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Easy and Fun Paper Spider Craft for Kids

Easy and Fun Paper Spider Craft for Kids

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Easy and Fun Paper Spider Craft for Kids

This Paper Spider craft is a great way to get kids of all ages involved in crafting. With simple materials, it’s easy to make and fun to decorate. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own spooky spider!

We all know how spiders are known for creating cobwebs everywhere they go. It sometimes really pisses off the people because they have to remove the cobwebs every now and then. But do you know there is a spider that does not create cobwebs and it’s cute and adorable too? All you need is some materials to make your harmless spider and follow the teeny tiny steps to bring your cute and adorable spider to life. So, today we are going to make a spider that does not create any kind of problems, in fact, you can play with it. Let’s get started!

Easy Paper Spider Craft For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Craft Paper (Black, Red, White)
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Marker(Black)
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1: Taking Black Craft Paper

Taking Black Craft Paper- Enjoyable Paper Spider craft that is simple to do with kids.

The first step is to take a black-colored craft paper. Cut the black-colored craft paper into a circle with the help of scissors as shown.

Step 2: Pasting A Red Circle

Pasting A Red Circle- An effortless and enjoyable Paper Spider project for children.

Now, take the red-colored craft paper. Cut it into a circle. Stick the red circle on the black circle on the bottom side as shown with the help of glue. Remember to make the red circle smaller than the black circle.

Step 3: Making The Eyes

Making The Eyes-Easy Paper Spider activity that is enjoyable for kids.

Using black and white craft paper, make the eyes of the spider and paste them as shown.

Step 4: Making The Legs

Making The Legs- Fun and straightforward Paper Spider craft for little ones.

Firstly, with the help of a black marker, make a smile of the spider below the eyes. Now, take black craft paper and cut it into eight long narrow rectangular strips. After cutting, stick four legs on each side of the spider with the help of glue. Bend all the legs from the middle, so that the spider can crawl.

Step 5: Sticking The Popsicle Stick

Sticking The Popsicle Stick- Inviting Paper Spider craft that is easy to do with kids.

With the help of glue, paste the popsicle stick under the black craft paper as shown in the picture.

The Paper Spider Craft Is Ready!

The Paper Spider Craft Is Ready- Kids can have a blast with this uncomplicated Paper Spider activity.

Your cute and adorable spider is finally ready to crawl and play with you. As this spider doesn’t make any cobwebs you can play with it as long as you want!

This craft is literally so easy to make that, everybody should try to make it once.  Just follow the small and simple steps and you don’t have to worry about materials as they are easily available. So you know it’s a win-win situation. Now, go and make your new favorite toy and play with it, and never get bored of it. Enjoy every process of your craftwork!

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