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Mushroom House Fantasy Painting Idea For Beginners

Mushroom House Fantasy Painting Idea For Beginners


Mushroom House Fantasy Painting Idea For Beginners

Dive into the imagination of your fantasy world while making this mushroom house landscape painting with our step-by-step tutorial! 

Hello and welcome to this tutorial for making a cute mushroom house like the one you may have seen in the animated cartoons! Love that world? So, this step-by-step tutorial will serve as a guide at each and every step of this painting journey! Art and craft can be the best way to explore the fantasy world and imagination of kiddos! And this painting can easily be made by them using up the basic art supplies that you already have at home! This painting can also be a fun art classroom activity for the kids of primary classes!

DIY Mushroom House Fantasy Painting Idea

Mushroom House Fantasy Painting Idea For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Paint Colors
  • Circle Stamps (Big And Small)
  • Black Pen
  • Red Sketch Pen
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Paint Brushes (Flat And Rounded)
  • Cotton Earbuds


Step 1: Making A Straight Line From Stamp

Making A Straight Line From Stamp-A Fantasy Painting Scheme Involving a Mushroom House For Novices

Begin this artwork by taking a white circular paper sheet as the base of the artwork and a small circle stamp. Dip the stamp into yellow paint and dab and drag the stamp over the base on the left side to make a slanting straight line.

Step 2: Making Hand Shape

Making Hand Shape-A Conceptual Painting Plan Featuring a Mushroom House For Newbies

Using the stamp make a hand shape by making 4 more standing straight lines and enclose all of them with a horizontal line beneath them.

Step 3: Painting The Hand Shape Wholely

Painting The Hand Shape Wholely-A Creative Paint Scheme Starring a Mushroom House For Beginners

Now, fill out the whole hand shape using the stamp and cover all the black spaces as shown in the image. This will be the base of the house painting.

Step 4: Making Ground

Making Ground-A Visionary Painting Notion Featuring a Mushroom House For Apprentices

Dip a big circle stamp into brown paint and start to dab it beneath the house to make ground.

Step 5: Completing Making The Ground

Completing Making The Ground-A Fanciful Painting Concept Centering Around a Mushroom House For Amateurs

Dab continuously until you make a whole ground under the house.

Step 6: Making Mushroom Tops Over The Fingers Base

Making Mushroom Tops Over The Fingers Base-A Fantasy Art Plan Involving a Mushroom House For First-Timers

Using a rounded paintbrush, make the mushroom tops over each finger with orange, blue, yellow, and green paint.

Step 7: Making Top Over The Thumb

Making Top Over The Thumb-An Imaginative Painting Plan Involving a Mushroom House For Rookies

Make the mushroom top over the thumb with red paint.

Step 8: Making Dots Over Mushroom Tops

Making Dots Over Mushroom Tops- An Artful Painting Scheme Showcasing a Mushroom House For Freshers

Dip a cotton earbud into the white paint, and make random dots over the colorful mushroom tops.

Step 9: Drawing The Windows

Drawing The Windows-A Creative Art Plan Featuring a Mushroom House For Novices

Using a black pen, draw arched windows in the middle of the fingers’ base of the house.

Step 10: Completing Making Windows

Completing Making Windows-A Creative Art Design Focusing on a Mushroom House For Newbies

Draw windows on each and every finger base and also in the middle of the thumb base. Also, make a ‘+’ in the windows to divide the window sections.

Step 11: Drawing The House Door

Drawing The House Door-Imagining a Mushroom House - A Great Painting Idea for Novices

Using the pen, draw the arched house door with a double outline and a middle vertical line for the partition of the gates. 2 circles and dots in them on each side of the door.

Step 12: Stamping Snail’s Shell

Stamping Snail's Shell-Creating a Fairytale with a Mushroom House - A Fun Art Project for Beginners

Dip the big circle stamp into pink paint, and dab it over the right side of the ground to make the snail’s shell.

Step 13: Making Snail’s Body And Eyes

Making Snail's Body And Eyes-Painting a Mushroom Home - A Fantastic Notion for Novices

Using the paintbrush, make a light brow snail body along the left side of the shell and make 2 small lines over the top of it. Paste googly eyes over the top of the small line to make the eyes of the snail using glue.

Step 14: Making A Spiral Over The Shell

Making A Spiral Over The Shell-Envisioning a Mushroom Home - A Pleasant Art Project for Newcomers

Using a red sketch pen, draw a spiral over the pink shell of the snail. Also, make a smile below the eyes.

Step 15: Making Grass

Making Grass-Crafting a Mushroom Abode - A Great Artistic Pursuit for Rookies

Using the paintbrush, make curvy strokes for creating grass over the ground randomly.

Step 16: Making Bushes

Making Bushes-Realizing a Mushroom House - An Enjoyable Painting Project for Newbies

Above the ground using the paintbrush, make a leafy bush from green paint.

Step 17: Completing Making Bushes

Completing Making Bushes-Forming a Mushroom House - A Cool Art Activity for Learners

Make the bushes on each side of the house by making curvy strokes above the ground.

Step 18: Making Clouds In The Sky

Making Clouds In The Sky-Picturing a Mushroom Home - A Fun Painting Idea for Inexperienced Artists

Using the flat paintbrush, dip it into the blue and white paint, and make clouds over the upper half of the white base to make the clouds in the sky.

Now, Your Mushroom House And Snail Landscape Is Completed!

Now, Your Mushroom House And Snail Landscape Is Completed!-Constructing a Mushroom Residence - A Creative Art Project for Inexperienced Painters

Woah! Have a look at the astonishing results!

You can now decorate this artwork over your room’s wall to brighten up the boring wall with your fantasy world! You can also make this painting on a giant base or even over the wall only if you are a pro at it, to give the room an astonishing look and let everyone know about your art and imagination skills! Hope you liked the article and the painting idea! Create it on your own, and let us know about the mind-blowing results in the comments section!

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