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How to make Paper Aquarium Tutorial for preschoolers

How to make Paper Aquarium for preschoolers

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How to make Paper Aquarium Tutorial for preschoolers

This activity is a great way for your preschoolers to have fun and practice their motor skills. Here are directions and a list of materials needed to make a paper aquarium.

Introduce youngsters to the beautiful underwater world by assisting them in making their own aquarium out of craft papers, leaves, grass, and shells. This hands-on creative project not only encourages sensory exploration and awareness of marine life, but it also ignites their creativity. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will walk you through the process of creating an aquarium that will capture preschoolers’ imaginations and give a pleasant learning experience.

How to Make Paper Aquarium for Pre-schoolers

How to Make Paper Aquarium for Pre-schoolers step-by-step procedure for creating an aquarium by using papers.

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Materials Required

  • A white coloured sheet of paper
  • A blue coloured sheet of paper
  • A black coloured sheet of paper
  • Leaves (wavy shaped)
  • Craft eyes or doll eyes
  • A pair of scissors
  • Decorative items such as shells and grass
  • White highlighter pens
  • Any adhesive


Step 1: Cut the Paper

White coloured sheet cut into Bowl shape. Making of fish aquarium for preschoolers

Firstly, take the white coloured sheet of paper and cut it into the shape of a fish bowl as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Paste the Blue Paper Cutout

Blue cutout sheet covering middle half of the bowl. Make an Aquarium for childrens

Next, take the blue sheet and cut it in such a manner that it covers whole of the middle portion of the aquarium . Now paste the blue sheet on the white one.

Step 3: Paste the Black Paper Cutout

A black coloured cutout stand putting on white sheet using adhesive. Step-by-Step process of creating aquarium craft for beginners.

Now, cut the black sheet into the shape of a stand using the scissors, and then paste it on the white cutout using the adhesive.

Step 4: Cut the Leaf

Cutting the leaf structured paper to create the tail fin of fish. Creating aquarium craft for kids

Now, take a leaf and cut it using the scissors into the shape of a caudal fin or tail fin of the fish.

Step 5: Paste the Leaf Cutout

Pasting the cutout on blue paper using adhesive. Making of Aquarium craft step-by-step process for kids.

Now, paste the cutout on the paper using the adhesive.

Step 6: Paste Another Leaf Cutout

Pasting another leaf cut into fish body on blue paper. Making a paper craft of aquarium for school kids

Cut out another leaf into the shape fish body and paste it on the blue sheet using the adhesive.

Step 7: Add Fish Fins

Adding fins on paper using adhesive. Make aquarium with cutout of paper for preschoolers

Again cut the leaves, this type into the shape of dorsal and ventral fins. Then, paste them on the blue sheet.

Step 8: Paste The Craft Eyes

Attaching craft eyes on fish using adhesive. Process of creating aquarium craft step-by-step procedure

Now, take the craft eyes and paste them on the fish cutout using the adhesive.

Step 9: Add Another Fish

putting another fish in opposite created by using same procedure. Make an aquarium craft for kids

By following the similar procedure as above, add another fish to your little aquarium!

Step 10: Paste Shells

Decorating Aquarium by putting shells into aquarium. Create an aquarium for beginners

Add decorative items like shells !

Step 11: Add Grass

putting some more decorative things in aquarium by adding some grass and shells. Create an craft of aquarium for preschoolers

You can also collect grass and paste it as aquatic plants in your aquarium !

Step 12: Draw Bubbles

Drawing oxygen bubbles using white pen. To make an craft of aquarium for childrens

Finally, take the white pen and draw bubbles around the your fish buddies !

Hurray !! Your Aquarium is Ready !!

Hurray !! Your Aquarium is Ready !! make Paper Aquarium for preschoolers

Preschoolers can discover the undersea the atmosphere and engage in sensory play by making an aquarium out of craft papers, leaves, grass, and shells. This craft project helps them develop their creativity, fine motor skills, and knowledge of aquatic life.

Preschoolers can discover about diverse sea creatures, colours, and textures while expressing their own artistic ideas through this hands-on experience. They can make a visually beautiful and realistic aquarium by using craft materials, plants, grass, and shells. Preschoolers who join in in this craft not only improve their imagination and artistic ability, but they also learn about the vast and intriguing world beneath the water. It’s a fun method to nurture their love of nature and their curiosity.

So grab your supplies and encourage the kids to go on an underwater voyage by making their own aquarium. It is going to give them delight and a sense of success to see their imagination come to life. Let their creativity flourish and enjoy the process!

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and check out our other posts for more such fun, easy and amazing art and craft ideas for children, until then, happy crafting !

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