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Easy to Make Recycled Crafts For Kids

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Recycled Crafts

Easy to Make Recycled Crafts For Kids

If you’re searching for an easy lantern paper craft for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of easy lantern paper crafts like paper red lantern craft, lantern paper craft for home decor, DIY beautiful bee lantern craft using fruit foam net, cloud rainbow girly paper craft, pen holder handmade craft, etc.

Many people spend more amount to buy craft items for their kids, it’s good though, some may afford those. So here we are sharing that we can make amazing craft items in useless things too. I could say this is a recycling section too. Our rooms may fill with unwanted items which are landfills too. What if we can create DIY in those? We’ll get benefited in two ways, one is creating craft at zero cost which will free up space in our house and the other is developing our creativity.

If you wanna see all craft demo videos in one short then click here.

Easy to Make Paper Craft For Kids

Paper Red Lantern Craft


Materials required: Cardstock(red and yellow here), ruler, scissors, glue, pencil, cutter, plastic bottle, scented candle and decorative items.

Difficulty level: Easy

Description: This is an easy paper craft and as this deals with cutter be cautious if your kid is doing this. This is can be done by kids age 10 or above.

Procedure: Take a red cardstock, measure 2cm from both top and bottom and mark it with a pencil, bend that to make it flexible. Mark the entire paper at a distance of 1cm each and with the ruler, we are gonna cut that measurement in a vertical direction. Take a plastic bottle and cut it into two pieces, select your desired height, always chose the length of the bottle less than the height of the red cardstock and we need the bottom piece of the bottle, not the top portion. Paste the yellow cardstock in the 2cm red cardstock space as shown in the above image. Shrinking the height of the cardstock, you will get the bulge like in the image.

Now glue that cardstock in the bottle edge. Place the scented candle at the base of the bottle. If you wish to make some more decorations then you can hang the decorative item as shown in the image. You can hang this in your home and taste the beauty of your handwork. For your reference, use this as a demo video.

Lantern Paper Craft For Home Decor


Materials required: Colourful construction paper, buds, glue, scissor or cutter and tassel.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Description: This image gave me the feeling of difficulty in doing this. To be factual, I visited this craft after I had done all the other craft activities which are listed in this post. But once I checked the demo video of how to do this craft, I was surprised that this is the easiest craft but looks difficult.

Procedure: Take a sheet of colourful construction paper, you need several calculated foldings. You may not hit the right direction of folding at first but don’t quit, try again and again, watch the video carefully and if you want change the playback speed as slow as possible. Initially, the foldings were easy, but later on, we need sharp concentration on following the way. Once you are done with the first paper design, you are through! here we have made a hexagon shape, try different shapes too. To decorate it, we have used buds, I thought of these as beads initially, but it’s not. Cut the cotton piece of the buds which you can spot in your home easily and paste it into the paper. You can leave at this point or else add a tassel at the end. That’s all!

DIY Beautiful Bee Lantern Craft Using Fruit Foam Net


Materials required: Fruit foam net, plastic bottle, yellow paint spray, bulb, black, white, red, pink and yellow construction paper, scissors and glue.

Difficulty level: Easy

Description: When I first saw this, I don’t find it easy but don’t judge a book by its cover, it’s really simple. School kids can do this. Get ready with the materials listed above to give a smooth finish.

Procedure: First paint the fruit foam net with yellow colour. This is easily available at shops and you can use the ones which are wrapped in fruits. As we are making here Pokémon lamp craft you will see Pokémon outlook instructions here. Try this one and do any cartoon character in this model. Cut the bottle and we need the bottom piece. Insert the bottle in the fruit foam and try to get the length of the bottle and the foam in the same so that it’ll cover the entire bottle. Let’s play the Pokémon cartoon now.

Cut 2 black strips and paste that around the bottle foam with some distance as shown in the above image. Now cut the black paper for eyes and small 4 white paper in round shape to place inside the black paper to give a glittery and shining look. Cut the small red paper in a semi-circle for the mouth and pink paper for the cheeks. To place wings, use white paper or any colour, cut in heart shape and place those 2 papers in a horizontal way(in an east-west direction). To make an antenna, cut a strip of black paper and a heart shape of yellow paper and stick them together and place them in the head of the bee. Finally, place the bulb inside the bottle and let it glow. Now see the beauty of bee lantern craft.

Cloud Rainbow Girly Paper Craft


Materials required: Rainbow colour construction papers, white small cardboard, scissors and glue.

