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4 Easy Egg Carton Crafts for Kids

4 Easy Egg Carton Crafts for Kids

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4 Easy Egg Carton Crafts for Kids

There is nothing more gratifying than creating art out of waste. Every day of our life we come across such heaps of waste material and toss them aside, leading to environmental pollution. However, there are so many items hidden in these waste materials that can be either reused or refurbished into something new. This article brings forth the same idea by producing a process of remodeling the wasted empty egg cartons that ostensibly have no use at all.

Through this piece of writing, we hope to bring about this change in our thought processes, thereby making the best out of waste. We’ll be guiding you step by step regarding how to re-fashion these empty egg cartons into colorful showpieces for decoration.

How to Craft Out Various Species from Egg Cartons for Kids

Materials Used:

  1. Egg Cartons
  2. A Pair of Scissors
  3. Acrylic Paints
  4. Paint pallette
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Origami Sheets
  7. Marker
  8. Glue stick
  9. Pipe cleaners
  10. Googly eyes
  11. Sequins
  12. Glue


a) Ladybug

  1. For the first figure- Lady Bug, cut out individual cells from the egg carton.
  2. Now take out your paints and start painting these cells individually. Paint the first cell with red color and leave a bit of a portion on the front side and cover it with black color.
  3. Cut out two small semicircles from a red-colored origami sheet and then put black dots on both semicircles haphazardly, using the marker. These will act as the wings of the ladybug.
  4. Paste these two semicircles on top of the carton cell pointing outwards so that they look like the ladybug’s wings.
  5. You can use small white circles to make the eyes of the ladybug, or simply use the artificial eye set, usually seen on dolls. Paste them on the black-colored portion.
  6. Repeat all these steps to make multiple ladybugs out of the egg carton.

b) Bee

  1. Repeat the first step as carried out while making the ladybugs.
  2. Paint the individual carton cell with yellow color.
  3. Thereafter, use a marker to draw lines at the top of the cell as well as the two sides, representing the honey bee pattern.
  4. Cut out two small grey pieces of paper in the shape of droplets to use as the wings of the bee. Paste them at the top.
  5. Again, you can either use black and white paper to make the eyes of the honeybee or simply use the artificial set of googly eyes.
  6. Paste them on the front face of the cell and draw a smiley to complete the look.

c) Caterpillar

  1. For this shape, you need to cut out a row of five carton cells to imitate a caterpillar’s body.
  2. Paint four consecutive cells using the green color, whereas the last or the first one with brown paint.
  3. Paste the eyes of the caterpillar at the front side of the brown cell.
  4. Pierce a hole at the top of the brown cells to insert antennas.
  5. You can use green-colored straws or pipe cleaners to mimic the antennas. Insert them through the hole created in the previous step.

d) Butterfly

  1. Cut out carton cells in such a way that four cells make up a square-shaped structure together.
  2. Paint them with pink color.
  3. Coil a different colored pipe cleaner around the middle area of the carton structure and then bend the remaining pipe cleaners to make them into butterfly antennas.
  4. Bring out four sequins and paste them on top of each of the carton boxes.

And just like that, our various-shaped egg carton crafts are ready! You can use them to decorate your room and flaunt your creative side. These colorful crafty items will surely brighten up your mood and the best part is, they’re so easy to make, that too with minimal materials required!

FAQ’s on

1. What types of crafts can I make with egg cartons?

Answer: Egg cartons can be used to make a wide variety of crafts, such as bird feeders, planters, puppets, and even mini boats!

2. How do I prepare the egg cartons for crafting?

Answer: Start by cutting the egg carton into pieces. Depending on the craft you’re making, you may need to cut out individual cups or cut the entire carton into halves or thirds.

3. What materials will I need for egg carton crafts?

Answer: Common materials you’ll need for egg carton crafts include paint, glue, scissors, markers, and other decorations like feathers, beads, and sequins.

4. What tools are necessary for crafting with egg cartons?

Answer: For crafting with egg cartons, you’ll need scissors, a craft knife, and a hot glue gun.

5. What age range is suitable for egg carton crafts?

Answer: Egg carton crafts are suitable for all ages, but are particularly popular with younger children who are just learning how to craft.

6. What safety measures do I need to take when crafting with egg cartons?

Answer: When crafting with egg cartons, be sure to always supervise children and use sharp tools with caution.

7. How long should I expect the finished product to last?

Answer: Depending on the craft, finished products made with egg cartons can last anywhere from a few days to several months.

8. Can I buy pre-cut egg cartons for crafting?

Answer: Yes, there are many pre-cut egg cartons available for purchase online.

9. Is there a specific type of egg carton best for crafting?

Answer: For most egg carton crafts, you’ll want to use cardboard egg cartons rather than Styrofoam ones.

10. Can I use egg cartons for other projects besides crafts?

Answer: Yes, egg cartons can also be used to organize small items and hold paint or glue bottles.

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