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Summer Fruit Drink Paper Craft Tutorial For Kids

Summer Fruit Drink Paper Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Summer Fruit Drink Paper Craft Tutorial For Kids

This guide will show children how to make a tasty summer drink using paper craft. It has clear steps with pictures, so it’s easy and fun! Great for a summer day activity!

Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to make a summer fruit drink paper craft. This fun paper craft is a must-try for the kids. You will require some basic drawing materials for this papercraft. This is an exciting summer drink paper craft that will teach kids the easiest ways to make unique paper crafts. Everyone requires refreshments for summer, let’s make some summer drinks!

Simple Summer Fruit Drink Paper Craft

Summer Fruit Drink Paper Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Paper-white, orange, yellow, green
  • Colour pen
  • Plastic straw
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1: Drawing The Cup

Drawing The Cup-A Guide to Making Fruit Drinks with Paper for Children

Using the pencil, draw the shape of a cup as shown above in the picture.

Step 2: Colourful Cup

Colourful Cup-Techniques for Crafting Summer Fruit Beverages with Paper for Little Ones

Start colouring the cup with various colours to make our summer drink colourful.

Step 3: Cutting The Cup

Cutting The Cup-Crafting Summertime Fruit Refreshments with Paper for Kids

Cut out the shape of the cup using the scissors.

Step 4: Summer Drink Cup

Summer Drink Cup-How to Make a Summery Fruit Beverage with Paper for Youngsters

The first step towards our summer drink cup is ready. Let’s proceed towards the next steps.

Step 5: Taking An Orange Paper

Take An Orange Paper-Paper Crafting for Kids: A Tutorial for Crafting Fruit Drinks in the Summer

Take a square-shaped orange paper.

Step 6: Folding The Orange Paper

Folding The Orange Paper- Summertime Crafts with Paper and Fruit Drinks for Kids

Fold the orange paper in straight folds as shown in the picture above.

Step 7: Bending The Orange Paper

Bend The Orange Paper-Crafting Summer Fruit Drinks with Paper: A Tutorial for Kids

Now bend the orange paper from the middle, this will form the shape of a fan.

Step 8: Fan-Shaped Lemons For Our Summer Drink

Fan-Shaped Lemons For Our Summer Drink-A Tutorial on Making Fruit Drinks with Paper for Youngsters in Summer

Join the fan-shaped orange papers together to form the lemon for our refreshment drink.

Step 9: Sticking The Orange Paper

Stick The Orange Paper- Step-by-Step Guide for Kids: Crafting Fruit Drinks with Paper During the Summer

Now stick the orange in a tilted way at the top of the summer drink.

Step 10: Refreshments In Our Summer Drink

Refreshments In Our Summer Drink-Summertime Fun: Paper Crafts for Kids to Make Fruit Drinks

Similarly, make one other lemon using the same methods. Cut up some petal-like shapes and stick them on top of the fan-shaped lemons. Now, stick the fan-shaped lemons on the summer drink drawing.

Step 11: Ice Cubes In Our Summer Drink

Ice Cubes In Our Summer Drink-Tutorial for Children to make a Summertime Fruit Beverage Paper Craft

Draw some ice cubes on a piece of paper and cut them out.

Step 12: Sticking The Ice Cubes

Stick The Ice Cubes- Crafting a Summertime Fruit Beverage with Paper - A Guide for Kids

Stick the cutout ice cubes on our summer drink drawing.

Step 13: Bubbles In Our Summer Drink

Bubbles In Our Summer Drink-Summer Fruit Drink Paper Art Guide for Kids

Cut up colourful circles and stick them on the drink.

Step 14: Floating Bubbles In Our Summer Drink

Floating Bubbles In Our Summer Drink-Step-by-Step Guide for Paper Crafts Using Summer Fruits and Drinks for Children

Stick some more colourful bubbles on top of the paper as well.

Step 15: Straw To Our Summer Drink

Straw To Our Summer Drink-Paper Summertime Fruit Drink Guide for Youngsters

Stick a straw in the summer drink.

Step 16: Making Our Summer Drink In 3D

Making Our Summer Drink In 3D- Kids, Here's How to Create a Summer Fruit Drink Paper Craft

Cut up another piece of paper in the shape of our cup from the middle.

Step 17: Sticking The Sides

Sticking The Sides-Crafting with Paper and Summer Fruit Drinks - A Tutorial for Kids

Now, adjust and fold the sides protruding from the cup.

Step 18: Finishing Touch To The Summer Drink

Finishing Touch To The Summer Drink-Making a Summer Fruit Drink Paper Craft - A Guide for Kids

Finally, adjust the sides and stick it. This makes our cup look realistic and 3D.

Our Summer Drink Paper Craft is Ready!

Our Summer Drink Paper Craft is Ready-A Kids' Guide to Crafting a Summer Fruit Drink Paper-Based Project

Looks so refreshing! Our colourful summer drink paper craft is ready. This was so easy, right? Our tutorials make these unique paper crafts fun and interesting. Hurry and make your summer drink now.

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