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Ninja Turtle Crafts Ideas For Kids

Ninja Turtle Crafts Ideas For kids

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Ninja Turtle Crafts Ideas For Kids

Four young turtles and their allies make up the group known as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or TMNT. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a comic book that launched the brand, was published in 1983. As a result of the comics’ popularity, ninja turtle toys, animation, and video games were produced. The franchise was sold to Nickelodeon after movies were produced. All ages of children adored seeing the ninja turtles. It seems that Ninja Turtles are a huge favourite for everyone, regardless of age or gender!

All kids and adults will love these absolutely fantastic Ninja Turtle activities and artwork! Let’s examine a few:

Ninja Turtle Crafts Ideas For kids

1-Turtle Treat Bags

A green bag, craft foam, googly eyes, glue, and scissors are required. Create masks out of the foam, then affix the googly eyes. Simply apply a lot of glue, then press the eyeballs firmly into the foam. Dry everything completely. Stick  the mask on the bag.

Image Source/Tutorial: Simplistically Living

2- Paper Plate Ninja Plate

You will need a paper plate, glue, green tissue or thin sheets, a paintbrush, coloured cardboard paper, scissors, and this activity. Small squares of green tissue paper were cut out. Make sure the entire paper plate is coated with a thick coating of glue. Stick the squares on it, then. Face features should be cut out of the cardboard and adhered to the plate. Your paper-plate turtle ninja is prepared.

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts Blog


3-Costume Craft

You will need a basket, paint, paint brushes, ribbon, foam, glue, and scissors for this activity. Paint the basket green and add brown paint to resemble turtle scales. With ribbon, fasten the basket to the back. Create a mask out of foam and fasten it to your face using ribbon. To completely resemble ninja turtles, ask your child to dress in green.

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Courtney

4-Egg Cartons Turtles

Egg cartons, paint, googly eyes, a paintbrush, glue, and markers are required. Use green paint to decorate egg cartons. Attach the googly eyes, and then create the mask and face using acrylic paint. Any expressions you want can be added to them. This idea is straightforward but imaginative.

Image Source/Tutorial: Sugaraunts

5- Toilet Paper Roll Turtle

Use scissors, coloured sheets, markers, glue, a toilet paper roll, and green paint. Create masks using the coloured sheets. The tissue roll should be painted green, then let to dry. On the tissue paper, apply your coloured mask with glue. You might draw eyeballs using black markers or use googly eyes. Next, draw a mouth and a nose using the marker. These may serve as a vase or a stationary stand.

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Courtney

6-Palm Turtle

Paper, paint, a brush, a marker, and a pencil are required. Use a paintbrush to apply green paint on your palm. T hen leave your handprint on the paper. Dry it out. Create a rough mask on the print with a pencil. After that, draw a marker outline around it. Then red paint on it. Next, place your mouth and eyes there. Any colour may be used to create the mask. It is both simple and original.

Image Source/Tutorial: Messylittlemonster

7-Marshmallow Pops

You’ll need green food colouring, lollipop sticks, marshmallows, chewy food stacks, candy eyes, and black gel. Vanilla frosting is also required. Vanilla frosting should be placed in the microwave container. 15 to 20 seconds on High, uncovered, or until smooth stirring is possible. Add green food colouring and stir till light green. Place a stick inside each marshmallow before dipping it in the mixture. Create a mouth with the gels, then add candy eyes.

Image Source/Tutorial: Betty Crocker

8-Turtle Balloons

Utilize craft papers, googly eyes, green balloons, thread, and markers. Inflate the balloons, then use the coloured sheets to create masks. Add the mask’s googly eyes and lips with glue and a marker. Any face expressions may be added to it. And fasten them to the doorknobs or walls using thread. This may be utilised for a birthday celebration with a ninja turtle theme.

Image Source/Tutorial: Onecreativehousewife

9-Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornaments

Green ornament balls, ribbon, hot glue, googly eyes, and glitter are required ( optional). Glitter may be added to or left alone on your green ball. The ball should be covered with ribbon to make it look like a mask. Add the googly eyes with glue. These ornaments may be used to decorate a Christmas tree or just your home for ninja turtle-themed parties or birthday celebrations.

Image Source/Tutorial: Thecraftingchicks

10-Paper Cup Turtles

Paper cups are required, ideally green ones. If not, green paint can be used to decorate them. Additionally, you will want sketch pens, markers, and googly eyes. Make a mask out of paper and colour it using a sketch pen. Add the googly eyes with glue. Then draw the mouth using a marker. Your turtles in paper cups are prepared.

Image Source/Tutorial: Intheplayroom

11- Ninja Party Ideas

You may create invites with lovely colours for birthday celebrations with ninja turtle themes. Party poppers and other décor must be made by you using things like balloons, balls, games, and legos. then you may build food/snacks like cookies, pizza, dessert, etc.  Ninja turtle-themed games are a good addition for entertaining activities.

