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Peel an Orange the Easy Way

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Peel an Orange the Easy Way

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3 Fun hacks with orange peel

Easy and interesting hacks with oranges. Kids going to love these and will be more interested in playing as well as eating it. These fun as well as easy looking hack takes very less time and helps you to attract your kid into noticing these interesting orange hacks. You will just need an orange for this hack and you require nothing. Just try it out and let your kids also try this easy fun hacks, they will surely going to love it and eat it more easily then an normal looking orange. Kids will enjoy playing with the oranges and having it while playing.

Hack: 1

  • Take an orange and make a circle at the top with your thumb.
  • Now peel off the circle part.
  • Do same with the bottom of the orange.
  • Now you will see the orange peel at the middle.
  • Just tear one side of the peel and open the orange.
  • Now separate the pieces of the orange from each other.

Hack: 2

  • Take an orange and make a circle at the top with your thumb.
  • Now leaving the top part of the circle peel off the remaining part.
  • Open the orange and separate the pieces from each other.
  • It will look like a flower after opening.

Hack: 3

  • Take an orange and from the side make a circle with your thumb.
  • Now peel off the circle part.
  • Now do the same thing on the other side of the orange.
  • Just tear the peel from the bottom and open it.
  • It will become like a watch.

That’s it! You can see the result it turned out into some interesting looking things which will definitely attract your kids to have it. They will be very interested to play with it and then eating it. Try it with your kids and you will love it.

Can Orange Peels Be Used For Anything?

Orange peels can be used for many things such as:

  • Stop brown sugar hardening: Add orange peels to brown sugar in the package or when storing. The oils in the peel help to draw the moisture from the sugar and keep it from solidifying.
  • Turn it into a bath oil: Extract oil from your orange peel.  Add a small amount to your bath – only a couple of drops are necessary. Orange oil has great anti-inflammatory properties and helps brighten skin.
  • Orange Peel Candy:  Orange peels candies are made by boiling a dried orange peel in sugar for about an hour.
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