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Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids

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Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids

Children often get hungry between meals as they are at a growing stage. The problem is that most packaged snacks are highly unhealthy for kids. There are often added sugars, refined flours, and artificial ingredients in them.

An added nutrition boost during snack time is a great way to sneak some extra nutrients into your child’s diet. Fill up your child’s stomach with whole foods that provide energy and nutrition rather than highly processed snack foods.

Below you will find a list of kid-friendly snacks that are both tasty and healthy for kids and preschoolers.

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids

Mr Apple Bunny

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Mr Apple Bunny 

Image Source/Tutorial: Kitchen Fun

As we all know, an apple in a day keeps the doctors away, but it looks your kids hate eating apples.

No problem, introduce your kids to Mr Apple Bunny. Tell them that if they eat the apple then Mr Apple Bunny will take them to a wonderland. Just cut the apples as shown in the picture add googly eyes and a cute face and then you Mr Apple Bunny are ready to dive into your kid’s stomach.

Little Bumble Bee

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Little Bumble Bee

Image Source/Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

I am sure your kids are getting on your nerves and not taking the pineapples. They usually run away whenever they see pineapples.

But they surely can’t say no to Bumble Bee. Cut the pineapples into small rings, then add googly eyes and some chocolate coating, and there you go with your little Bumble Bee.

Healthy Babybel Rabbit 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Healthy Babybel Rabbit 

Image Source/Tutorial: Blessed Beyond Crazy

You can add cuteness to any party with Healthy Babybel Rabbit! Easy to make, these cute rabbit faces are healthy and naturally gluten-free. A Healthy Babybel Rabbit is certainly a charming addition to your Easter tablescape and with the heart on top just takes the cuteness to a different level.

Hold on! Let’s not stop there! Besides being delicious and cute, these edible bunnies are also a good baby shower or birthday party appetizer.

Little Lion Egg Paws 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Little Lion Egg Paws 

Image Source/Tutorial: Hungry Happenings

Although your family is used to you making edible crafts for holiday meals, I am pretty they would be surprised if these Little Lion Egg Paws showed up on the dinner table this holiday.

Your kids would be totally surprised to see these little paws on their plates and this will be the first thing that they will have in the morning.

Designed Butterfly Packages

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Designed Butterfly Packages 

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities

Packages or Snack Bags in the shape of butterflies are a creative and fun way to pack snacks for school.

Taking them to your child’s preschool class is great because the kids enjoy playing with their butterflies. And after they are done with their tiffin the teachers can use the left-over clothespins for displaying artwork!

Cheesy Butterfly

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Cheesy Butterfly 

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Kid

This spring let a little butterfly come inside of your house and sit down on your kid’s plate.

We know that your kids do not love fruits that much so take the fruits and design them in the form of a butterfly on the platter, with the help of a cheese stick in the middle. Tell your kids that this Chessy Butterfly has come on their plate on this one so tell them to have it. They will surely get attracted to this cheesy butterfly.

Little Easter bunny Cap 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Little Easter bunny Cap

Image Source/Tutorial: Natural Green

As an alternative to all the sweets and treats that can be found during this time of year, these little Easter bunny cap bunny cups are a nice alternative.

These snacks are served in glass cups to resemble the “dirt” dessert that has become so popular.

This version of “dirt” is made from healthy hummus layered with ground nuts, instead of chocolate pudding and chocolate cookies.

It is mostly every mother’s favourite to make hummus from scratch.

Take a tub from the grocery store if you are pressed for time.

Fruity Bee

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Fruity Bee

Image Source/Tutorial: Kix Cereal

It is not always necessary for the bees to be harmful or dangerous. This Fruity Bee is not harmful nor is dangerous.

Tell your kids that these bee does not bit. Rather you can bite them and eat them. Even they are very tasty if they have it then they can also find it delicious. I am pretty sure your kid won’t resist any more.