Difficulty level: Easy

Description: This is the easiest and fewer materials needed craft among all. I had done this craft in my childhood but not at this level. It was plain. But this gives good look. I wonder how to attach these rainbow colours here, but it is so simple and a kindergarten kid can do this stuff.

Procedure: Take a piece of sky blue colour construction paper. Cut a strip of paper in other colours like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Paste those strips of colour on top as well as the bottom of the white or light blue coloured paper. Fold layer by layer and with your finger divide that folded paper into equal sections, with a string make a knot at the centre(where you divided it with your finger) and join the two sections with glue. Repeat this process once again and merge all those. As done before, in another paper(any colour) fold layer by layer twice, the glue that is in the rainbow paper and use that as the holder of this papercraft. Finally, place the cloud shape by drawing and cutting the cardboard, this step is optional. This looks amazing!

Easy Paper Star Craft For Home Decor


Materials required: Colourful construction papers and scissors

Difficulty level: Moderate

Description: Reaching Christmas? Wanna decorate your home? No worries, you are in the right segment at the right time! Do this craft and hang them on Christmas trees and in your home as decorations. Use multiple colours for stars and have colourful stars in your home. In some folding, cutting and pasting you can make this amazing and gorgeous 3D effect star at home. You may not get the right direction of folding in that above-given single video, but don’t worry, I’ve added a link below where you can find each step in a clear-cut way. Moreover, you or your kid may not get that exact awesome star at first but try until you get it. Watch the video carefully and try making things. Merry Christmas!

Watch this

Paper Rainbow Card For Kids


Materials required: White paper, black marker, glue, scissors, colour pencils or crayons, cutter, blue or any colour sheet and transparent PVC sheet.

Difficulty level: Easy

Description: This is an innovative idea. The simple drawing plus the idea gives us a wonderful DIY. Do this and show this magic drawing to your friends. If you are a kindergarten teacher then give this as a weekly task to your students and sure they will love this. Your kid may create innovative crafts like this, so give them more fun and interesting craft activities.

Procedure: Draw cloud and rainbow on white paper, or you can draw any diagram you want and colour it. Place a transparent PVC sheet above the drawing paper and copy the diagram(only the outline, not the colours) with a black marker. Paste the top border of drawing paper and transparent paper and leave the other sides(without sticking). Take blue paper and fold it into half, which should fit the size of the drawing paper(where you had drawn). With a cutter, cut the frame size like shown in the above image and seal the bottom and side with glue. Place white thin cardboard inside the envelope. Insert the coloured drawing paper and transparent sheet behind and above the white cardboard respectively. Now pull and push the attached borders of the drawing, and you can see the appearance of an empty and colourful image.

Pen Holder Handmade Craft Using Fruit Foam Net


Materials required: Unusable bottle or jar or glass, fruit foam, paint spray, construction paper, glue and scissors.

Difficulty level: Easy

Description: Look at your working table, anything missing there? Is that pen stand? Then this craft is for you. Do you have an idea to buy pen stands in shops? Then hold on, we have a simple and good-looking pen stand that you can make in less than 10 minutes. If you could see any non-usable bottle or jar or glass then use that for the pen stand. But wait! It won’t be good if you directly place that on your desk, right? With some more easily available things, let us decorate this. Here we have used Pokémon cartoon, which you can customize based on your requirement or taste. Any age of kids can make this craft. Why not? kindergarten kids can also make this but be sure don’t give them a glass jar or bottle.

Procedure: Cover the bottle or jar or glass in Fruit foam, before this, paint that foam in yellow colour with the help of paint spray. Cut black and white construction paper for the eyes and paste it on the foam. You can use just black inside white but again small white circle inside black will give a more attractive look. Cut and paste red construction paper in a semi-circle shape for the mouth. If you wanna decorate some more then use green construction paper for a grass-like structure and attach that to the background. Ta-Da! we are ready with a simple and cute Pokémon pen stand.

I hope you tried and loved each craft listed here. Share this with your friends and family too, and let them enjoy this feed with their kids. Visit our other craft idea post too, we have tons of craft activities with detailed procedures. Choose which one you like and start doing it! Fill your room and home with your creative DIY products and let your friends and neighbours surprise your work.

DIY instructions for kids to make a bee-related craft

Easy to Make Handmade Bee Craft Tutorial for Kids Handmade Bee Craft is Ready!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This article provides DIY instructions for kids to make a creative bee-related craft. It is a fun and educational activity for kids to learn more about bees and get creative. It will also help them to develop their artistic skills.

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