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Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids

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Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids

It’s no secret that Pokémon has a huge fan base, and the game became so popular because of it, so we know it sells well! Because of this, Pokémon Day is observed, commemorating the launch of Pokémon.

Did you know it had been 22 years since Pokémon appeared in the world? That’s an incredibly long time! With Pokémon Day approaching on 27 February, we’ve gathered some really cute Pokémon crafts for kids for you. Have fun playing with them, displaying them in your room, or giving them as gifts to friends!

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids

No matter what kind of Pokémon fan you are, you’re sure to love these Pokémon Crafts for Kids and preschoolers! You can even give them to your friends to show them how much you love them.

Clay Figure Of Pikachu

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids Clay Figure Of Pikachu

Image Source/Tutorial: Totally The Bomb

You don’t have to bake something sweet whenever you have the urge to bake something. Make and bake a DIY Pikachu Clay Figure that is totally cute and somewhat feisty.

We had so much fun making this adorably sweet little guy, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy him too!

Whenever Pikachu Says Pika Pika he means to say let’s get started!

Pokemon Glasses 

Pokemon Glasses 

Image Source/Tutorial: Nerdy Mamma

There have been a lot of “How to stay safe while playing Pokemon Go” articles from avid gamers. However, the one thing that should be discussed is staying hydrated while playing the game – because it’s the summer, and you’ll be walking a lot. As for the Pokemon glasses itself, well, let’s just be honest: you just need them to fight with Pikachu.
Coconut water and guava juice help counterbalance that and provide you with electrolytes (read: yummy stuff in the drink) that help you stay hydrated so add them in your pokemon glasses and have them

Pokeball Candies

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids Pokeball Candies

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities

There’s nothing better than a sweet treat of Pokemon candy pokeballs after a long day of playing Pokemon Go. If you’re having a Pokemon party or just want to treat yourself, these sweets are perfect.

This will be every kid’s favorite candy and you can also hide some surprise gifts inside the pokeballs candies.

Pokemon Party Bags 

Pokemon Party Bags  Pokemon Party Bags 

Image Source/Tutorial: Simplistically Living

Pokemon Go is officially released, which means nerds everywhere are walking, catching Pokemon, and aiming to be the best! You know that there will be a buzz in throwing Pokemon-themed parties with the hype surrounding the newly released app.

These Pokemon Party Bags are the perfect addition to any Pokemon Master Party, whether it is for an adult or child!

Pokeballs For Trainers 

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids Pokeballs For Trainers 

Image Source/Tutorial: Frog Prince

As part of the Pokemon Birthday Party, we gave these DIY Pokemon Party Favors to the kids as a way to celebrate them becoming “Pokemon Trainers.” For those unfamiliar with Pokemon, players catch the monsters and put them inside a Pokeball.  They must be a bit magical like that, and they enjoy the tight quarters.

Pikachu Ears 

Pikachu Ears 

Image Source/Tutorial: Frog Prince

If you are a Pokemon fan and you are throwing a birthday party, then make these Pikachu ears for you and your friends.

Then the party will totally be amazing all your friends will totally love it and enjoy it a lot. You guys play pokemon games and enjoy the birthday party a law.

Pokeballs Pops 

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids Pokeballs Pops

Image Source/Tutorial: Isavea

I am pretty sure this will be loved by all whether be an adult or a kid. It is not necessary to be a Pokemon Fan but you can still make it for yourself and your friends and family.

These will also be an amazing addition to the treats of your kid’s birthday party.

Poke ball Suncatcher For Kids 

Poke ball Suncatcher For Kids 

Image Source/Tutorial: And Next Comesl

Red and white Pokeballs are one of the most distinguishable items from Pokemon, which is why we’ve been doing a lot of Pokeball-related activities around here, including making homemade Pokeballs to throw and coloring our own Pokeball coloring pages.

So you can also think of making a big Pokeball suncatcher for kids as a Pokemon craft for kids. All you need is a handful number of tissues and colors and make it as that suncatcher as shown below. It will come out with amazing results!

Pokemon Family Pillow 

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids Pokemon Family Pillow

Image Source/Tutorial: Some Of This And That

You might have a great obsession with pokemon and you want to decorate your interior with stuffed pokemon pillows.

It will totally change the get-up of your room and your room will look like a pokemon themed room. You cand add pokemon sheets to your bed to change the whole room into a pokemon based room.

Pokeball Muffins 

Pokeball Muffins 

Image Source/Tutorial: West Of The Loop

What can be the best food for a pokemon lover, other than Pokeball muffins? It is very easy to make. Just be careful with the toppings on the muffins.

This will also be an excellent gift for your Poke fan friends. They will totally love it. Even it can be a great idea for your kid’s tiffin.

Pokemon Potion 

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids Pokemon Potion 

Image Source/Tutorial: Parenting Chaos

‘Pokémon Go’ has been released and we have seen kids can’t get enough of it. All these kids walk so long and far without any rest but for little legs, that’s quite a hike! After a long walk, what better way to refresh yourself than with an icy cold drink? You can make a dairy-free version of Pokemon Potion so that your kids can all enjoy and have refreshments after a long time.

Pikachu Popsicles 

Pikachu Popsicles 

Image Source/Tutorial: Thrifty

There is a heatwave affecting many of us right now. There is going to be a need for something to cool off all those Pokémon trainers. A Pokémon Ice Pops Recipe for fun Pikachu Pokepops is the perfect recipe to make for their cooling.

The Pokémon birthday party will fit right into any summer party theme, especially if it is a Pokémon birthday party!

Origami Pikachu 

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids Origami Pikachu

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

Your school teachers might have told you to make something for your school craft,  but you are not sure what you will make. You want your craft to be different from others.

So here is our Origami Pikachu which will be amazing for your school craft all the teachers will love it and paste it on the school wall. Even your friends will get surprised.

Pokeball Stuffed Pillow 

Pokémon Craft Ideas for kids Pokeball Stuffed Pillow 

Image Source/Tutorial: Knight

Pokemon has always taken a great toll on everyone. So what’s better than a Pokeball Pillow. Keep it on your couch or bed. Sleep on it they are so comfy and even look very cozy.

So what are you waiting for go get the Pokeball Stuffed Pillow, today?

Pokemon lovers are not at all nerdy they are cool in their way. So start collecting all these kinds of stuff and enlarge your Pokemon collection. So hurry up and comment on us and let us know what you liked the most. If you like these types of articles so stay tuned with this article.

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