Cute Pineapple Cups 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Cute Pineapple Cups

Image Source/Tutorial: Nobigie

There are too many plastic cups in your cupboard and you are not sure what to do with them? No worries, bring them out and cut the pineapples into small pieces.

Add these small pieces into these plastic cups and cover them up. After you are done covering start drawing faces as shown in the picture. You can also draw different shapes, animals and other cute things on the plastic cover. Your kids love cuteness, so they will surely love it.

Orange King 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Orange King 

Image Source/Tutorial: Kitchen Fun With My3 Sons

Vitamin C is very important for your kids. Rather it is the most important nutrition above all.  So what can be a better source of Vitamin C other than Orange?

So peel the orange and design them as a king make a crown and add googly eyes. Add a cute nose and feet. Now, your little orange king is ready to rule your kid’s plate.

Orange Carrot 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Orange Carrot 

Image Source/Tutorial: Smart School House

Your kids might love carrots but not oranges. But we have a secret plan for you.  You can make Orangy Carrot, which means you can disguise orange in the form of carrots.

Take plastic and fill the corners with orange paste then for the tip of the carrot add some whole oranges then tie the plastic as shown in the picture. There you go, your orangy carrots are ready.

Egg Shaped Fruity Popsicles 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Egg Shaped Fruity Popsicles 

Image Source/Tutorial: Akailochiclife

Your kids might not like fruits or fruit juices. But they sure love having popsicles. So buy some egg shape containers for these popsicles.

Add fruit juices as you want to the refrigerator and then after a few hours, your fruity popsicles are ready.

These egg-shaped fruity popsicles are best for the summer season.

Oatmeal Easter Egg 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Oatmeal Easter Egg

Image Source/Tutorial: Savynaturalista

Kids do not love oats but they will surely enjoy your oatmeal easter eggs because they are cute and above all, they are all-natural, vegan, and vegetarian. One of my favourite holidays treats to create is this one, which can be made to fit any diet. Waiting for the batter to set after pouring it into the plastic eggs was my favourite part!

Fruit Kababs 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Fruit Kababs

Image Source/Tutorial: Ameessavory

Your kids love kababs a lot for sure. Every time go out for family dinner they sure choose kababs every time and nags you to make kababs at home right? So it’s time that you hear their request and make a kabab made up of fruits.

They will be amused and eagerly have these fruit kababs.

A green alternative to Sugary Sweets and candy, these fruit kababs are super simple to make also

Egg Chicken Sandwich

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Egg Chicken Sandwich

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities

Neither the chicken nor the egg is more important than what they are transformed into when they are made into something as adorable as these Spring Chick Egg Breakfast Sandwiches?

Cheese and black olives are used to decorate these egg sandwiches to resemble fluffy baby chicks.

These sandwiches are a delicious way to start a Spring morning. It’s the perfect time to eat the egg and chicken together in form of a sandwich.

Strawberry LadyBugs 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Strawberry LadyBugs

Image Source/Tutorial: The Soccer Mom

Ladybugs are always everyone’s favourite insects because they are red and quite fascinating. The red natures beauty with black spots on its body is quite fascinating.

So bring out the strawberries and blueberries use the strawberry as the body of the ladybug and use the blueberries as the head of the ladybug. Use some chocolate for detailing on the ladybug’s body. Then your little strawberry Ladybug is ready for flying into your kid’s mouth.

Fruity Flower Boquet 

Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids Fruity Flower Boquet 

Image Source/Tutorial: Eats Amazing

You wanna gift some flowers to your child on their birthday. But you don’t have flowers? No worries! cut the fruits in form of some beautiful flowers and design them. Top it up with blueberries and keep them on their plates.

I am pretty sure this fruity flower bouquet will be the best gift for them from their mother and they are going to love it.

These few snack ideas for your children are amazing. They will not only enjoy them and they will love them also. During this pandemic situation eating healthy is not only important it is a necessity. To fight all diseases proper nutrition is needed for building up their immunity and these snacks will surely help them a lot.

So check them out and tell us which one is your kid’s favourite and don’t forget to come back for such awesome ideas.

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