorable dolls with string in your kid’s room.

Some More Waste Paper Girl Craft Tutorial

Paper Cup Doll Craft For Kids

 Paper Cup Doll Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This Recycled Paper Cup Girl Craft For Kids is a great way to get your children engaged in creative activities. It’s easy, fun, and encourages imaginative play. All you need is some paper cups, scissors, glue, and markers to create your own unique paper cup girl.

We hope you enjoyed making it as much as we did. Mention your suggestions, experiences, and opinions in the comment section; we would love to hear from you. Oh! and do not forget to have a peek at the other art and craft articles and tutorials on the website; trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out, There is some really great stuff there. Well, thank you for your time. Come here again.

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