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Plastic Straws Flower Making Craft Tutorial For Kids

Plastic Straws Flower Making Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Plastic Straws Flower Making Craft Tutorial For Kids

Looking for a tutorial to make pretty flowers from plastic straws? Search no more this step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the same!

A warm welcome to you in this tutorial for making the prettiest flowers in your home! These DIY flowers are made using plastic straws and other flower-making crafty materials! These flowers are waterproof and can also be cleaned after some time to make them new again! The plastic straw flowers look shiny and vibrant, they will catch everyone’s eyes! These flowers will surely brighten up any corner they are placed in! All you need is to gather the materials and read on the and make them on your own!

Simple Plastic Straws Flower Making Craft

Plastic Straws Flower Making Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Colored Plastic Straws
  • Scissors
  • Floral Stem
  • Floral Tape
  • Glue
  • Black Marker


Step 1: Gathering Materials

Gathering Materials-Easy To Make Flower Garland Using Plastic Straws

To begin this craft, take a bunch of colorful plastic straws and a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Cutting The Plastic Straws

Cutting The Plastic Straws-Simple To Make Flower Garland Using Straws

Using scissors, cut the plastic straws into small pieces as shown in the image.

Step 3: Making A Petal Shape

Making A Petal Shape-Innovative Ideas To Create a Flower Pot Using Straws

Using a black marker, draw a half-petal shape over the piece of straw by pinching it in half. Using scissors, cut it out the petal boundary from the pinched straw to make a petal.

Step 4: Shaping The Petal With Scissors

Shaping The Petal With Scissors-Crafting Ideas Using Straw And Glue -A Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

Close your scissors, and from the blunt edge of it, slide the petal over to give the petal a curvy effect. Do this process hardly over the petal 2-3 times.

Step 5: Making More Curvy Petals

Making More Curvy Petals-A Flower Garland for Kids Easy Craft Ideas

Following the same cutout and shape more purple petals.

Step 6: Sticking The Petals Together

Sticking The Petals Together-Pretty Blossom Craft Using Plastic Straws

Stick the petals slightly over each other from the sides using glue.

Step 7: Completing Pasting The Petals Into A Flower

Completing Pasting The Petals Into A Flower-Simple DIY Craft Of Flowers For Kindergarten

Stick the last end petals to each other to form a flower.

Step 8: Making The Center Of The Flower And Adding Stem

Making The Center Of The Flower And Adding Stem-A Simple And Creative Craft Idea For Beginner

Cut a piece of purple straw into 4-5 small strips. Make sure to not cut it till the end and then stick the joint part of the straw to a green floral stem. Put the stem inside the middle of the flower to make its center.

Step 9: Securing The Stem With Flower

Securing The Stem With Flower-Flowert Artwork Designs- Ideal For Kids

Secure the stem with a flower by applying floral tape at the bottom of the petals.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Pretty Flowers!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Pretty Flowers-Easy To Make Mini Flower Pot For Beginners

Following the same steps, make more and more straw flowers with different colored plastic straws.

Congratulations! Look at the amazing results of your pretty flowers!

Create a bunch of these flowers using different-different colored plastic straws! You can now put your pretty flowers in a vase and decorate them in the drawing room or your bedroom, they will thrive anywhere! You can make these flowers in the boring afternoon time to do something interesting and productive! You can also use them as a gift for your loved ones, they will definitely love the idea of flowers that will never die and will stay young forever!

Hope you liked this amazing article on making these flowers! Do Give these a like and a try to these flowers and comment us the results in the comments section!

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