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Adorable Cat Painting Tricks And Steps Tutorial For Kids

Adorable Cat Painting Tricks And Steps Instructions For Kids


Adorable Cat Painting Tricks And Steps Tutorial For Kids

This article gives children directions and ideas on how to paint a cute cat picture. Read the steps and make a special piece of art that is your own.

Learn tricks and steps to make an adorable cat painting, using step-by-step instructions. Easy and very thorough tutorial and a secret here, you don’t always need a paintbrush to paint. Yes, it is true, so, make this painting with us and find out.

DIY Cat Painting Artwork Tutorial

 Adorable Cat Painting Tricks And Steps Instructions For Kids

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Materials Required

  • A small circular thing
  • A slightly bigger circular thing as compared to the smaller one you took
  • A blank, white sheet of paper
  • Paint colors ( Black, White, Orange, Red, Light green, Yellow, Pink, Blue )
  • A paintbrush
  • A black pen


Step 1: Drawing A Cat And Paint It Black

Draw a cat- Cute Feline Artistry Techniques And Directions For Youngsters

Draw a cat on a plain sheet of paper. Paint the cat with black color, using a straight, only slightly thick paintbrush.

Step 2: Brushing The Boundary The Hair, Using A Toothbrush.

Brush the boundary- Adorable Kitten Artistry Strategies And Directions For Children

Now, stroke the boundary using a toothbrush. Do not make the strokes too long, they must be very short. Refer to the image shown above.

Step 3: Making The Eyes Using The Imprinting Technique

Cat eyes- Lovely Cat Painting Tips And Directions For Kids

Take something circular and paint white color on it. The circular thing must be the right size to look as an eye. It must neither be too large, nor too small. Now, make the impression of the paint on the cat, to make the eyes, before the paint dries off. Make sure to get the shape exactly circular.

Step 4: Painting The Eyes Further, Using The Same Imprinting Technique

The white in the eye- Lovely Kitty Artistry Instructions And Steps For Little Ones

Now, take a smaller, exactly circular thing, put some black paint on it. Imprint it on the eyes. The impression must not be in the center, be careful but towards your left, forming a crescent on your right. Make sure, a thin white boundary is very clearly visible on the left side as well. Observe the given reference image.

Step 5: Using The Earbud To Portray The Reflection In The Eyes

Glitter in the eyes- Charming Cat Painting Techniques And Directions For Youngsters

Take an earbud and make two dots, using white paint. The dots must be in a diagonal and must not touch the white boundary.

Step 6: Drawing A Red Belt Round The Neck

The belt- Charming Kitty Artistry Tips And Guidelines For Kids

Take the paint brush and draw a belt around the neck using the red paint. Make a nose, using orange color a little below, just between the eyes, as shown.

Step 7: Imprinting To Make A Ring, In The Center Of The Belt

Ring- Darling Cat Painting Tricks And Procedures For Children

Take that little circular thing and make a ring on the belt using orange paint.

Step 8: Let Us Getting Started With The Background

Let us get started with the background- Darling Kitten Painting Techniques And Directions For Youngsters

Take some yellow paint on the brush and make a radius in the ring as the reference image.  For the background embellishments, take that circular thing again, that you used to make the ring. Using that, make butterflies using orange color as done in the above picture.

Step 9: Making Some More Butterflies

Making Some More Butterflies-Enchanting Feline Painting Tricks and Directions for Little Ones

Make more similar butterflies and using a black pen, give the butterflies a finishing touch.

Step 10: Taking Toothbrush And Making Grass

Taking Toothbrush And Making Grass-Cute Cat Painting Tips and Guidelines for Children

Take the toothbrush again, and make strokes of green, using a light green color to form the grass.

Step 11: Finishing It Up With Cute Little Flowers

Finishing It Up With Cute Little Flowers-Captivating Kitten Painting Techniques and Directions for Youngsters

With the help of an earbud, imprint little dots on grass, of different colors to create flowers.

Ready! An Adorable Cat Painting, In No Time!

Ready! An Adorable Cat Painting, In No Time-Endearing Cat Painting Tips and Procedures for Minors

So, what do you think? Amazing, right! Just a few steps and you are ready with an adorable cat painting. You can also blend in your own creativity and ideas. Maybe add a few kittens, more butterflies, etc. Take a sheet of paper and paint your mind. You can also insert a sky, some clouds or trees etc., as you like.

We hope you liked and enjoyed doing it. For more such and various other articles and tutorials related to art and craft, visit the website and have a glimpse at other articles. Do mention your suggestions, opinions and experiences of painting it, in the comment section. Thank you, your time.

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