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How to Make Paper Cup Crab Craft for kids

How to Make Paper Cup Crab Craft for kids

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How to Make Paper Cup Crab Craft for kids

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This easy to follow guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to make an adorable paper cup crab craft with your kids. This fun and creative activity is perfect for a summer day and will leave your children with a keepsake to cherish.

They have ten feet and two eyes poking out at the top of their heads like antennas. They can both survive in water and on land which makes them semi-aquatic animals. Today we will be making some crafts inspired by these characteristics using something as basic as a paper cup! A crab! Crabs are scary but this craft will definitely make them cute and adorable! It is extremely simple to make suitable for people of all age groups and artistic experiences. So, get ready with all your materials, and let’s make these crabs!

Recycled Paper Cup Crab Craft Tutorial For Kids To Make

How to Make Paper Cup Crab Craft for kids

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Materials Required

  • Orange Colored Paper Cup
  • Scissors
  • White and Black Paper
  • Glue stick
  • Sketch pen


Step 1: Cutting And Marking Paper Cup

Cutting And Marking Paper Cup-Producing a Paper Cup Crab Craft for children

Let’s start this craft by taking the orange paper cup and with a pair of scissors making 2 cuts on the circumference of the cup from the top to make a mark for the cutting strip.

Step 2: Cutting Strip From Cup

Cutting Strip From Cup-Steps to assemble a Paper Cup Crab Craft for little onesFrom the markings, cut out the strip to the bottom of the cup.

Step 3: Cutting More Strips

Cutting More Strips- Making a Paper Cup Crab Craft for tots

Cut the rest of the cup sides into similar strips, making them stay attached to the cup base making 14 strips in total. 10 strips of the same size and 4 i.e. 2-2 opposite strips a little thicker than others. Then, make a ‘V’ cut on 2 adjacent thin strips of the thick strips.

Step 4: Shaping Eyes

Shaping Eyes-Creating a Paper Cup Crab Craft for young ones
Cut out the 2 thick strips from one side and shape the other 2 strips small and rounded to make eyes.

Step 5: Making Eyes

Making Eyes-Creating a Paper Cup Crab Craft for young ones
Take a white sheet of paper and cut it into two circles. Now, taking a black sheet of paper cut two smaller circles out of it. Paste the black circles in the middle of the white circles, respectively. This completes the eyes of the crab.

Step 6: Making Claws And Feet

Making Claws And Feet-Building a Paper Cup Crab Craft for young people
Fold the clawed feet in the middle making the clawed section turn upside down. Now, fold the rest of the eight feet at the end taking just a quarter of the strip.

Your Paper Cup Crab Is Ready!

Your Paper Cup Crab Is Ready-Forming a Paper Cup Crab Craft for infants

To complete the crab, make a smile in the middle of the white base using a sketch pen.

This brings an end to this tutorial and we learned good cutting skills today. We turned a simple, mundane paper cup into something beautiful and artistic. Think of more such ordinary objects that you can turn into extraordinary craft. You can decorate it on your study table or your living room for the guests to see your brilliance. Keep inventing new ideas and keep implementing these techniques on them to make your craft authentic and real. Good luck and goodbye.

Some More Crab Craft Tutorial

Animal Crab Craft For Kids Using Bun

Animal Crab Craft For Kids Using Bun

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This fun craft for kids is easy and fun! Using a bun, kids can make a unique crab craft. The craft is perfect for summer and can be decorated with paint and other materials. Kids will love making this creative craft!

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