Image Source/Tutorial: Crazy little projects

12-Ninja Turtle Paper Plate Banner

You’ll need scissors, glue, coloured paper, green paper plates, and prints for the mouth and eyes. Create the masks with coloured paper and scissors. put it on the paper plate with glue. then apply the mouth and eye prints on it. The lips and eyes may be drawn with sketch pens and markers. With a hole for the eyes, these paper plates may be used as face masks or as wall hangings.

Image Source/Tutorial: Momsandmunchkins

13- Ninja Food

Does your kid like eating healthy greens? Mostly false. To get them to consume it, though, you may make your meal appear amusing. Any green leafy vegetable that you want your kids to consume will be necessary. Then combine brown bread, mayo, ketchup, and seeds. Placing bread beneath the green leaf on the dish. Make a mask out of ketchup and add seeds for eyes. The mouth can then be created with mayo. Use tomato or beetroot puree if you want to make it completely nutritious. Use mustard sauce in place of mayonnaise.

Image Source/Tutorial: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

14-Turtle Sensory Bottle

Loom bands, coloured craft tapes, googly eyes, hair gel, water, food colour, marker, and glue are all required. Add the looms to a bottle that is empty. Pour clear hair gel into the bottle. Add water and food colouring to it. Stir it thoroughly, then cap it. Put eyes and a mouth on it using glue and masking tape, respectively. Allow your kid to use it for play.

Image Source/Tutorial: Littlebinsforlittlehands

15-Icecream Stick Turtles

Take some paints, googly eyes, glue, and sketch pencils along with some ice cream sticks. The ice cream sticks should be green. Allow it to dry. To create a mask, use sketch pens in various colours. Then use glue to attach googly eyes to the mask. Then draw a mouth using a black marker. Different expressions may be made on it. These can be used as décor.

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

16- Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments

Toilet paper rolls, green paint, glue, googly eyes foam, or a variety of coloured ribbons are required. Half-cut your 1 tubes. Your turtle heads should be painted green, and you should add some coloured foam or ribbon to the edges. The eyeballs are then glued to the roll. Rolls should have 2 holes made and threaded on each side. It may be used as decorations for a child’s birthday celebration or as ornaments for a Christmas tree.

Image Source/Tutorial: Happyhooligans

17- Paper Plate Turtle

You will need green paper plates, glue, coloured paper, scissors and prints of eyes and mouth. With coloured paper and scissors make the masks. And paste it on the paper plate. Then stick the print of mouth and eyes on it. You may use markers and sketch pens to make the mouth and eyes. These paper plates can be used as wall hangings, or face masks just keep a hole for eyes on it.

Image Source/Tutorial: Iheartartsncrafts

18-Ninja Pie Cookies

For the cookie, you’ll need green cake mix, one teaspoon baking powder, two eggs, one tablespoon vegetable oil, and one teaspoon vanilla extract. For the filling, you’ll need four cups of powdered sugar, one teaspoon softened butter, half a cup of solid shortening, one teaspoon vanilla extract, one teaspoon salt, three tablespoons of milk, and two tablespoons of hot water. You’ll also need three to four drops of red, blue, orange, and purple food gel, as well as 24 to 30 candy eyes.  The cookies must be baked in the oven before the fillings are prepared. The centre of the cookies might contain the filling. On the cookie pies, you should put candy eyes.

Image Source/Tutorial: Simplistically Living

19- Stick Puppets

You’ll need sticks, felt, sponge brushes, googly eyes, paint, foam balls, and sticks. Using the brush, colour the foam balls green. Put the stick into the ball halfway. The ball and the eyes that will be glued to the mask should be wrapped with felt. Play games with your children using these foam ball puppets. You may read the comic books or play out the ninja turtle episodes.

Image Source/Tutorial: Amylattacreations

20- Wood Peg Turtles

Wooden pegs, green paint, a brush, and black markers are required for this. After painting the wooden markers green, let everything dry. They decorate their outfits, build masks out of various colours, and draw lips and eyes using black markers. Create the whole Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team.

Image Source/Tutorial: Lisasalwayshomemade

21-Palm Ninja Turtle

Use your hand to create the ninja turtle, like we showed you to do in a previous activity. Then create a mask out of paper and add eyes it. Then, using a different colour, add legs to the fingers. This is messy but also incredibly easy, original, and interesting.

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftymorning

22-Juice Box Turtles

Tetra packs of juice, green and white sheets, scissors, and glue are required. Wrap green paper around the juice carton. then create masks with the white paper. Then use any colour you like to colour the masks. It’s time for your juice ninja turtle.

Image Source/Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

23-Sea Shell Ninja Turtle

Have you visited a beach to gather seashells? If so, why leave them in that state? Make something  from it. Then, using various colours, create a mask on the green seashells. Next, give it facial expressions. Dry everything completely. Use it to decorate your kids’ room or garden.

Image Source/Tutorial: Theresjustonemommy

24-Ninja Turtle Apple Snack

Cut your apple in half. Cut a strip of candy into a circle that will fit around your apple and have a little frizzy edge. encircle your apple with it Attach the candy strip with the eyes. You may now feed your loved ones your apple snack.

