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Deer Cardboard Crafts for Kids

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Deer Cardboard Crafts for Kids

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If you’re searching for deer cardboard crafts for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of deer cardboard crafts like 3d deer craft for Christmas, how to make deer head, DIY skull craft with cardboard, cardboard deer spring craft activity, and deer wall hanging craft template.

Cardboard crafts involve cardboard, scissors, and glue (sometimes).  Deer is a most common art that has been encouraged in home decoration, from the very beginning of civilization. Paintings of deer, wall art on deer, carpet works of deer, and cardboard craft is also a not so new form of craft anymore.  Deers in the form of cardboard cutting pieces can be worth making and worth using for decoration works. The process of making it can be understood by the links and videos shown below in the images. But the basic reference is also mentioned under the procedure column.

Suitable age group: Children above 10 should be taught to make it but they should have the guidance of some elders as much as possible.  Above 18 years of age, children can dare to make it without the presence of elders or even their guidance.

Utility of the craft: Cardboard crafts for kids are made by elders even cardboard crafts act as a puzzle to solve for the kids or children. And if the child makes it then it can be a really exciting and gifting-worthy handmade product and this can be gifted to anyone and on any occasion be it on teachers’ day for teacher, a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, festive gifts as well as it can be a nice piece of art to decorate in the house. These can be cool to display on the occasions of Diwali, Christmas, and some other celebrations as per your preferences.

Learning:  Great use of cutting skills and sketching skills along with arranging skills with measurements will develop an interest in mathematical calculations as well. Develops in the improvement of concentration and confidence of the child if he/she makes it with patience and practice and completes even any one of these below-made items.

The best part of these crafts is that all of them are special and exciting to make and the suitable age, utility, and learning can be performed with dedication and eagerness to learn and experiment with new ideas.

Don’t skip the craft, read it until you reach the ending part… I have mentioned the amazing role of deer in our day-to-day energy vibes.

Deer Cardboard Crafts For Kids

Deer Cardboard Crafts For Kids

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3D Deer Craft With Cardboard

3D Deer Craft With Cardboard For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Pinterest

Procedure to make: Use cardboard sheets to make the different body parts of the deer and then make the site cuts to arrange them as per the shown image. I.e. make clear measurements to make the horns, legs, and body structure, and be careful while making the slits to fix the puzzled and jumbled portions. The image makes the basic reference until the completion and the arrangement of the deer.

How To Make Deer Head With Cardboard

How To Make Deer Head Craft With Cardboard For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Dream A Little Bigger

Procedure to make: Use the cardboard to draw and cut the shown pieces. then arrange the cut-outs as shown in the image above. Be careful while making the upper ‘u’ shaped portion (the horns) and the small ‘v-shaped cut-outs that are further fixed on the ‘u’ shaped base horn as the small slits to fix the ‘v’ (s) to the base. Arrange the face and the neck portion with the designed floral-grass circular garland.

Deer Cardboard Craft For Christmas

Deer Cardboard Craft For Christmas

Image Source/Tutorial: You Can Do It Craft

Procedure to make: Draw the body, the leg, and the horns, don’t forget to cut the drawn parts of the deer. Make the slits in the leg portion along with the horns to fix it on the respective places as per the image. or

Legs can be made from the cutouts of two ‘u’ shapes and horn designs can also be made in the ‘u’ shape patterns to get the careful and easy slit positions and then fixing. Likewise, deer can be made either way.

To make the x-mas tree directly draw a basic image of the tree on the cardboard and cut it,  to add a 3d effect draw another set of the tree and paste it in the mid portion of the basic tree made. or

Draw a basic tree structure as made earlier and then make slits in the mid portions so that you can fix some cool cut-outs with some extra lines to fix into the slit after making the other reference tree portions.

Well, don’t forget to decorate these pieces with a white marker or white pen as shown in the image.

DIY Deer Skull Craft With Cardboard

DIY Deer Skull Craft With Cardboard

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

Procedure to make: Draw and cut the basic logo made as shown in the image. Draw and cut eight small-sized base structures again. Make the slit on the face of all eight cut-outs and place a correct-sized supporting standing slit fixer in the frontal portion… but, yes don’t forget to set the side eight border slits fixed with those eight base-shaped structures. Be careful to add two horns to the very top of the first setting face.

Deer Wall Hanging Craft With Cardboard

Deer Wall Hanging Craft With Cardboard

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative H

Procedure to make: Draw the base structure as shown in the above image or you may take reference from the previous image as well. Draw, cut, and fix (paste/ glue) the specific structures i.e. the neck portions, face portion, and the horns along with the ears. Paint the golden color or the paste golden sheet onto the fixed structure. The wall hanging is ready and looks creative and attractive.

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Cardboard Deer Template Craft For Kids

Cardboard Deer Template Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Navras Crafts

Procedure to make: Wrap a cuboid box with a brown/ golden sheet or you can color the base as per your preference. Draw and cut three deers as shown in the image and paste them. Make two paper rolls and paste them towards the two ends of the cuboid as shown in the image, draw and cut some branching plant structure and arrange it and paste it as per the image. The three deer in a framed scene are ready to be displayed anywhere in the house as per preference.

Handmade Deer Craft Using Cardboard

Handmade Deer Craft Using Cardboard 

Image Source/Tutorial: ASMRkitty

Procedure to make: Draw and cut the body and the leg portion of the deer. Remember to arrange the exact slit positions on both the dear cut-outs after pasting the legs to the body. Fix the slits made on the deer’s body with the same-sized circular cardboard cut-outs. Other decorative ideas can be used and made by the maker as per his/her preferences and experimental ideas.

DIY Cardboard Deer Spring Craft Activity

DIY Cardboard Deer Spring Craft Activity For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Barley & Birch

Procedure to make: Take the thin cardboard sheet fold it into card shapes and arrange it as per the image. Use crepe paper to make some flowers and green background. Make some more flowers and leaves to decorate the deer too. Use the fallen small branches or stem portion of plants to make the four legs of the deer. Don’t forget to fix the tail and ears as well.

How To Make Deer Out Of Cardboard

How To Make Deer Out Of Cardboard For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Simply99

Procedure to make: Draw and cut the basic structure of two deers. Wrap the used foil paper and fix it with white tape wrapping over the aluminum foil. Use glue+plaster of paris+water to paint the structure, don’t forget to make and wrap the foils on the horns as shown in the image. Use clay to make ears. Lastly, paint the deer with a golden color and the ears silver color. To make the base use another cardboard sheet and use green wool to produce the green grass background. This art piece is ready to be placed in any portion of the body as per the preferences.

We hope you like our list of Deer Cardboard Crafts and will surely try to make them. Read more crafts ideas at our website if you liked our deer cardboard crafts for kids. Please let us know which Deer Cardboard Craft you like the most in the comment section.

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