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Sunflower Garden Painting Step by Step Tutorial

Sunflower Garden Painting Step by Step Tutorial


Sunflower Garden Painting Step by Step Tutorial

Learn to make stunning artwork of a sunflower garden that will be darling for everyone! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you to it! 

A warm welcome to you in this amazing step-by-step tutorial article on creating a sunflower garden painting that everybody will love to have! This artwork is suitable for children of every age even a beginner can also make it in no time with the help of this tutorial! Using just some basic art supplies that you already have at home you can make this artwork so it becomes beginner-friendly too! Bring the freshness of pretty sunflowers right into your house by creating this, so let’s begin!

Easy To Make Sunflower Garden Painting

 Sunflower Garden Painting Step by Step Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • Blue Circular Paper Sheet
  • Flat Paintbrush
  • Cotton Earbuds
  • Paint Colors (Brown, Yellow, Red, White, And Black)


Step 1: Making The Centers Of The Sunflowers

Making The Centers Of The Sunflowers- A guide on how to paint a sunflower garden.

To begin this artwork, take a blue circular paper sheet as the base and a flat paintbrush. Dip the flat paintbrush into brown paint and paint 3 ovals over the base 2 on the left and 1 on the right alternatively one below the other.

Step 2: Making Sunflower Petals

Making Sunflower Petals-Creating a sunflower garden painting by following a step-by-step tutorial.

Dip the flat paintbrush into yellow paint and make the petals over the centers by making curvy strokes from below them. Make sure to only make the petals on the bottom sides of the centers.

Step 3: Making Stems Of The Flowers

Making Stems Of The Flowers-Learn to paint a sunflower garden with this step-by-step guide.

Dip the paintbrush into black paint and make stems below the flowers to the bottom of the base. Make sure to attach all 3 stems to the middle one from below.

Step 4: Making Tree Branches

Making Tree Branches-A tutorial for sunflower garden art - step by step.

Using the black painted paintbrush, make thin tree branches along the flower stems over the base.

Step 5: Making Red And White Flowers

Making Red And White Flowers-An instructional guide to painting a sunflower garden.

Dip cotton earbuds into red paint and white paint and dab them over the branches’ ends to make tiny red and white flowers over the thin branches.

Step 6: Detailing The Flower Centers

Detailing The Flower Centers-This tutorial will show you how to create a sunflower garden painting.

Dip a cotton earbud into yellow paint and make small dots using it over the top of brown flower centers.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Sunflower Garden Artwork!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Sunflower Garden Artwork-A walkthrough on how to paint a sunflower garden

Voila! Look at the astonishing results of your artwork just like I said!

Take a minute to admire your creation and show it off to your friends and family to make them feel proud of your art skills and creativity! You can now decorate it in any corner of your house to brighten it up and get the feel of a sunflower garden every time you look at it! You can also create a giant artwork and hang it over the wall of your drawing room to enlighten it, I’m sure everybody would love it! Just imagine this amazing idea!

This brings an end to the tutorial hope you liked the article, share it with your friends, and comment us down your art journey of creating this!

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