Image Source/Tutorial: Hallecake

25- Ninja Turtle Fruit Pizza

You must slice the watermelon into pizza-style pieces. The crust is made of watermelon. Layer the kiwi as the “pepperoni,” the plum as the “onion,” the grapes as the “green olives,” the cherries as the “black olives,” and the shredded coconut as the “cheese.” Your fruit pizza starring ninja turtles is prepared.

Image Source/Tutorial: Hallecake

26- Bottle Cap Ninja Turtle

You may have purchased N water bottles or bottles for cold beverages. But what will you do afterwards with the bottles? Nothing at all right?  However, we have a clever trick for the caps. You only need paint and paint brushes for this. Paint each and every cap green. And create masks on it using various colours. Give your ninja turtles faces. Dry everything completely.

Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Mama


27- Bowling With Ninja Turtles

We did demonstrate how to use the caps, but what about the bottles? Why not use it to play bowling? You’ll need ten bottles for this. And cover it in green paint. Then create a mask on it using a different colour. You may also make the masks out of coloured paper. Dry everything completely. After that, let your kid use it to play bowling. Use a green ball to tie the colours together so they appear to be a set.

Image Source/Tutorial: DIY Inspired

28-Ninja Turtle Masks

Children especially enjoy face masks and birthday celebrations with a theme. You will need paper, glue, and scissors for this exercise. Create the basic form of our turtles using green paper. Then cut out a mask, eyes, and mouth from different coloured paper. For the masks, you may use various colours to make them colourful. Leave room for the eyes that will be utilised to see through the mask.

Image Source/Tutorial: Living Off Love and Coffee

29-Ninja Turtle Cupcake Liners

Starting flat on the paper, glue the green mini cupcake liners. To fit the faces of the cupcake liners, cut the cardstock into strips. the cupcake liners with the cardstock masks attached. Attach the masks’ eyes with glue. Add the mouth after the face. Your turtle project with cupcake liners is prepared.

Image Source/Tutorial: Sugar Aunts

30- Turtle Diy Pots

Want to give your garden a more artistic appearance? Try our turtle pot craft next. You can use whatever many pots you desire. Next, you’ll need paint and painting brushes. Keep a gap for the mouth and mask and paint every pot green. The mask should then be coloured whichever you like. You may create as many as you’d like for your home or landscape.

Image Source/Tutorial: DIY for Life

31-Turtle Plastic Cup Art

We have this art for you if you have plastic cups around the house that, as we all know, nobody reuses. Paint every cup green, just like we did with the prior pot painting, and leave room for the mouth and mask. The mask should then be coloured whichever you like. A paper for the mask may be added. Add googly eyes to your cup after that. You may use it to play games.

Image Source/Tutorial: Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

32-Ninja Turtle Key Chains

You’ll need white golf balls, paint, a paintbrush, foam, googly eyes, a marker, and key chain rings for this activity. The balls should be painted green. Create a mask next using clay or foam, and then stick googly eyes to it. Make the lips using the marker. After that, punch holes for key chain rings using a sharp object. You may use it to secure the bikes of your children.

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft Gawker

33-Ninja Turtle Perler Beads

You will need perler beads in the following colours: green, black, blue, pink, white, purple, red, and orange. Then group them into a set of four as wearing coloured masks in blue, orange, red, and purple. It may be used to decorate your house.

Image Source/Tutorial: JohnnyAre

34- Ninja Turtle Pizza

You’ll need glue, red craft foam, yellow craft foam, green craft foam, white craft foam, black craft foam, magnets, scissors, and round items to trace. Use the brown foam to make a pizza foundation. Then, using the remaining foam, create the pizza toppings (olives, cheese, ketchup, capsicums, etc.) and glue them all together. You can create a variety of other foods in the same way. The magnets are then attached, and it can be used on the fridge.

Image Source/Tutorial: One Artsy Mama

35-Ninja Pebble

You will need pebbles of varying sizes, a paintbrush, paints, and a pencil for this exercise. After that, paint the pebbles green and allow them to dry. Make the face of the ninja turtle next with a pencil. Create the mouth, nose, eyes, and mask. For the masks, you can choose whatever colour you like. You may use these stones to decorate your garden or your home.

Image Source/Tutorial: Curious Little Kid

36-Green Ninja Turtle Slime

Fill the big mixing basin with your glue bottles. Water should be added to the empty glue bottles, stirred, and then poured into the dish containing the glue. To get the required green hue, thoroughly stir in food colouring. Pour 1 teaspoon of borax into 1/2 cup of warm water in a another container and stir. Make sure no borax grains enter the glue mixture as you begin to gradually add water. It’s time to play with your slime.

Image Source/Tutorial: amylattacreations

37- Toilet Paper Roll Puppets

You must first build the turtle’s shell, belt, and mask. Paint the shell next. Then create the head of your turtle and paint it green. After that, fasten everything on the toilet paper roll. Next, draw eyes and masks using a marker. After that, you may interact with the turtles and perform performances for your children.


Image Source/Tutorial: Crafts By Courtney

We hope you enjoyed our interesting, attractive, and entertaining activities. Please do let us know what you think in the comments area. Don’t forget to look at our k4craft articles as well. Soon, we’ll be back with more entertaining articles, as well as a variety of art and activities.

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