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Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

Coloring Pages

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

Lemon coloring pages can be a creative way to teach kids about Fruits. You can download and print these Lemon coloring pages for free.

We are here with a huge collection of fruits coloring pages to download & color. You will find Orange, Kiwi, Tangerine & all sorts of fruits your kid loves to color.

Click and print this free apple coloring page. Kids of all ages, including kindergarteners, preschoolers and toddlers will absolutely love the coloring pages! Teachers and Parents can also have fun with kids by coloring them.

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Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

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Don’t know where to start coloring from? Here are some awesome free printable. Get your prints for these amazing and well-drawn, easy, Lemon coloring pages for kids and start now!

Looking for something to color but do not wish to draw? You have come to the right place then; the solution is here. Check out these Lemon coloring pages and find something now! There are so many options to choose from, they are all lemons yet all different and each one, very finely drawn. Lemon and its tangy flavor, not to forget, the cool summery shade, a wonderful item to color. These pages are great for kids, from a toddler to an adult. Don’t think, because it’s free! Get your print now and start coloring.

Lemon Coloring Pages-1

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This is a really nice Lemon coloring page – free Printable for kids. It is very well detailed, and beautifully sketched. Since the shadows are also rendered, it an aid you in understanding how shades differ under light and what role do light and shadow play when it comes to coloring or rendering. You can use pencil colors, to show the shadows or even, wax crayons or crayons, or perhaps sketch pen, anything that you like and think, will give it the effect you have in mind. This is very good for kids around the age of 7, as the shadows are already rendered, which makes it easy and a good step for them to learn before creating their own light angles.

Lemon Coloring Pages-2

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This Lemon Coloring page is a zoomed in sketching on a lemon with precisely done cross rendering. This gives you a chance to fill in with shades and colors in an extremely detailed and realistic way. You can render it using any kind of colors, maybe, mixing them a little. In this page, you need to focus on the shades and very minute details. You paint a real picture in your head, or you can also refer to a real lemon and place it in a similar manner, if you wish to give it a more realistic look. This is recommendable for kids around the age of 7 and above or below, if they have a bit of knowledge of coloring.

Lemon Coloring Pages-3

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This is a really pretty lemon coloring page, for kids arounds the age of 3. There are not too many dissections which makes it easy for little kids to color. It is a good activity to learn about colors and also, lemons and all things summer. Coloring is very fun, and it fills a child’s life with beautiful shades, as all we see are colors.

Lemon Coloring Pages-4

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This is quite a nice drawing to look at! Lemons, flowers and leaves, lovely, is it not! You cannot leave the lemon printable, color it and seriously, I can say, it will end up in an adorable frame hanging on your wall. This coloring activity is suitable for kids around the age of 5. It includes pleasant looking shades, very cool, as if a nice, summer-evening breeze. C’mon, get your wall a makeover. These cheerful colors that will be used to color it, will really lighten up your mood and create a very peaceful and calming ambiance.

Lemon Coloring Pages-5

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables


This is a very simple picture of a lemon, very good for kids around the age of 3. It does not require so many colors or even shades, in general; it is very easy and simple to color and hence, very good for kids to learn to color. The colors used are fun and eye catching, and lemon coloring is always cheery and vibrant; it is fun. The kids will love to color this. This could be the picture they start their art journey from.

Lemon Coloring Pages-6

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This Lemon coloring page – free printable, is recommended for kids around the age of 3. This lemon drawing has just enough outlines for a toddler or for kids around the age of 5, to understand. Coloring this will give a better view of shades of a single color and educate you, indirectly about value scale. This activity will also provide the kids with a better knowledge of colors of lemon, as, apart from only visually seeing one, now they will color one themselves, practically.

Lemon Coloring Pages-7

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This lemon coloring printable for kids, looks pretty, doesn’t it! Imagine how pretty it will appear to be after it is colored. Pretty things easily fascinate kids, so, this might just be the picture to interest your 3-year-old kid into some coloring. The interesting thing about this picture is that it needs both colors and shades and not too many. So, instead of sitting idle this summer, have this picture colored. It is not to0 time consuming and at the same time, productive.

Lemon Coloring Pages-8

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This is a very well-shaded Lemon Coloring Printable for kids. It is suitable for kids around the age of 5 and above. The shadows, spots and darkened areas, as very well marked, making it easy for kids to recognize the light angle, where the light coming from, etc. The spotted texture gives a nice effect. Overall, it a very well-drawn printable, lacking only color, so, c’mon, get on with it.

Lemon Coloring Pages-9

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

Well, well, well… if it is not the pleasant face of summer itself! Freshly chopped lemon slices, embellished with adorable flowers, and leaves. This quite a wholesome and a delight to the eyes, kind of printable. This coloring page will be very fascinating and engaging for kids around the age of 5 as it has the way the objects complement each other are impressive and fun, and not boring. The multiplicity of the objects might also be the object of kids’ attention to color this. This will help them in understanding of colors and how some colors complement each other and the effect they produce.

Lemon Coloring Pages-10

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This Lemon coloring printable page is really good for kids around the age of 7. The outlines are slightly thin and the lightly drawn. It will look quite astonishing with pencil colors. This is the right page, to start with pencil color shading and rendering. This one flower in the middle and the surrounding leaves give quite an impressive effect. You can give it a spring-summery kind of look. This can help you get started with pencil colors, which will help you further with your art.

Lemon Coloring Pages-11

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This Lemon Coloring Printable is very suitable for toddler. The image is not very detailed and has more of an illustration look. This makes it quite simple for the kids to color. The outline is very fine, neither too thick, nor too thin, just if the right thickness to remind the kids to color within the boundaries. Through this coloring page, the kids can practice coloring techniques and learn to prevent the color from going out of the object.

Lemon Coloring Pages-12

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This Lemon coloring page printable is a really nice one, for toddlers. The presence of the ground surface upon which the lemon is placed, throws a pretty impressive effect on the overall image. Get it printed and test your coloring skills. This is a very effortless and the least time-consuming coloring image, really. You can color this if you are sitting free and wish to be productive. Get started on your coloring, this is just the beginning. Lemons are fun to color; they always remind you of pleasant lemonade evening.

Lemon Coloring Pages-13

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

This Lemon page printable is the best, for kids of all ages, from toddlers to kids who like to color as a hobby or fun or leisure or for whatsoever purpose. This is very simple, fun and easy to color. If you are searching for something minimalistic, this is for you. You do not need too many color shades, so you can even carry this anywhere, which just a few colors along and instead of sitting idle, you can color in that spare time you have and since this is not a very time demanding coloring piece, you wouldn’t even have to worry about leaving it incomplete.

Lemon Coloring Pages-14

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

Just place your sight on this wonderfully crafted texture in the lemon and notice how similar it appears to be, as of a mosaic. This is a very recommendable page for kids around the age of 5. Colors always reveal different expressions. This printable can assist in the education and learning of how different colors and even their different shades can produce different expressions and emotions. Kids can use shades of their own choice and make it look like a palate or a mood board. You cannot miss out on this one. This is very good to bring out your creativity.

Lemon Coloring Pages-15

Lemon Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables

Lemonade with small pretty ice cubes or a refreshing iced tea? Well, it is for you to decide. This coloring page activity can really help you to enhance your imagination and bring out your creativity. This is very recommendable for kids of age 7 and above. Kids can blend in different shades, make more ice cubes, if they wish. It an extremely interesting and amusing coloring image if you think about it. Any kind of colors would be great for this.

Hope you liked these Lemon coloring pages. For more coloring printables, do check our website. Please leave your comment and share your feedback.

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