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Mermaid Drawing & Sketches for Kids

Mermaid Drawing & Sketches for Kids


Mermaid Drawing & Sketches for Kids

If you’re searching for mermaid drawings & sketches for kids to do at home, you’re in the right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of mermaid drawings & sketches like beautiful little mermaid drawings, pencil mermaid drawing tutorials, Ariel mermaid drawings, and Barbie mermaids.

Mermaid Drawing & Sketches For Kids

Mermaid Drawing & Sketches for Kids

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How To Draw A Mermaid

How To Draw & Sketch A Mermaid For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art Hub

Mermaids are fantasy creatures that almost everybody likes especially girls! So learn to make this cute mermaid on your own and fly into your fantasy world of mermaids! You can also add colors to it as per your preference to make it look just like you imagined! You can also make this drawing more detailed by making scales on the tail or adding up fishes in the sea and so on!

Easy Mermaid Drawing Tutorial

Easy Mermaid Drawing & Sketch Tutorial For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Art Projects For Kids

Look at this pretty mermaid swimming underwater along with her fishy friends! The floating hair gives just an underwater feels! This drawing is easy to make but looks stunning with the smiley mermaid face, curved body, and tail looks fabulous also the green plants highlighters the whole drawing! You can create this drawing easily with a few simple steps and instructions!

How To Draw A Cartoon Mermaid

How To Draw A Cartoon Mermaid

Image Source/Tutorial: Super Coloring

Whoa! This cartoon mermaid looks just the same as we saw in the animated movies! Children are fascinated by the mystical creatures and will love to draw one of them on their own! This is a step-by-step guide to drawing this beautiful mermaid that you’ll create in minutes! The results will be pleasing and you will be able to add colors to it as you like!

Cute Mermaid Easy Drawing For Kids

Cute Mermaid Easy Drawing & Sketch For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: DRAW AND GROW

Learn to make a cute mermaid with just a few easy steps in no time! This mermaid is so simple to make with minimal supplies needed! You can create this sitting mermaid with your own touch of creativity like making her sit on a mountain splashing water waves, how cool will that look!? Try it out to know that and add up your creativity to it!

Mermaid Pencil Drawing & Sketch Step By Step

Mermaid Pencil Drawing & Sketch Step By Step

Image Source/Tutorial: The Dessiner

We all love Disney princesses! Ariel is quite special as she is a MERMAID! So, let’s create our pretty Ariel with this tutorial! Not only you will create the prettiest mermaid but will also be able to add so many details in it by doing pencil shading in it! The results will shock everyone and even you! This pencil shading artwork will be the for you to date for sure!

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Beautiful Mermaid Drawing For Preschoolers

Beautiful Mermaid Drawing & Sketch For Preschooler

Image Source/Tutorial: Feeling Nifty

Looking for the easiest mermaid drawing? Well, here you go! This mermaid drawing looks just fine and is very easy to make, the secret to it is, the face! This drawing doesn’t include the face so it makes it much much easier than the others! This mermaid is quite versatile as you can customize it as you like, for example, by giving it different colors, changing the shape of the tail, or anything!

Little Mermaid Drawing Ideas For Kids

Little Mermaid Drawing Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: lala draww

Make up this cartoon Ariel in minutes! The orange hair and the green tail match the whole appearance of Ariel!  The background also gives whole underwater vibes! You can also make your drawing unique by making some minute changes that will make it even more attractive, like making scales over the tail or giving the background more effect by adding colors to it!

Little Ariel Mermaid Drawings Tutorial For Beginners

Little Ariel Mermaid Drawings & Sketch Tutorial For Beginners

Image Source/Tutorial: Like Entretenimiento

Let us make a mermaid in an easy manner! Create this mermaid with just some simple steps! This drawing is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and beginners to make! Motivate your kiddos to unleash their inner artistic spirit in making something beautiful that they are even interested in! This mermaid is the easy version of the little Disney mermaid Ariel!

How To Draw Mermaid Underwater Scenery Tutorial

How To Draw Mermaid Underwater Scenery Tutorial

Image Source/Tutorial: How to Draw Easy Scenery

Mermaid is a fictional character who fascinates everyone! This mermaid scenery is calming and beautiful! The fish swimming and the mermaid sitting over a giant rock with a soothing smile and waving hair make this drawing more attractive! You can create this drawing in minutes and will be motivated by the astonishing results of your hard work!

Step By Step Fun Mermaid Tail Drawing

Step By Step Fun Mermaid Tail Drawing

Image Source/Tutorial: Artimee

Learn to make a mermaid tail like a pro! Through this tutorial, you will be able to make a mermaid tail in minutes and can add up a mermaid tail in any Disney princess! You can add up some details to it by making the fine scales of a mermaid, you can also make it look more beautiful by coloring it! Create different types and colors of tails and make a whole collection!

How To Draw Barbie Mermaid

How To Draw Barbie Mermaid

Image Source/Tutorial: HTDraw

Awwie! Look at this cutie mermaid baby! Anyone who sees it will fall in love with the overloaded cuteness! This must be seen after a serious warning: cuteness overloaded! Hahaha! Jokes apart, but teach to make this to your kiddos and he/she will surely love to make it with interest! The outcome will surely be a piece to display in your kid’s room and will be proud of their artwork!

Easy Mermaid Doodle Drawing Lesson

Easy Mermaid Doodle Drawing & Sketch Lesson For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: DoodleDrawArt

Teach your little one to make a mermaid and fall into the depth of imagination! Through this artwork, your kid will learn about the mystical creature and will explore more to get into the depth of it! They can add up their creativity to make this piece of art more creative! Your kiddos will love to show off their results and their confidence will be boosted!

We hope you like our list of Mermaid Drawing & Sketches and will surely try to make them. If you liked our mermaid drawing & sketch for kids, read more crafts ideas on our website. Please let us know in the comment section which Mermaid Drawing & Sketch you like the most.

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